It will be of no surprise to you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed reading all three of Kd Grace’s Lakeland Trilogy novels. When Kd told me she was going to add to these brilliant tales with a brand new stories on her blog, I was keen that she share them with us here today!!

Many thanks Kd- over to you…

I was surprised when Kay Jaybee asked me to post on her blog about Demon Interrupted, the new Lakeland Witches story that I’m writing as a serial on my blog. I suppose in part that’s because Demon Interrupted is evolving as I write it in a way I would never be brave enough to approach a novel. But then I’m writing Ferris’s story, and Ferris has been a mystery to me from his first appearance in the Lakeland novels, so I really don’t know from one episode to the next what will happen.

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Ferris just showed up on the scene in the second Lakeland Heatwave novel, Riding the Ether. At first I assumed he was nothing more than hired help for Cassandra Larkin, the wandering succubus who had staked out Elemental Cottage – Anderson in particular. Ferris had a way of showing up when she needed him without trying to control her, even when it was clear he wasn’t happy about some of the choices she was making. But long before that novel was over it became evident that Ferris had secrets of his own, and along with those secrets, he had his own powerful magic.

The thing about Ferris that intrigues me so much is that Ferris doesn’t KNOW his own story, so when someone so unassuming as he is ends up being a hot ticket in bed with the Elemental coven, where it really IS all about sex, when Ferris reveals that he doesn’t dream and he needs very little sleep, when Ferris can go totally unnoticed unless he wants to be, I wondered who the hell is this guy?

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In Elemental Fire, a little bit more of Ferris’s past is revealed when the demon, Lucia, informs everyone that he works for her, and yet when she offers him back the past of which he has no memory, he deliberately chooses not to open that door.

From Demon Interrupted, here’s elemental witch, Fiori’s impression of Ferris as he comforts her in his own unique way after she has had a nightmare:

In a room full of people Ferris could remain totally unnoticed. It was almost as though he were invisible. He heard things that way, saw things that others missed. Fiori suspected that was part of his magic. However, at the moment, he was completely and totally the centre of her attention as his warm, wet tongue teased its way down and around the puckered peaks and the rapid rise and fall of her breasts. One splayed hand cupped and fondled her tight pubic curls while the other worried open his fly. What he was doing to her body was also a part of his magic and way more of a surprise, considering the man’s unassuming nature, than his ability to blend in.

Ferris is as much a mystery to me as he is to the Elemental Coven, and Demon Interrupted is my opportunity to play detective, with the help of the demon, Lucia, who is not noted for playing nice, and she’s already playing with Ferris’ head:

‘Everyone here has fought demons, Ferris. Everyone here has suffered great loss. But for you it has all been vicarious, has it not? For you the battle for the Elemental Coven was no more personal than the loyalty you pledged to Cassandra. I have kept you safe, I have kept you distant from yourself for all these years for your own protection and for the protection of that which I hold dear. And now you choose to remain in the empty space I created for you because you think it is there that you will remain safe. I tell you now, Ferris, and I tell you honestly, there is no safety in this place you choose to remain, and if you do not move forward and claim the time that was taken from you, you will suffer for it, ne, not only will you suffer for it, but all those who care for you will suffer as well. And they do care for you, Ferris.’ She spoke with a broad sweep of her arm. ‘They all do.’


I’ve just posted my third update, and I plan to offer a new instalment of Demon Interrupted every three weeks – more if Ferris and Lucia are willing. Now, I’m anxious to find out who the woman with the noose is and how she and Ferris are connected.

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Thanks very much for having me over, Kay! It’s always a pleasure.

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Huge thanks to you Kd- I can’t wait for the next instalment!

Happy reading everyone

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