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Coming Together In Verse: Fabulously Kinky Poetry from Ashley Lister & Friends

A few weeks ago I was delighted to discover that a handful of my erotic poems had been accepted to appear in an anthology. This in itself was enough to make me smile from ear to ear. However, this collection is very special- not only has it been compiled by the best erotica poet in the business, Ashley Lister, but proceeds from its sale go to a very good cause.

Over to you Ash…

May I share a secret? I love poetry. I go to a lot of open mic events and every one of those events proves to be something special, simply because you never know what you’re going to get. Sometimes you find yourself laughing fit to burst. Sometimes you feel close to tears. Sometimes you’re moved by the profound insight someone has managed to show using their public words to express your private thoughts. Oftentimes, you can enjoy all three of those responses in the same evening. Sometimes within the same poem. I honestly can’t think of anywhere else where you can get an experience like that.

Coming Together in Verse

So I go to lots of open mic events and, despite the publicity and promotion these activities get, I know that the pleasure they bestow remains a comparatively well-kept secret because they’re often shamefully under-attended.

Coming Together in Verse is the book version of one of those open mic events. More specifically, it’s the book version of an open mic event where the focus is on the erotic, the sexy and the risqué. I’ve collected poems from a range of incredible poets. Some of them will make you laugh. Some of them will make you cry. Some of them will say things that make you see a familiar aspect of the world from a new and unexpected perspective.

Contributors include: myself (Ashley R Lister), Alessia Brio, Victoria Blisse, Rachel Woe, Janine Ashbless, Liz Honeywell, AJ Chilson, Roy Clements, Katy J, Ashe Barker, Lisa Bower, PJ Bayliss, Geneva Rose, Jay Willowbay, Slave Nano, Lily Harlem, Kay Jaybee, KD Grace, Norbert Gora, IG Fredrick, Jade A Waters, Adrea Kore, Bella Settarr, Okami No Koga, Daniel Davis, Joanna Harrington-Cruise, Sophia Sophia, Le Petite Mortimer, Eleanor Meadows, Angell Brooks, L Hollamby, Blacksilk, CA Bell, Ian Jade, Tamsin Flowers, Ruby Red, Colin Davies, Desmond Field, Rachel McGladdery.

You can purchase your copy for the US from here: http://www.amazon.com/Coming-Together-Verse-Ashley-Lister/dp/1518833667/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1447761264&sr=1-1&keywords=ashley+lister

Or you can purchase your UK edition here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Coming-Together-Verse-Ashley-Lister/dp/1518833667/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1447761378&sr=8-5&keywords=ashley+lister

Ordinarily I’d finish a piece like this by saying something clever like: “But please don’t tell anyone: we want to keep this a secret.” However, because the proceeds from this title are going to benefit an animal charity (Hope for Paws), I’d prefer it if you didn’t keep it a secret. I’d prefer it if you bought a copy, savoured every glorious syllable, and then told everyone how much you’ve enjoyed it.



Many thanks Ash,

Happy reading everyone,

Kay x

Beautiful Undulations – Smut For Good: Curves Rule Charity Blog Hop!

Welcome to my part of the wonderful Curves Rule Charity Blog Hop! 

If you like what you read -and if you leave me a lovely comment- you could win a Kay Jaybee novel or anthology of your choice in e-form. And don’t forget to check out all the other blogs in the hop before 13th April!! http://smutters.co.uk/blog/smut-for-good-curves-rule

The Smut team are trying to raise as much money as we can to go towards finding a cure for Parkinson’s. (Donations and info link are at the bottom of the blog.)



I’ve always been a fan of curves- big, small, average- any size will do. We all have beautiful undulations that we so rarely appreciate.

Curves will always be popular. They always have been- just look at our ancestors. Did they worship woman with overworked and over-exercised ironing board bodies? Nope!

Ancient British Venus Statue

Ancient British Venus Statue

Since Victoria Blisse and Lucy Felthouse asked me to do a blog for this hop I began to think about all the female characters I’ve written. Without realising it, I have developed a pattern. My heroines are usually curvy or curvaceous. The women you are meant to dislike (with the exception of Lady Tia in The Retreat, who is certainly a big and beautiful creation), are generally vain gym bunnies who have honed themselves into the aforementioned ironing boards! I had no idea I’d done this!! I’ve always disliked manufactured figures, be they small or large- any one who exercises to the point where they turn themselves into a clone is a real turn off.

Let’s here it for a natural figure- whatever size or shape it is!!


Here’s a little snippet including one of my favourite Rubenseque characters- Mrs Laura Peters, from The Perfect Submissive

Laura Peters’ mind went into overdrive. Flicking through a variety of possible erotic scenarios, she placed him at the mercy of a large muscular man, begging to be skewered up the arse on his magnificent cock. She saw him bound and gagged; a darkly tanned figure bent over his chest, stroking him relentlessly with a split-tailed whip. Perhaps he was writhing on a four-poster bed, awaiting a woman’s eager tongue against his balls; a woman who’d just spent the last hour teasing his body with silk scarves …

Snapping her mind back to reality, the manageress glanced at the wooden-cased grandfather clock that stood behind the hotel bar. It was a couple of minutes to 11.00 p.m. and the poised man at the corner table, who’d sparked her imagination so powerfully, had been watching her for a least half an hour.

The Per Sub- new rope

Sitting alone on a padded stool, her back resting against the bar, Laura could clearly picture the thoughts running through his mind. Is she an escort or a prostitute? A business woman travelling alone to a conference? Does she have a partner about to join her? She knew it wouldn’t occur to him that she was the co-runner of the Fables Country Hotel in which he was staying.

Shaking out the long russet hair that hung down her neck, Laura felt it smother her shoulders. Fixing her bright green eyes on one of the ghastly paintings that adorned the hotel lounge’s walls, she hid her smile as the guest continued to observe her. She wondered when he would make a move. He was, or appeared to be, exactly what she was looking for.

Without giving the stranger the satisfaction of seeing her glance at him in return, Laura mentally weighed up his appearance. At approximately 5’ 9”, he was only an inch taller than her, and she guessed his age to be in the region of 35. His short-sleeved shirt revealed his arms to be muscular without being overworked, and as he sipped at his pint of beer she noticed the signs of a small tattoo peek from beneath his casually smart polo-shirt sleeve, although she was unable to see precisely what it depicted. Reining in her thoughts from too much speculation as to the nature and extent of his body art, Laura continued her silent summary of his physical attributes.

The short brown hair that framed a roughly shaved face was speckled with the first flecks of grey. Almost square in shape, his rugged confident face held deep brown eyes. Those eyes seemed to hold so much promise, and Laura felt a frisson of lust trip down her spine as she wondered what it was going to feel like when he locked them on to her own and begged her to make him come, pleaded with her to … Laura took a deep breath. She was convinced that it would happen, and was already quietly looking forward to seeing how he would cope with what she had in mind.

Sipping her drink, Laura wondered how he saw her, with her ankle-length khaki-green dress gathered beneath her chest in a style reminiscent of a character from Jane Austen. On a slimmer or shorter female it would have looked wrong, but on her tall Rubenesque figure, the result was simply stunning. Perfectly proportioned, she was beautifully rounded and gorgeously curved.

Continuing to covertly watch the stranger, Laura reflected on how at ease he seemed compared to many of the business men and women who passed through the doors of the hotel. His features didn’t display the slightest trace of anxiety, and the manageress was struck by the man’s air of self-possession. It occurred to Laura that he might, from the smirk that played around his lips, be lost in a sexual fantasy. She hoped he was…


Thanks for dropping by to support this charity blog hop!!

And remember- whatever shape you are- thin, slim, average, large, or big- you are beautiful, and every one of your natural undulations is special.


Smut for Good: Curves Rule is a blog hop with prizes galore to raise funds for Parkinson’s UK as this is Parkinson’s Awareness week. To find more curves, and seek out further prizes please visit http://smutters.co.uk/smut-for-good and if you can please visit the Smut for Good: Curves Rule Just Giving Page at http://www.justgiving.com/curvesrule and donate whatever you can to help us reach our target of £100 to raise awareness of Parkinson’s and to support the charity Parkinson’s UK http://www.parkinsons.org.uk/ who help those with the disease learn to cope with the challenges, give out information and search for a cure.


Happy blog reading everyone!

Don’t forget to leave me a comment, with your email address, to be in with the chance of winning a digital version of one of my books xxx

Kay xx

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