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Freedom in Bonds: Over the Door Restraint

Freedom in Bonds: Over the Door Restraint

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There is a certain fascination regarding the concept of consensual bondage; the voluntary surrender of the use of either arms, legs – or both – during the act of sex.  It is no accident that restraint often features within the most popular erotic stories and movies. It turns so many of us on in our own fantasy worlds, and for an ever-growing number of people, in their private lives as well.

While it might, ostensibly, appear strange to find enjoyment in a level of captivity, there is no doubt, that the use of #bondage during #eroticplay can be exciting and satisfying.  The use of restraints, be they cuffs, spreaders, ropes and so on, can produce a level of intoxicating anticipation in the submissive part of the partnership. This arousal is based, largely, on the knowledge that they are completely within the control of the person they are with, and trust. It is the not knowing what might happen while they are bound, along with physical sensations applied, which can produce an enhancement to climax that they might not experience in a more vanilla environment.

Meanwhile, for the dominant, or leader within the moment of sexual play, there comes an adrenalin rush; a sense of desire heightened by the ability to be able to choose how they will pleasure their partner. Often this enjoyment comes, not just from applying stimulation, but from the visual, voyeuristic, pleasure this will, in turn, bring them. They are creating their own private, consensual, erotic tableau.

Thanks to the ever-increasing availability of sex toys, the possibilities within the world of sexual restraint are wide and varied. Recently, my friends at Lovehoney asked me to review one such item, their Purple Reins, Over the Door Restraint.

As you can see from the photograph above, this device is both attractive and easy to use. Place the short baton (attached to the soft webbing during manufacture) over the top of a standard internal door, and then close said door. The restraint is then ready to use.

Velcro fastened cuffs (soft and comfortable) hang a short way down the door, so that the submissive in question can reach up and have their wrists secured safely.

Arms up, this simple restraint allows freedom of movement for the rest of the body, while preventing the use of hands or arms.

The immediate effect of being secured in such a way is a heightening of the senses. Every nerve in the body feels more sensitive and open as, while secured, you try to second guess all the delicious things that may await you. This notion of “what will happen to me next” is an arousing as any pre-imagined sexual fantasy as you wait in a state of willing helplessness.

Used just as it is, the over the door restraint (available in black or purple) is comfortable to wear, massive fun, makes you feel sexy on the inside and outside, and can add a new dimension to your sex life.

If you are new to bondage sex, this is a great toy to start with. It feels safe and, by stretching your arms upwards, immediately enhances body shape and therefore confidence. Use for short periods to begin with, increasing the restrained period of time as you become accustomed to the toy and the increased pleasure it will bring you.

For more experienced users of bdsm equipment, why not add a blindfold, nipple clamps, or even the use of ankle cuffs and a spreader for a fuller bondage set experience? Then the fireworks really can begin to fly…

Many thanks to Lovehoney for providing the Purple Over the Door Restraint for me to review in this #ad blog.

Happy (and safe) playing, everyone.



Ruby Glow: A Dream Come True… Self Love is in the Air Blog Hop!

Hello all- I’m delighted to be joining in with the lovely Tabitha Rayne’s…

Self Love is in the Air Blog Hop!!

Just follow this link to find all the other lovely folk taking part-

http://tabitharayne.com/2016/05/self-love-air-blog-hop / and you could win some incredible prizes- including a Ruby Glow by Rocks Off and paperback copies of Sexy Just Walked Into Town by Brit Babes, Chemical S[ex] edited by Oleander Plume and A Clockwork Butterfly by Tabitha herself – and most exciting of all- some of Tabitha’s beautiful artwork is up for grabs.

Ruby Glow - Copy


Anyway…my blog-

I’ve been writing erotica for a loooonnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggg time. Even so, the words I create from the images that fight for storylines in my head still have the power to make me- shall we say a little wriggly- as I type them.

Of course, if my words didn’t turn me on as I wrote them, then how could I possibly expect them to work for my readers? Erotica has to be as much about a good, sustainable, storyline as any work of literature- but it is also expected to give its readers a certain frisson…

It is this tingle that can- on occasion- hold up wordage production for us writer types.  For, after concocting paragraph after paragraph of other people getting their rocks off, our own needs can make themselves known – and it can distract things a little.

You can imagine therefore, that when my friend, writer, and fellow Brit Babe, Tabitha Raynehttp://www.thebritbabes.co.uk/?zx=65b88b1a32f65809 told myself and the BB crew that she was going to create a sex toy that would help address this issue, we were right behind her. That toy was to become the Ruby Glow.

brit babe button

I was very proud to be on the early ‘testing’ team for the Ruby Glow– and I’m incredibly proud of Tabitha for sticking at her dream. The process of creating a sex toy from idea to final product is a very complex and difficult one.

And so-  am now the proud owner – and user- of the Ruby Glow- a sit on, hands free toy for women, that can be used with your clothes still on!! Yes- it is that convenient… I can’t help wondering how many office drawers have a Ruby Glow hidden inside to cheer up those dull days at the office…

Ruby Glow was designed by Tabitha Rayne, is endorsed by the Brit Babes, and was manufactured and is sold by Rocks Off.

To add an extra flourish of yippees- the Ruby Glow has been nominated as a contender for the Most Innovative Product at this years ETO awards. If you can vote- then please do!!



This is how the Rocks Off website describes the Ruby Glow-

“A saddle style non-penetrative toy, designed to stimulate your whole vulva. The Ruby Glow has a ribbed clitoral stimulator and vibrating vaginal/perineal mound which sit snugly in place anchored by your pubic bone. Dual vibrations are controlled by buttons at the front for easy access, putting you in control of your orgasm. Made from firm yet velvety silicone, Ruby Glow can be used through clothing but is skin safe to enable full contact if desired. The Ruby Glow has many unique contours making it also ideal for using against your body as a traditional clitoral stimulator or massager. Let the potent sensual rhythms of Ruby Glow be your guide as you feel your body respond and move to its powerful dual heartbeats, seductively taking you to your ultimate hands free orgasm.”

Don’t forget to catch up with all the other blog hop blogs!

Happy reading (and writing!),

Kay x

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