Hello reader and writer friends.

If you’ll recall, last October I blogged about preparing to put together a workshop to present to the good folk at Smut Manchester. I confess, I was nervous about teaching that class before the great and the good of the erotica world- but  it turned out this need not have been the case. Not only was it great fun to sex up the supermarket with erotica- that session went on to inspire many short stories, and one novel- which is soon to be published by the lovely Kd Grace!

It is with a sense of delight therefore, that I can announce that thanks to the Xcite team, ‘Sexing the Ordinary’ (an adaption of the aforementioned Sexy Supermarket workshop), is hitting the road! I’m off to Cardiff to rub up those cucumbers, mould those cheese slices, and invent new and interesting uses for the frying pan…


I would love you to join me! So if you’ve always fancied a go at writing erotica (or any writing come to that), if you’ve been in the erotica business for years and want to discover a new angle, or if you just fancy a bit of fun, then you’ll be able to find me on 3rd August- 5.30-7pm, at the Octavo’s Book Cafe & Wine Bar – West Bute Street, Cardiff Bay, CF10 5LJ

Here’s the blurby bit-

Kay Jaybee began writing erotica 12 years ago because of a paper napkin. She learnt very quickly that the erotica which works best blends the mundane with an unknown factor; a certain something that twists the everyday into the sensual, the sexy, or the downright kinky.
Kay’s ‘Sexing the Ordinary’ workshop helps create future story triggers and stretch the creative imagination within the genre of erotica using familiar objects- within the realm of your local supermarket and beyond…
Kay’s light hearted writing workshops have become popular features of the annual Eroticon and Smut UK erotic writer and blogger events.
The Sexing the Ordinary workshop lasts approximately 90 minutes, and costs £10 per person.
You can find all the details, and book your ticket here- https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/sexing-the-ordinary-erotic-writing-masterclass-tickets-26605497760

This will be a light hearted evening full of inspiration and ideas- who knows, you could be following in Kd Grace’s footsteps and have a potential bestseller on your hands after just 90 minutes with my tinned pears…

All you need to bring with you is a pen, paper, (or a pre-charged laptop/tablet if you prefer), and an open mind.

Happy reading and writing everyone,

Kay xx