It’s almost Valentine’s Day- have you ordered those red roses, made that special card, bought some champagne to chill in the fridge? Nope- nor have I! I always mean to do something romantic for my other half, but life inevitably gets in the way!

rose heart

We all have the same excuses don’t we- no babysitters for the children, no money, no time, too much work…

I am guilty as any on the excuse front! This doesn’t mean we don’t love our partners, nor that they don’t love us- just that we’re all busy getting on with being together and living the lives we have built up together.

So, if like me and many others, you can’t get out for that romantic dinner, but want to do something to show you care- but if that something has to be sorted fast to fit into real life- how about downloading a romantic story- okay, an erotically romantic story- onto their Kindle or PC- something sexy for them to find by surprise? A nice discovery after a hard day at work?

Sticky situation- cariad

Digging Deep

I have often thought that one of the sexiest things is to have someone read to you. Any story read outloud in the comfort of your partners arms is beautiful. If you make the story an erotically romantic one, well…

Let’s face it- words are the most romantic things we have- why not share a few on Valentine’s Day!

Both of my erotic romances, Digging Deep and A Sticky Situation are available as paperbacks, or as instant downloads from Amazon- so why not sort that Valentine’s Day gift dilemma in seconds…

Digging Deep

A Sticky Situation…

Of course- you might want something a little…hotter…

Not Her Type

Young couple, isolated on grey background

Have a wonderfully wordy- and sexy- Valentine’s Day!!

Kay xx