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My First Time: Kd Grace

I’m delighted to be able to bring you another insight into an erotica writers’ first publishing experience. Today it’s the turn of my wonderful friend, the brilliant, Kd Grace…

First Time

Can you remember writing the first story you actually wanted to write, rather than those you were forced to write at school? What was it about?

It was actually my first novel – very much a trunk novel that shall never see the light of day – at least not as is. It was sort of a Pygmalion story about a woman who takes part in an insane bet in order to get fit and get the body she wants, only to discover that wasn’t the key to happiness.

What was your first official publication? Was that erotica?

It was erotica, yes. It was a very short piece for the now defunct UK sexy women’s magazine, Scarlet. It was about a chance encounter in the back of the night bus.

I had no idea I’d be an erotica writer- it just came from nowhere! Was writing erotica something you intended to do, or was it a bit of a shock?

It was definitely a bit of a shock. I always found writing sex scenes easy, so thought I’d give it a try, desperate to get anything at all published, and the I figured I’d move on from there … eventually … some day …

What affect did that have on your life?

It made me a lot more open minded about kink and sexual relationships, about how people see themselves sexually. It also made me much more compassionate when I came to realize just how many people out there have been very wounded sexually – emotionally as much as physically, and just how people struggle to make peace with sex. I try very hard to make all of my works a celebration of sex and romance and the human connection. I think that’s something erotica writers need to do because no one else is doing it.

Does your first published story reflect your current writing style?

Yes, I guess it does. It’s very tongue in cheek, it’s fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on a contemporary romance at the moment – quite sexy, but not erotica. I can thank you, Kay, for the inspiration for this novel, which was a tin of pears in heavy syrup. Who knew???


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Sadly, The Night Bus is no longer available, and it happened before I had a website and blog or even imagined I’d need one.

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About K D Grace/Grace Marshall

Voted ETO Best Erotic Author of 2014, and a proud member of The Brit Babes, K D Grace believes Freud was right. In the end, it really IS all about sex, well sex and love. And nobody’s happier about that than she is, otherwise, what would she write about?

When she’s not writing, K D is veg gardening. When she’s not gardening, she’s walking. She walks her stories, and she’s serious about it. She and her husband have walked Coast to Coast across England, along with several other long-distance routes. For her, inspiration is directly proportionate to how quickly she wears out a pair of walking boots. She also enjoys martial arts, reading, watching the birds and anything that gets her outdoors.

KD has erotica published with SourceBooks, Xcite Books, Harper Collins Mischief Books, Mammoth, Cleis Press, Black Lace, Sweetmeats Press and others.

KD’s critically acclaimed erotic romance novels include, The Initiation of Ms Holly, Fulfilling the Contract, To Rome with Lust, and The Pet Shop. Her paranormal erotic novel, Body Temperature and Rising, the first book of her Lakeland Witches trilogy, was listed as honorable mention on Violet Blue’s Top 12 Sex Books for 2011. Books two and three, Riding the Ether, and Elemental Fire, are now also available.

K D Grace also writes hot romance as Grace Marshall. An Executive Decision, Identity Crisis, The Exhibition, Interviewing Wade are all available.

Find K D Here:                                                                   

Websites: http://kdgrace.co.uk/


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KDGraceAuthor

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KD_Grace


Many thanks Kd. Great interview.

Happy reading,

Kay x

The Exhibition Has Arrived-Grace Marshall Shares Some Smut!

YES!!! The wonderful Grace Marshall is here today with not 1, but 3 delicious extracts from the long awaited third part of The Executive Decision Trilogy… The Exhibition Over to you sweetie!!

Exhib new cover

Book 3


Successful NYC gallery owner, Stacie Emerson, is ex-fiancée to one Thorne brother and ex-wife to the other. Though the three have made peace, Ellison Thorne’s friend, wildlife photographer, Harris Walker, still doesn’t like her. When Stacie convinces Harris to exhibit his work for the opening of her new gallery she never intended to include him in her other more hazardous plans. But when those plans draw the attention of dangerous business tycoon, Terrance Jamison, Harris comes to her aid. In the shadow of a threat only Stacie understands, can she dare let Harris into her life and make room for love?

The Exhibition has a Brit Babe Rating of…


PG Excerpt:

Outside someone shouted, ‘Hastings, check the crappers.’

Before Harris knew what hit him, Stacie pulled him into the cubicle at the other end of the row and locked the door behind him talking in a fast whisper. ‘Sorry about this. Not very professional, I know, but I promised to do my best to keep us out of jail, and I’m thinking groping in the ladies’ room’s not what this raid’s all about.’ The words were barely out of her mouth before she launched herself at him lips first. Damn it; he wanted to be mad at her. They were about to go to jail, for fuck sake! But instead of giving her a piece of his mind, he kissed her right back, hard, and felt her yield and open, and his tongue was in heaven sparing with hers, tasting, testing, thrusting. He found himself hoping that the inevitable arrest would wait until after he got his fill of Stacie Emerson, and that could take a while. She felt way better than she had even in his fantasies, and when his badly-behaving hands moved down to cup her magnificent bottom and pull her closer, she returned the favour and gave his ass a good grope. As though that gave him permission to explore, he slid anxious fingers inside her trousers wriggling down past a miniscule thong to cup an impossibly soft, impossibly firm buttock that gave a muscular clench in his hand, forcing her hips forward until she couldn’t possibly miss the press of his appreciative hard-on straining his jeans to get closer to her.

In the hall the noise got louder and the door burst open.

She had just managed a good firm stroke to the front of his trousers that had his full attention and then some, when a heavy-handed knock on the door caused her to yelp, and he nearly fell back onto the commode.

‘All right, you two, tuck it in, and come on out.’


Book 1

Book 1

Adults Only Excerpt 1:

She stood to put her pack back on, and he came to his feet and caught her by the shoulder, not wanting it to end like this, not wanting her to leave until they were good again. When she tried to push him away, he pressed her between his body and the stone of the cliff face. ‘You can’t just shut us all out, Stacie.’

‘I never wanted you involved in the first place. I never wanted any of you involved but you couldn’t leave it alone,’ she jerked back against him but there was no place to go. ‘You couldn’t just let it go.’

He moved in closer until his body pressed up against hers, holding her tightly against the stone. ‘No, I couldn’t, and I can’t and neither can anyone else who cares about you and neither would you if the situation were reversed. So whether you like it or not, I’m here to stay. We’ve already discussed this, so get used to it.’ He punctuated his point with a harsh kiss that couldn’t have been very pleasant for her, but then he was angry, worried, scared for her. Instead of shoving at him as he’d expected her to do, she curled a hard fist in his hair and ravaged his mouth with every bit as much ferocity as he had given her, pulling him still closer, rubbing her body against his, making him instantly and startlingly erect.

She snaked a hand down between them and savaged his fly until he feared for what lay beneath, until her fingers wriggled and dug their way into his walking trousers to possess his cock with a tight grip as though it were a weapon, one she were about to use to do serious damage.

He fumbled to return the favour, with her ripping at her own fly to make room for him, to guide his fingers down over her mons. Her eyes locked his in a devastating gaze that felt as though she could see right through him. ‘I need you to touch me there.’ Her voice was a breathless whisper. ‘Where I’m wet, where I’m open, where I’m always, always hungry for you.’ Her breath caught; her eyelids fluttered and she sucked her bottom lip as he found her cleft, wet and open as she’d promised. ‘You can’t tell me you don’t want to be like those cats.’ She guided his hand still further and manipulated it until first two, then three fingers pressed up into her. ‘You can’t tell me that when I present myself to you all hot and ready and begging for it, you don’t want to service my need. You can’t tell me you don’t want to get a little primal with that cock of yours.’ She gave him a hard squeeze and drove her hand up and down his length, thumbing the already abundant pre-cum over and around the tip until he gritted his teeth and held his breath while his hips bucked hard against her efforts.

He scissored her deep with three fingers and raked the silky slickness of her up and over her clitoris, and the sounds from the back of her throat easily resembled the sounds the female cougar made when the male mounted her. They wildly, madly fucked each other’s hands. The wind had risen and even on the clear morning, the chill left no doubt about lingering for more than the quickest of releases. Then she shifted, pressed her back hard against the stone and rested both of her hands on his shoulders. Before he could protest the removal of her fingers from his cock, she wrapped her legs around his waist, her still clothed crotch rubbing tight and insanely hot against his exposed cock as she began to rock and gyrate, and it was all happening way too fast.

‘Stacie I –’

‘Shut up, Harris,’ she spoke between chattering teeth. ‘I need to come, and so do you. You can fuck me properly when we get back to the SUV. It’s too damn cold to linger.’ With each sentence she ground against him, baring down with the extra leverage the cliff at her back afforded and, almost before the words were out of her mouth, she convulsed. Her spine stiffened and her shivers had nothing to do with the cold. Harris could stand no more. He felt the eruption deep in his groin. It might have been embarrassing had the circumstances been different, but as he tried to cover himself, tried to hide the results of Stacie’s hard ride, she shoved his hand away, pushed him back and practically fell into the space between them positioning herself so that she caught his release, all of it in her mouth. What could he say to that? What could he do but hold her there, helplessly grunting the weight of his need into the back of her throat. It was an act as intimate and as primal as the cougars mating on the rocks minutes ago. And sex, any kind of sex, with Stacie Emerson was worlds apart from any other sexual experiences he’d ever had. As she stood and wiped her mouth on the back of her hand, the look of hunger in her eyes, the promise of more sex to come in the SUV before the trip home couldn’t help but lighten the mood. As they straightened and tucked and donned their packs, he wondered if that was maybe why she did it. Whatever her reason, it definitely worked for him in ways he was still trying to get his head around. 

IC new cover

Book 2

Adult Only Excerpt 2:

She let out a little gasp, lost her footing and her forward momentum pulled him off balance too. They rolled ass over elbows down a grassy hill, her enormous bag whopping him up the side of the head before the strap broke and the bag gained speed and rolled on ahead of them. She gave up trying not to laugh and totally ignored his efforts to shush her. 

The harder he shushed, the harder she laughed until they came to an abrupt stop in a patch of high grass on the edge of a rhododendron thicket. She landed on top of him, forcing the breath from his lungs with a heavy hmph. It was dark, he couldn’t see well and she was still laughing helplessly. On top of him! He reached to cover her mouth with his hand, but instead he found his fingers in a tangle of her soft hair and felt her breath on his mouth and there was nothing for it. It was hopeless and he knew it. He fisted his hand in her hair and pulled her mouth down to his, inhaling her laughter as his ability to breathe came back, inhaling her little gasp of surprise, inhaling his name forced between her lips, startled, surprised, but not in an unpleasant way. Not in an unpleasant way at all.

Her hands found their way to his hair, using it to pull his face closer to hers, nipping at his beard with her teeth as her mouth took on any challenge his could offer, full and hard and soft and inquisitive, teasing and sweet all at the same time.

His hands were on auto pilot as they strayed down her spine and slid back into the waistband of her trousers, back to the mounded pillows of her buttocks. A sharp little sight caught in her throat, and she wriggled her bottom against him. He rolled until he was on top of her and kneed her legs apart. With awkward yanks and tugs, he opened her fly. Her hips jerked and she caught her breath in a little moan as he slid his hand down over soft pubic curls, anxious for what lay beneath.

‘Harris … Harris, touch me there,’ she managed, biting her lip and shifting to accommodate as he wriggled his fingers down. With her hand on top of his, she guided him to open her, to stroke the soft warm wet of her, to feel the grip of her. And when he found the place where it was warmest, tightest, softest, she trembled and practically cried out loud. ‘There, oh yes. There. That’s the place. That’s it.’

The ease with which she told him what she wanted made him blush into the darkness even as it made his cock jerk in his jeans. With his free hand he grabbed her trousers and tugged them down until he could see the shape of her, the rise and fall of her, the tremors low in her belly.

Though he couldn’t imagine how he’d had the higher brain function to manage it, he unzipped one of her boots and tugged it off, allowing her to free one leg from her trousers while she worked on his fly, releasing his erection into the grope and tug of her strong hands, which he slapped away to keep from coming too soon. ‘Why Mr Walker,’ she half giggled. ‘I’d have never figured you for a commando man.’

‘World’s full of surprises,’ he said, slapping her hand away again. ‘The condom, it’s in my wallet.’ He tried to grab it from his back pocket, but this time she slapped his hand away, pulled the wallet free, found the condom and tossed the rest on the grass. Somewhere in the back of his mind he thought he should be worried that their things were scattered all over the great outdoors in the middle of the night, but then she eased the condom onto him, rose above him and mounted him, sliding down so tight and so warm that any other thought that didn’t involve him being inside Stacie Emerson went straight out of his head.

And then they were rolling, tumbling, scrabbling in the grass like two wrestlers. Him thrusting, her shoving, him feeling grass in his ass crack before she rode him down hard onto the cool earth, and he no longer cared. She ripped open his shirt to kiss and bite his nipples while he struggled awkwardly to return the favour, finding her bra a fortress to be assaulted until she reached behind her and undid it with a single flex of her fingers. Then she shoved up her top until he could feel her breasts against his chest, rising and falling and pressing hard with each laboured breath, vying for the space they shared up close and personal. In the tense darkness that practically crackled with the night’s excitement, it couldn’t last long, no matter how much he wanted it to. It was the heat of the moment. It was the fire at the core. It was the outrageous sensuality of the woman, of her laughter, of her ability to joke in the face of what could have been a disaster and turn it into … well outrageous sex.

She came seconds before he did, and her spasms of release brought him. Neither of them came quietly. Harris didn’t know he could make so much noise during sex. And when they both lay back in the grass laughing nervously and struggling for breath, it occurred to him that any efforts he had made earlier to stay quiet and unnoticed had surely been negated by their lovemaking. ‘Well, I guess if the cops are gonna find us, they’ll find us,’ he said. ‘But it was worth the risk.’


About Grace Marshall:

Grace Marshall lives in South England with her husband and the growing gang of hooligan birds who frequent their feeders. When Grace isn’t busy writing something sexy and romantic, she’s busy digging in her ever-expanding veg garden or walking across the British countryside. She finds inspiration outdoors in nature, and most of her best story ideas come to her while she’s walking or gardening.

Grace is the author of the fast paced, quirky Executive Decisions Trilogy published by Xcite Romance. An Executive Decision, Identity Crisis and the final instalment of the trilogy, The Exhibition, are all now available at all your favourite book sellers with lots of romance and thrills served hot.

Grace Marshall’s alter-ego, K D Grace writes critically acclaimed, best-selling erotic romance. Whether it’s sexy romance or romantic sex, between The Graces, there’s a story for you.

Find Grace Here:










If you fancy buying The Exhibition (or any of the trilogy) they are –

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eBook: Amazon UK Amazon US

Print: Amazon UK Amazon US

Huge thanks for coming over to my place Grace!!!

Happy Reading,

Kay xxx


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