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Exciting Times: 2018

I have so much planned for 2018 that I hardly know where to start!

I’ll forgo the look back over 2017 as -to be honest- it wasn’t the best year. Instead, let’s look forward to the year ahead. A year which is already looking jam packed!

As you’ll know if you follow this blog, the first part of my “The Perfect Submissive Trilogy” – The Fifth Floor- was re-released last month.

Hot on its heels will be the re-release of Book Two- The Retreat. This is currently available on the reading app, Radish. In a few months time however, it will be available as both an eBook and as a paperback- as will Book 3- Knowing Her Place.

Not only that, but my bestselling novel, Making Him Wait, has found a brand new home….more details on that as soon as I’m allowed to tell you!

My Jenny Kane side (contemporary women’s fiction) and my Jennifer Ash side (medieval crime) are also both very very busy teaching writing workshops and giving author talks across the South West of England.

Despite having all that to do- after a while out of the erotica writing arena- I’m working on a brand new series of books. More about that soon!

Also- my Kink a Day series (currently on Radish)- will be available as eBooks asap.

I think you could say, that I’ve got my mojo back!

Happy New Year everyone,

Kay xx




Happy New Year 2016- Fond Farewell 2015

Hello lovely readers!! A Very Happy New Year to you all!

New Year 2016

As 2016 takes its first tentative steps into existence, I can’t help reflecting on the 365 just past.

It seems so much longer ago than the beginning of 2015 that, The New Room, the novella finale to The Perfect Submissive Trilogy, came out.

The New Room- Per Sub short

My trilogy has been out for a little while now, and thanks to you lovely folk, it is still selling well, and can know be purchased as a Kindle Boxed Set as well as individual paperbacks and downloads.

Per Sub 3

It’s probably my age that makes me think that each and every year goes faster than the one before- or it could be that I just have so much more to do each and every year that I’m too busy to notice the changing months! This busyness is not something I’m complaining about. I love to have lots to do- and with the task of juggling being ‘Kay’ and being ‘Jenny’ no year has ever been so productive book wise.

I grant you, Kay has lost out a little to Jenny this year- but that doesn’t mean Kay has been forgotten- not at all.

The short stories have still been flowing, and you’ll see proof of those in the near future! There have also been a few new poems- and thanks to the lovely Ashley Lister, some of them can be found in the gorgeous anthology, Coming Together in Verse.

Coming Together: In Verse


Despite not having written as much erotica as usual this year, I was stunned and delighted my two amazing events in 2015.

One was being given an Awarded an Honouree Mention at the 2015 National Leather Association Awards “Pauline Reage Novel Category” for Knowing Her Place (third part of The Perfect Submissive Trilogy). I can’t begin to tell you how much that means to me.

So you can imagine how much more it meant when I was awarded Best Erotica Writer of 2015 by the ETO!! Sadly I was unwell and unable to attend, but my Brit Babe friends did me proud, and I totally treasure my award.

ETO Award 2015

As for the Brit Babes– well, we go from strength to strength! Be warned, world domination is only moments away! With our second anthology, Sexy Just Got Rich doing so well, the gorgeous Tabitha Rayne designing her very first sex toy- the gorgeous Ruby Glow – Victoria Blisse and her wonderful husband Kev, running the brilliant SMUT UK events, and all 8 of us producing more work due out in the near future, things can only get better!!

Alongside writing this year, I taught my very first erotica workshop at Smut Manchester last October. It was the most fun! Setting people the task of sexing up ordinary items in a supermarket, I was impressed by so many of the talented writers before me. Erotica may be still struggling, but it is not for want of ability!


2015 ended for me with the re-release of my festive anthology, Christmas Kink– complete with a new story and a new cover, and (after much soul searching), I withdrew my very first solo book, The Collector from sale. The book rights returned to me, and so I have decided that in 2016 I will be republishing The Collector myself…watch this space!

I am also delighted to announce that I am in the process of writing a brand new novella…and I promise, it’s going to be HOT!!!

Here’s to a fantastic 2016 for everyone!

Kay xx




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