I’m delighted to welcome a newcomer to the world of erotica today. Kate J White is Xcite Books latest signing…and she is a girl on a mission of sexual discovery!

Over to you Kate…

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Thank you so much to Kay Jaybee for inviting me to her blog, I’m honoured and thrilled to be here…

I’m somewhat like Kay’s main character in “The Collector” – I collect and write the stories about what went on last night, which seem too fantastical to be true. And they all really did happen… You see, although I am a writer and a passionate one, I don’t work as an author. I wrote the book from my heart, soul and (ok) loins, but it wasn’t a book at first. It was a little collection of dog-eared love notes, a stash of memories of steamy nights in a tropical climate, the recollection what it felt like to have sex with Channing Tatum’s lookalike, and what it was really like to bed a vain male escort with a huge cock.

As a married mother with a full time job and all the usual chores to organise around the house, I couldn’t quite believe what a remarkable life I was leading. So I started writing it down, knowing full well that I myself may otherwise start believing I had made it all up. I had no particular desire to tell anyone, but my fear was that it would disappear without a trace.

I didn’t write about things I wanted to do or fantasised about, I wrote about what I did (and still do…). And one day, the sheer volume of notes and scraps of stories had grown to the extent that I had to organise them. And a book was born, the love child of friends, lovers and partners who may or may not recognise themselves.

TOUGH LOVE new release

What I have found most astonishing is that although my affairs have been of the “no strings attached” type, in surprisingly many cases, a strong enduing friendship has remained. In some cases, the object of my affection left London, sometimes we just weren’t compatible as lovers in the medium term, and from others it was a more gradual cooling as life’s other strands pulled harder. No hard feelings, but mutual respect and the shared memories to giggle at. And every time a relationship shifts, there is warmth left, enough to smile and be happy about the time we had.

And then… the Big Passion is just around the corner. Who is it? What’s his game? What will he do to rock my world in a way that few people experience more than a handful times in their lives? Make my knees weak, my inner core melt and bring his own unique twist to the games we play. Bring me to places I’ve never been, kiss me as the sun rises over new unexplored beaches and make me see my own body and life through a new, brighter lens.

Whomever you are, I can see you walking towards me in the sunlight. I’m waiting for you. Kiss me, please, and turn my world upside down again.

My true erotic adventures “Tough Love” is out this week from Xcite books, this is a short excerpt:

“The total focus, the knowledge that there was nothing more ahead for me than what his whims dictated, whether excruciating pain or dissolving pleasure until the two met and made my head explode. I was sure he had grown to love the game, the ritual and my complete surrender. It made things even better that he knew others would take significant risks to get close to me, but maybe none of them would have achieved the loyalty, sacrifice, and willingness to suffer he could extract from me in that moment.

‘Well, do you understand how much you will suffer tonight? Do you agree you must be punished for being away from your Master for such a long time? Do you?’ I could only nod a weak answer in my confusion, among the chaos inside me. ‘Speak up, I can’t hear you! Do you understand that I must show you what happens when you don’t show respect, when you neglect your duties?’

I managed a high pitched but faint ‘Yes.’

It was met by, ‘Yes, what? Are we back at square one again, have you forgotten how this works? Huh?’

‘Yes, Master, I am sorry.’ I wasn’t sure if I was sorry for having been away, for not addressing him correctly, or maybe for myself. It was not unlike a confession. With the pain of admitting some sort of guilt, promises of penitence, and the suffering through punishment to reach the subsequent sweet relief of forgiveness and joy. It was the eternal human struggle for improvement. Improvement, abdication of responsibility, and the ability to move on despite the pain and despair of a wretched life. I was allowed to feel bad, for no particular reason or many, and there was forgiveness and blessings to be had if I survived the struggle through purgatory. At that moment, that was my only goal – survival or extinction, but even the latter was better than never having entered the realm of my Master. If you had asked me what my name was, I wouldn’t have known.

He gave a hard slap across my face, then stepped away. I couldn’t stand straight; I was reeling after nearly drowning in the onslaught of terror mixed with an almost tangible sense of his fingers opening all padlocks deep inside my brain, no key needed. I had a premonition of his hardness conquering my softness, forcing me to come almost immediately as he entered me, just as he could always predict, proving his supremacy, my spasms milking his hard cock until he let go as well. He stood a metre away and watched the external signs of my struggle. The mind is a wondrous thing; he didn’t have to do much but he knew my body and desires so well and how I couldn’t prevent losing myself before he even laid a finger on me. A few moments – he didn’t need more to see where I was, and he must have loved it so much.

A light palm on my shoulder, a hoarse whisper in the other ear. ‘Don’t you dare come until I tell you, whore. Don’t you dare, do you understand?’

At the same time as I swallowed and responded too quickly, ‘OK, yes, no, I won’t, Master,’ with a teary voice, he firmed his grip up, now bone-deep. I stiffened my leg muscles to withstand the push as he leaned forward and thrust his free hand into the little triangle of nylon between my legs. Cruelly, he slipped two fingers along my cleft to confirm how he was winning. No use trying to prevent him. I didn’t fight; I only inhaled deeply and dreaded his judgement.

tough love better text

‘Ah, you slut! So wet after a few words, standing here offering yourself with a dripping pussy …’ He added a third finger and greedily plunged in. I had to grab hold of his upper arm and shoulder not to fall over, and the combination of brute force, stimulation of my most sensitive spot, and humiliation was overwhelming. The pounding of my G-spot was deliberate and exquisite. I whimpered and sought solace with my forehead against my torturer’s chest and neck, the contact between our bodies reassuring but at the same time signifying surrender. My clit was being teased by his thumb. God, he was good. Concentrated on the task at hand, it didn’t take long for his treatment to have me writhing and wailing in a way I was embarrassed about but couldn’t stop.

‘You want to come, don’t you, slut?’ The sudden slap of the waistband as he left me open, throbbing, fighting. Still wet, his thumb and forefinger pinched my left nipple through my bra until I drew in breath. He proceeded to push the cup aside to tug, pull, and nail-pinch the pink bud until he read from the signs of my body that I was reaching the level of pain he desired. He let go, grabbed me by the hair, and kissed me, hard. Usually, he saved that sign of closeness and tenderness until later when he needed to soothe pain. I took it as a sign that he had really missed me.”

Brief description of book:

“Tough Love is an erotic memoir of a married woman, a mother and business executive, who together with her husband decides to have an open marriage after many years together. The resulting adventures are both expected: exciting sex, strange characters and suspicious neighbours, and unexpected: male escorts sharing their wares for free, wedding invitations where she’s slept with both bride and groom and some remarkable friendships. The story is a declaration of love to London and its people, and all of it is true – it really happened.”



Kate lives in London with her husband and children. By day she is a successful business executive, by night an active participant in the exciting sexual adventures London has to offer. Oh, and she writes about it on the train to work or in bed with one of her lovers.

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Many thanks for visiting today. I hope you enjoy your journey through the world of erotica  as much as you enjoy your real life journey.

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