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Opening Lines: Viking Wolf by Emmanuelle de Maupassant

It’s that time again! Settle yourself down for the latest in my ‘Opening Lines’ blog series.

This week the wonderful Emmanuelle de Maupassant is with me- and the Vikings are coming (pun intentional….)

Viking Wolf

I love writing erotic fiction and, when it comes to ‘hot throw-down action’, you can’t beat a warrior Viking! Enter Eirik, my rough-souled hero: a man who is used to taking what he wants!

The first volume in my medieval series, ‘Viking Thunder’ is free from Amazon – viewBook.at/VikingThunder

(also available as a super sexy audio book and paperback)

Volume two, ‘Viking Wolf’, releases this summer.

Captured. Seduced. Craved.
Arriving in Svolvaen, Elswyth submits to nights of passion in the bed of her hard-muscled warrior, Eirik, learning what it means to be loved by a Viking.

His to Take

Jarl Gunnolf rules Svolvaen by the sword and believes he has the right to claim any possession for his own, including any woman.

Forbidden Hunger

Elswyth desires Eirik for her husband, and the status of a true wife but cannot deny her attraction to his wolfish brother, the Jarl.

Jealousy and Betrayal

Can Elswyth escape the malicious plotting of seductive rival Faline, and the brutal lust of Gunnolf? Will she survive long enough to find what her heart yearns for?

The first 500 words of ‘Viking Wolf’

With the sun dipping to the last portion of the sky, twenty men took the oars and pulled against the current.

We’d been three days on the open sea, travelling to Svolvaen. Some places on the rowing benches were now empty, for several of Eirik’s men had fallen in the skirmish with the troops garrisoned near our village. As the longship had battled fierce winds and my stomach had heaved with the churning movement of the waves, I’d wondered if I’d made a grave error in leaving all that I knew to join these Norsemen. My thoughts turned repeatedly to my ailing grandmother, whom I’d left in the care of our neighbours. My decision had been selfish, borne of yearning for adventure, the chance to start anew, of my knowledge of kinship with these warrior men. Borne of my desire, too, for Eirik, who’d pulled me into the protection of his hard-muscled body as the ship plunged across the vast sea. At last, we’d sighted the mountains of the north.

Reaching the calmer waters of their coast, we sailed between scattered islands, the men’s eyes upon the maze of inlets, looking for their own.

Gulls and gannets whirled above, cormorants and kittiwakes, as we followed the narrow channel of the fjord, as Eirik called it, past cliffs on either side, rising steep, pocketed with caves.

Eirik’s elation was plain for me to see, and his sister, Helka’s, too; I shared in it, for I was now part of this world, although all in it would be new to me.

The other ships of the raiding party had returned some days before, survivors of the storm which had brought Eirik and his men to our coastline of Northumbria, and the rocky beach on which my former village had nestled. His people had kept look-out, horns blowing as we approached the landing piers.

What a press of bodies there was; comradery between men, as friends slapped and hugged one another, and received kisses from their wives, embraces from mothers, daughters and sisters. I no longer thought of those men as murderers, but as my kin. They’d shed blood, but I now knew my blood was also theirs. I recognized some part of their brutality as my own, for I was not as other women in the village in which I’d lived all my life. I was half-Viking, born of a wilder spirit.

Amidst the jumble of voices and the scramble of the crowd, Faline and I received little notice. We were no more than possessions, of Eirik’s concern; a curiosity, eyed briefly, then ignored. Whatever welcome I’d hoped for, in my heart, whatever foolishness, I pressed it down, and bit my tongue against my disappointment. It would take time, to earn my place here. Such things could not be rushed.

Helka guided us away from the crowd, scanning for one who wasn’t there; one who hadn’t deigned to push among the common throng, who’d waited, instead, for Eirik to come to him.


More about Emmanuelle

Find Emmanuelle at www.emmanuelledemaupassant.com

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You’ll find Emmanuelle’s sexy short stories in several anthologies, including Cleis Press’ ‘Best Women’s Erotica, Volume 3’, and Stupid Fish Production’s ‘Dirty 30, Volume 2’ and ‘For the Men’.

Among her longer works is ‘The Gentlemen’s Club’ (the first in her ‘Noire’ series, and named by Stylist Magazine as a ‘mind-blowing’ read).


Another fabulous start from a brilliant erotica writer!

Don’t forget to come back in two weeks to rad the first 500 words from Jay Willowby’s latest tale.

Happy reading,

Kay xx

Guest Post from H K Carlton- Pick A Genre Already!

I adore having guest bloggers to visit both of my web sites, and today I am honoured to have a guest whose work I admire- whichever genre they are writing in.

Over to you H K Carlton…

First off, I’d like to thank Kay for inviting me to visit today. I have to say I was thrilled for the invite but a little daunted as well.

I’m still a bit of a new writer compared to Kay, who has been writing professionally for nine years and has over ninety published credits to her names, between poetry, anthologies and stand alones. My first publication was in October 2012, Swap, a contemporary erotic romance. Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough have ten books published, with three different publishers.

But my problem is, I can’t seem to settle into one genre. Hence, the name of my blog Pick a Genre Already. This is something Kay and I have in common, but whereas she writes under two separate pseudonyms to differentiate the genres; I did not choose to do so. Call it naiveté on my part, and if I had to do it over again, I think I would opt to keep my erotic works and my historicals apart. I have found the variety of my stories, throws readers off. When they read one of my historical romances and then come back to sample some of my other work, only to discover that I have more of an erotic romance backlist, than historical. And readers have a diverse expectation when choosing which genre they want to read. For one the vocabulary, between the two, is completely different and I find when writing, sometimes I have to reign myself in when working on a historical; not only in terminology but also explicitness. Or when penning erotica my editor comments that the wording is a little coy. And I have to raunch things back up a little.

To date even in the erotic realm, I have jutted off into several sub-genres, including time-travel, some very mild BDSM, ménage m/f/f and have even tried my hand at an m/m story. But it makes building a fan base a little bit on the tricky side, too.

Perhaps it makes no sense to others, flitting here and there, but I have to go where the characters and the story take me at the time. Usually I don’t have a choice. It takes me over and invades almost every aspect of my life until I get it written down. I usually don’t worry about genre classification and submission until it is complete. That is secondary. My measure; if my editors enjoy it enough to offer me a contract then I feel I have done a good job. But then comes the unpleasant task of marketing. As authors, we want to write, but that is only a part, of the job. The best part, of course. It’s also nice to sell a book or two, but more than that, we want readers to enjoy reading our story as much as we have in the creating of it. We want them to get lost in a world that we have crafted. See the scenery, hear the character’s voices in dialogue; live it, feel the emotions of a scene, as we have. There is nothing more satisfying, than to hear from a fan that they couldn’t get one of your characters out of their mind or that they have read your book, not just once but several times.

If I was asked to single out just one category to write in, honestly, I don’t think that I could. There are just too many stories left to be shared and too many genres yet to be explored.

Thank you again, Kay, for having me.



 Pick a Genre Already




Totally Bound

EXtasy Books

MuseItUp Publishing (historical romance)


H K’s latest release Rock Me Gently (m/f contemporary erotic romance)

Totally Bound


Rock Me Gently


Rock-god Jase West has it all. Millions of adoring fans around the globe, money, women, cars and the talent that afforded him the extravagant lifestyle he enjoys. Until one day, when he takes a good look at himself and doesn’t like what he sees.

After fulfilling his contractual obligations, Jase quits the music business and goes back to school. Re-emerging as Jason Westlake, history teacher.

During Jason’s first set of parent-teacher interviews, he meets Lainey Clarkson, the single mother of one of his students, and he is immediately drawn to her. But Lainey is in the midst of a nasty divorce from a semi-famous pro football player and the last thing she wants is a relationship, especially with someone who is, or has been, in the limelight. However, Jason is pleasantly surprised to find that Lainey has no idea of his alter ego Jase West and decides to keep his celebrity status a secret for the time being until she falls for him. Reasoning that by then it will be too late for her to just walk away.

But when Lainey finds out that she has been lied to and manipulated again, Jason has to put on the performance of his life to win her back. Or for once, will the guy who’s used to getting everything lose out on the best thing that’s ever happened to him?

Short Excerpt:

Jason opened the door of the shop at exactly four p.m. Lainey looked up at his abrupt entrance and smiled. “Hey, handsome.”

“Are you alone?” he asked, in a clipped tone.

“Yes,” she answered, her smile fading.

“Get in the back room. Now!” he said, in a low authoritative voice. She hesitated but when he turned the ‘Open’ sign to ‘Closed’ and locked the door, she started to back into the little room. In large strides he followed, stalking her, loosening his tie as he came at her.

She was almost to the back wall when his large body shadowed the doorframe.

Lainey watched him warily. He seemed almost angry. Intense.

“Any cameras back here?”

She shook her head.

Locking the back door he then moved like a caged cat to where she stood.

Without a word he dragged her skirt up. His jaw was tight, like he had his teeth clamped tightly together. His lips were drawn in a hard line. Once he had her skirt up around her waist, he tucked the index fingers under the soft elastic in her panties and as he started to kneel down in front of her, he dragged the garment to her ankles on his descent.

Totally Bound     Amazon UK     Amazon US     Amazon Canada     ARe     Kobo     Sony

 Also Available in Print

Totatlly Bound     Amazon


H K Carlton is a multi-published Canadian author of Historical, Erotic & Contemporary Romance.

And coming soon…

Crime suspense family saga series

(with a healthy dose of romance and angst)

Always Cambridge

EXtasy Books

 Gave Good Face and the sequel Hard and Fast

Totally Bound


Many thanks to HK for dropping by today.

I take my hat off to anyone who is brave enough to use the same name to cross genres. Although I have to say,that having a different name for every part of my life can get very confusing! There are days when I get up and think- “Who am I again?”

Happy reading everyone,

Kay xx

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