The smiles in the Jaybee household are even wider today- for I have received the thumbs up from my editor, to say that Knowing Her Place, the third (and final), part of The Perfect Submissive Trilogy is set to hit the world in May!!

Knowing Her Place-New rope

Here’s the blurb to whet your appetite…

With her head full of unanswered questions, exhausted from her fairytale experience at the hands of Dr Ewen, Lady Tia, and the staff of the adult entertainment service provided by The Retreat, Jess Sanders is desperate to leave Scotland, and return to her usual submissive position at the exclusive Fables Hotel in Oxford.

Having been thwarted in his plans to keep Jess at The Retreat permanently, its owner David Proctor isn’t willing to let Jess go back to her dominatrix, Miss Sarah, and her employer, Mrs Peters, without sending her on one final mission. Only if she succeeds in her task, will Proctor remove the collar of servitude he has locked around Jess’s neck.

With a list of five unknown addresses in her hand, Jess Sanders is placed in a car and driven from The Retreat towards England. With no idea what or who awaits her at the first stop, all Jess can hope for is that her journey will eventually take her back to where she belongs.

To the Fables Hotel, where Jess Sanders truly knows her place.


If you haven’t read The Perfect Submissive Trilogy so far, and fancy a peep at what has happened so far, you can find out about The Perfect Submissive (Book 1) and The Retreat (Book 2) by following these links.

Happy reading,

Kay xx