Virtually every desk in the land has a pad of Post- It (Sticky) Notes hidden on it somewhere.

Why not put them to good use this weekend, and blaze a trail of erotic intentions throughout your home?

You could leave a note just inside the front door for your partner to find when they get in from work. Whether romantic, lust fuelled, or both, you could invite your lover to come and find you in a certain room, leaving notes along the route they need to take to reach you.

post it notes

Perhaps each fresh note could issue an instruction, to take off an item of clothing perhaps?

You could be waiting for your lover beneath a hot shower, on the sofa, in bed, or in the shed at the bottom of the garden…the possibilities and commands you could issue on those innocent little pads of sticky paper are endless.

Let your imagination run riot…

Enjoy your weekend,

Kay xx