This is my last tip time for a while- so I thought I’d make it a good one!

This weekend, make it a game to find your partner’s other erogenous zones. Often if you’ve been together for a while, you might get into the habit of jumping straight to the obvious- time to expand your horizons a little!

First, slip a blindfold over your lover’s, which will help them focus on the sensate experience of your touch.


Make them wait (increasing the sexual tension), while you set up a tray with the following items:

1. Ice cube

2. Warm oil or hot face cloth

3. A feather or something that causes a tickling sensation

Now using your items either massage with the oil, caress with the feather, or trace with the ice cube the following parts of your lover’s body – The back, nipples, neck, earlobes, lips, feet, inner thighs, perineum…or where ever else the fancy takes you.

Pay attention to your lover’s responses. Does s/he cringe? Moan? Laugh? Do her nipples or his penis get erect? Does s/he tell you to stop, or does s/he beg for more? You might find spots on your lover’s body that are more excitable than you ever would have imagined, and you might find spots to avoid…

Enjoy for voyage of discovery!

Happy weekend,

Kay x