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Blissemas 2016!! Kinkmas with Kay

I’ve always loved Christmas, therefore I was delighted to be invited by the smashing Smut UK team, to take part in this years Blissemas!!


Make sure you check out every stop on the Blissemas adventure for your chance to win some amazing goodies! (See bottom of page for more details)

Lady in red skirt undressing

There is something special about a Christmas story, be it smutty or otherwise, and I just love writing them. Hence, I decided to write my festive story collection, Christmas Kink. It was tricky wondering what seasonal happenings I could twist into a toe curlingly sexy tales. What could I possibly write about…how about a naughty fairy, a Christmas stable, cake mix, a little red dress, a great deal of tinsel, and….

Here’s a little taster from If You Go Down To The Woods Tonight…

…Standing silently in the bitter December night air, Freya felt her blood pump in time to the echo of a female orgasm that was whispering through the frost-covered trees. She didn’t want to ask Liam how he knew about this place.

Grasping her hand, Liam pulled Freya deeper into the woods, towards the background beat of howls. Weaving through a mix of pine, oak and ash trees, they scrambled halfway up a steep bank and stopped dead.

Freya stole a glance at her boyfriend’s face, and saw an expression etched with the basest desire she’d ever witnessed.

Now they were closer, the noise that had sounded like the muted cry of wolves felt more ethereal than animal as it sang through the treetops around them. Even though she’d seen nothing yet, Freya’s imagination had done an excellent job of filling in the blanks. She could easily visualise the images that went with the sound of a woman sighing, masculine grunting, and the overriding cacophony of groans, yelps and pleading coming from the other side of the bank. It was as if all the erotic want in the world was bubbling before them in an audible cauldron of lust.

Two nights ago, tied to Liam’s bed and having just enjoyed a thorough fucking, Freya had laughed when he’d informed her he had arranged a very special Christmas present for her. Liam claimed he’d secured her the chance to fulfil every filthy, sexy, dirty, and dangerous fantasy she’d ever had. Freya had thought he was just saying that to turn her on further. She hadn’t taken his claim seriously for a single moment. Until now…

Speaking hurriedly under his breath, Liam said, ‘Okay, so the sounds you can hear are coming from the members of The Quarter, and these are their rules. If you stay on the bank, no one will touch you. You can be a voyeur to your heart’s content, but if you go over the bank and walk amongst them, you are fair game.’

Freya frowned. ‘The Quarter?’

‘They are a specialist group that meet here once each season. This is their Christmas gathering.’

Freya said nothing as she glanced towards Liam’s crotch. His erection was trying to break out of his trousers. She thought fast. If they walked three paces up the side of the bank, they’d be able to view the bacchanal activities below. If they took another three paces further down the other side, then they’d have no choice but to join in.

The shine to Liam’s eyes told Freya that if she decided not to step down into the oval area, which had once been a small hillfort, then he’d fall on her there and then. An option which Freya knew would be good—more than good—but the mews of simmering arousal coming from below were taunting her; enticing her onwards, and driving her further up the bank, pulling Liam after her.

With her heart hammering, excited apprehension gripped Freya as she stood on the very top of the grassy slope…”



You can find out what happens next, and enjoy the five other kinky festive capers in Christmas Kink by buying it for ONLY 99p/99c from –



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Merry Christmas

Kay xx

Two Weeks of Tasty Tasters Day 1: Kd Grace


It’s Day One of my Two Weeks of Tasty Tasters- my annual dive into the erotic story archive!

Each day, for the next fourteen days, I will be posting an excerpt from one of my, or one of my colleagues, erotica publications. I hope you enjoy them!

I promise each one will be hot!

sexy welcome

Who better to kick off this years Tasty Taster’s than my dear friend, and fellow Brit Babe, Kd Grace, with her mega best seller, The Pet Shop.

The Pet Shop Blurb:

In appreciation for a job well done, STELLA JAMES’s boss sends her a Pet for the weekend – a human Pet. The mischievous TINO comes straight from THE PET SHOP complete with a collar, a leash, and an erection. Stella soon discovers that the pleasure of keeping Pets, especially this one, is extremely addicting.

Obsessed with Tino and with the reclusive philanthropist, VINCENT EVANSTON, who looks like Tino, but couldn’t be more different, Stella is drawn into the secret world of The Pet Shop. As her animal lust awakens, Stella must walk the thin line that separates the business of pleasure from the more dangerous business of the heart or suffer the consequences.

The Pet Shop prelim

The Pet Shop: Chapter 2

Sure enough on the kitchen table was an instruction manual from The Pet Shop entitled, On Keeping Pets.

She opened it to the first chapter and read.

Get to know your Pet.

Your experience will be more enjoyable if you take time to get to know each other, to get comfortable with each other before you initiate sexual contact. Pets, like people, have different personalities. Some may be shy and in need of some gentle coaxing before they get comfortable with their keeper. If your Pet is shy, do make sure he or she is comfortably acquainted with you before you initiate sexual contact.

If, however, your Pet is not shy, he or she may try to initiate sexual contact. DO NOT ALLOW THIS. It is the keeper who must choose when sex takes place. Your Pet must never be led to believe she or he is the alpha in the relationship. You must maintain control. No matter how aroused and uncomfortable your Pet may appear to be, do not allow even masturbation without your explicit permission. Your Pet is there for your pleasure. Even if your pleasures are voyeuristic, you must always be the initiator of the sex act. Permission is yours to grant or deny.

All Pets arrive at their keeper’s highly aroused and ready for sex play — the males with erections, the females well lubricated and ready to accommodate a penis or a dildo. But they are also well-trained to control themselves. Make sure that they do. This will enhance your pleasure as well as theirs.

Pets experience the world through their sense of smell, and they will get to know their keepers through that sense. Do not be nervous. Assume a relaxed position, preferably in a chair or on a sofa, with your legs open

Note: This should be done fully clothed.

Command your pet to sit on the floor next to you, then allow her or him to sniff you and touch you. Some pets will also want to lick and taste you. Remember, this contact is essential for your Pet to get to know you as PETS DO NOT TALK. Keep the mood light. Do not allow anything more than this initial contact until you and your Pet feel comfortable with each other. Only after this occurs should your interaction be of a sexual nature.

Stella felt something warm and wet against her hand and looked down to see Tino kneeling next to her, his tongue flicking over her finger tips, his eyes locked on her face.

‘I’m sorry, Tino. It’s just I’ve never had a Pet before.’ She reached out and stroked his head.

Still holding her gaze, he stood and led her back to the lounge. When she sat in the recliner, he sat on the floor in front of her, watching her expectantly, shifting uncomfortably around the weight of his distended penis, clenching his buttocks and rocking his hips. She couldn’t take her eyes off such blatant, insinuating sexuality. With a little gasp of surprise, she realized her own hips were rocking, rubbing her swollen cunt against the chair.

‘I’m sorry, Tino,’ she shoved to her feet, tearing her gaze away from the gorgeously horny man sitting on the floor by her chair. ‘But I just can’t do this. If I had known what Anne, what Strigida had planned for me, I would have never consented, surely Anne knew that. Anyway, I feel really bad that I’ve wasted your time, but this is just not something I can do.’

The pet only looked up at her with adoring and expectant eyes.

“I’ll gladly give you taxi fare home, of course. I mean that’s the least I can do. None of this is your fault, after all. Anne told me that you were a gift, so I assume you’ve already been paid.’ She raced through the last sentence breathlessly, her face burning at the very thought that the company had paid for a prostitute for her.

Did they really think she was that desperate? And never mind how desperate she was, surely she had worked at Strigida long enough for them to realize this was not the gift for her. And she was bloody well certain Anne knew that. There would definitely be words when she returned from Bath. ‘Is that alright, if we do that? If we just call it even and I get you a cab home?’

Tino made no response. Instead, he rubbed his cheek affectionately against her leg and moved to sit back on his haunches, a position that made his erection look even more enormous, bulging heavily against his thigh. At the sight, her stomach muscles tensed low and tight and her pussy clenched and half convulsed.

‘I forgot,’ she looked down at the manual still gripped in one hand, ‘Pet’s don’t talk. But since I really don’t want a Pet, couldn’t you break the rules just this once?’

He brushed her leg again with his cheek, then with his lips, making delicious shivers run up her spine.

‘Guess not. Okay. Well, I realize this is an awkward situation, Tino, and I’m really sorry about that. I know you’re expected to stay here. I appreciate your position. Really I do. I’m sure we’ll get through this if we work together.’ She nodded down the hall. ‘I have a guestroom. You’re welcome to sleep there. It’s small, but comfortable.’ He followed her on silent feet, and looked on as she showed him the guestroom.

‘The closet’s there.’ She pointed. ‘Though I guess you won’t need that. Extra toiletries are on the dressing table there. Those you might need. And the remote for the telly, well it’s a little tetchy. Here let me show you.’ Suddenly she realized he wasn’t paying any attention. His gaze was locked on her – more specifically on her crotch. She blushed hard and forced a smile. ‘Never mind. I imagine you can figure it out if you decide you want to watch telly. Anyway, make yourself at home. Are you hungry? Can I get you something to drink?’

Again, he plopped down on the floor. This time he wrapped his arms around her leg and began to rub his cheek against her thigh.

‘Tino, really. I don’t think I can…’

He made little grunting sounds and shifted his hips forward and back. If anything, his erection seemed still bigger. She suddenly remembered the manual said the Pet Shop kept their Pets horny. Hadn’t Anne said he usually didn’t have to wait this long before he came?

dog collar

She found herself blushing again at the sight of his heavy hard-on. ‘I’m sorry. I didn’t think about how … uncomfortable you must be. I know you’re not allowed to touch yourself unless your keeper gives you permission, and, well, since we can’t, since we’re not going to…’ She nodded to his cock. ‘It’s all right with me if you do what you need to do. You know, for some relief.’ She felt like her face would burst into flames.

For a long moment he looked up at her with his bottomless cinnamon eyes, as though he couldn’t quite comprehend what she wanted of him. Then, slowly, carefully, holding her gaze, he laid a hand against his cock and ran a curled palm up the length of it. A shudder ascended his spine. He threw back his head and released a trembling breath that ended in a deep animal groan at the back of his throat.

Almost before she realized it, she replied with a little whimper of her own that slipped between her lips. Her nipples pearled through the thin silk of her blouse, and her pussy felt slick and giddy. She closed her eyes only for a split second, but the next thing she knew, Tino was standing beside her, so close that her hand, resting low against her belly brushed his cock, and they both gasped at the feel of it. Before she could do more than marvel at the velvety softness that felt like it sheathed granite, he pushed in closer, and his large hand engulfed hers easing it gently against his cock with just enough pressure to encourage her fingers to wrap around the girth of him.

She should have stepped back, she should have commanded him to stay in the room and do what he needed to do and not come out until he was done. But she didn’t. Instead she curled her fingers around him and felt his hand tighten over hers. She expected him to hump like a dog, but he only stepped closer, engulfing her in a feral scent not unlike cat fur on a sunny day.

The shifting of his hips was almost invisible but for the tensing of the muscles low in his hard belly, tightening and lifting until his soft pubic curls just grazed the inside of her wrist. Instead of the blatant sexuality she expected, he simply laid his head on her shoulder, his warm breath raising the fine hair along the back of her neck. His heart hammered a heavy drumbeat that matched her own, and her nipples seemed to be pressing ever forward to get nearer to it.

His free arm encircled her, resting just above her hip, where his hand moved in a gentle caress up and down her ribs, almost ticklish. The sensation of it all accumulated warm and heavy just below her belly. The heat of his lips rested close to the pulse of her neck. They were slightly parted, his breath coming in fast little puffs.


She knew she should be pushing him away, make him bend over for the spanking a misbehaving Pet deserved. She hadn’t asked him to touch her, and she hadn’t volunteered her services. ‘You’re a very naughty Pet, Tino.’ She barely managed to gasp before he tensed, and a strangled groan escaped his throat just as his cock twitched and she felt the silky slick heat of his come spill over both of their hands and against his bare belly. Then his whole body convulsed, and involuntarily he pulled her tight against him, an act which sent her into her own convulsions. She let out a startled cry. She hadn’t expected to come. She hadn’t intended to come, and yet there she stood quivering out her pleasure against the Pet, who held her in a powerful, sex-stimulated bear-hug.

It was only when her own body had calmed to after-shocks and tremors that her brain began to reassert itself, and she pulled away and gasped. ‘Bad Tino! Bad Pet!’ She grabbed the guest towel from the foot of the bed, wiped her hands and offered it to Tino, but he only stood there, hand, belly, and cock pearlescent with his come. She groaned a frustrated sigh, moved forward and began to wipe him briskly. ‘You’re a very bad boy. That wasn’t what I asked you to do. Do you have any idea how uncomfortable this all is for me?’

The Pet hung his head, turned his back to her and braced himself bent over the bed, bottom up.

‘No! I don’t want to spank you! That would only make matters worse, damn it!’ She shook the manual she still held in her one hand. ‘And they’re already bad enough.’ She paced the floor, her heart racing in her chest, still unable to believe what had just happened. Tino was a glorified prostitute, she reminded herself. Jesus, had she gotten so desperate? She forced herself to calm down as Tino turned a questioning gaze to her over his shoulder. ‘The bathroom is down the hall to your left if you want to clean up.’ Then she turned on her heels and quickly fled to her own room, shutting the door soundly behind her.

The whole weekend yawned before her like an abyss. The power of her own desires frightened her almost as much as having Tino’s naked sexuality ever present, almost as much as the fact that they had no way of communicating other than her giving orders and spanking his lovely bottom when he disobeyed.

Use only your open palm to punish your Pet, and only on his or her presented bare buttocks. You will also find a special leather spanker in the rucksack that arrived with your Pet. You may safely use this, but only on buttocks and upper thighs. If your Pet is female, you may use this and your hands to produce a gentle sting on your Pet’s breasts. Alternatively, for punishment, you may use a rolled-up newspaper on other areas of the body. Never use anything else unless special dispensation has been granted by The Pet Shop.

If special dispensation is granted for rough play, you must remember that your Pet has a safe word. It is the only word any Pet will ever utter in the presence of his or her keeper, and only then when play is too rough for her or him. It is of interest to note that in the Pet Shop’s history, no Pet has ever had to use the safe word.

If, on the other hand, a keeper chooses a Pet who likes to play rough, it is important the keeper let the Pet know her or his safe word at the beginning of the visit. The safety of Pets and keepers is paramount in rough play.

She blushed at the thought of punishing Tino properly for his transgression, a thought there was no denying her pussy was fond of. She reminded herself again that she didn’t need to resort to sex with prostitutes. She knew how to use a vibrator. Sex for one was a good thing, the perfect tool for busy women, for women in control of their own lives. God, why was maintaining control in the presence of a man pretending to be an animal so difficult?

It could have something to do with the fact that he was running around her flat gorgeously naked with a huge hard-on, she reminded herself.

She cleaned her teeth, took off her make-up, and changed into her track suit. She always had work to do, since she took the position at Strigida, but her laptop was in the lounge. The thought of being in the same room with Tino made her heart race and her hands shake.

She sat down on the bench in front of her vanity and stared at her face in the mirror. Her cheeks were still flushed and her dark hair was coming loose from the knot in which she’d worn it all day. She tried to remember the last time she’d had any kind of interaction with a male she didn’t work with. It was better that way, she reminded herself. Her working skills were always a lot better than her social skills.

She supposed it must be obvious, even at Strigida. Why else would they offer her a prostitute? She took out the clip and shook her hair free around her shoulders. She wondered if Tino would like her hair down. Furious at herself, she forced the thought out of her head. She stood and paced back and forth at the foot of the bed. What difference did it make what Tino thought? And why was she letting this situation get to her? She didn’t ask for it. Her behaviour wasn’t in question here.

She squared her shoulders and blew out a nervous breath. Tomorrow she would take him down town and check him into a hotel. He could wait it out there. She didn’t have to allow this. Gift or not. Plus, surely it must be illegal. First thing tomorrow that’s what she would do. In the meantime, she’d get her laptop and tell Tino she had work to do and… She opened the door a crack to find him sitting on the floor in front of her.

He looked up at her, eyes bright, questioning.

‘Um, I’m really tired,’ she blurted. ‘I’m going to sleep now. Make yourself at home in the guest room. Good night.’ She jerked the door shut between them, and leaned back against it, heart racing, ignoring the gnaw of guilt below her sternum at being so rude. It didn’t matter, she told herself. He’d get paid anyway, and he wouldn’t even have to work for his money. She undressed and plopped into bed. It was a little past ten, and thanks also to Strigida, she was always under-slept. This would give her a chance to catch up on some much-needed rest.

Two hours later she was still tossing amid the tangle of sheets absolutely refusing to masturbate, though she desperately needed to. She told herself it was the principle of the thing, but in reality she was afraid that Tino might somehow magically know she was masturbating and… And what? His feelings would be hurt because he didn’t get to service her? He’d smell it on her in the morning and lick her crotch. Oh God, she so didn’t need to think about that right now.

She was just about to drift off with the pillow settled in the crook of her arm when the gnaw of guilt returned. If Tino really did have to stay in character the whole weekend he must be dying of thirst. She was always thirsty after sex. But it hadn’t been sex, she reminded herself again. Not real sex. Still, she had helped herself to all the water she wanted from the en suite sink, while poor Tino had none. And what if he was hungry? Anne said he’d been fed, but that was ages ago. Come to think of it, she was a bit peckish herself. But then again, he might have just settled in to watch the footie and fallen asleep in front of the telly, without giving a second thought to what had happened. Surely he would be happy for an unexpected night off, right? If that were the case, then the coast would be clear. She could get her laptop and bring it back to the room without him even knowing.

She got out of bed and carefully slipped into her blue satin robe, tying the sash loosely around her waist. Then she tiptoed to the door holding her breath. Somewhere deep in the city a siren wailed, but the flat was silent. Slowly, carefully, she opened the door, and her breath caught in her throat.

There on the floor in front of her lay Tino, curled around himself in a feotal position, his breathing the deep even breathing of sleep. She couldn’t resist the urge to stare down at him, to take in the sheer wild maleness of him lying there bathed in silver moonlight, sleeping in nothing but a leather collar.

She had just lifted her foot to step over him when suddenly he woke and sat up with a start causing her to yelp in surprise. She lost her balance and would have tumbled backward if he hadn’t caught her by the hand and pulled her forward to land against the hard rise and fall of his chest.

‘Tino, I’m sorry,’ she gasped. ‘I tried not to wake you. Did I hurt you? Oh god, I hope you’re okay.’ Too late she realized her robe had fallen open, and the Pet’s gaze was locked on her breasts, his naked cock jutting like a velvet-sheathed knife against the inside of her bare thigh. They both sat frozen against each other, holding their breath…


What Reviews Are Saying about The Pet Shop

“I loved The Pet Shop. It was so well done that I could hardly wait to turn each page. Of course the sex was delicious, but the background story, the premise of The Pet Shop, and the magic between the various characters was much more than just delicious sex. Great job bringing me something completely different to read.” 5 out of 5 Manic Readers


“The sex is smoking hot, the storyline intriguing, and the whole thing is so brilliantly written that you’ll emerge from the end gasping for breath. This book is a whirlwind of fun and naughtiness perfect for erotica fans.” – Lucy Felthouse, Erotic Author


“I liked The Pet Shop. The story is hot hot hot with multi-dimensional characters and a plot that is a bit mysterious… a memorable experience.” – BookingIt


“Thoughtful, Different and Wicked this is one for those who love erotica with a lot of extra spice.” 4 out of 5, SexyReads.co.uk


“…this story is full of sex that makes your heart pump and your libido race. This is one of the steamiest books I’ve read this year.” – 4 out of 5, Scorching Book Reviews


“A satisfying mix of romance, kink, and inventive S&M, The Pet Shop reels the reader in, neatly side stepping clichés, and forcing you to read just one more chapter before you put it down.” – Oysters & Chocolate


“Full of decadent desire, sensual eroticism and hedonistic promises, Ms. Grace uses a wicked pen that enticed this reader into a world of pleasure unlike anything I have read before. The interaction between Stella and Tino is so scorching hot I practically left burn marks on the computer screen. To top it off, there are so many other erotic fantasies intertwined in this tale that this book must have hit upon everyone’s favorite desire. Whether it is male/male, male/female, male/female/male, female/male/female/female or BDSM this novel has it all. The Pet Shop is the cat’s meow!” 5 out of 5, Coffee Time Romance


“WOW! The Pet Shop was such an unexpected and mindblowing read that not only have I gobbled it up in no time but it shot straight to my Top Reads of 2011 list! I can’t remember the last time I read such a combustive erotica novel. One of the hottest stories I have ever read, a definite Forbidden Favorite, and K.D. Grace just became an author I’ll have to watch!” – 5 out of 5, ‘Forbidden Favourite Award Winner’, The Forbidden Bookshelf


Buy Links:

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K D1rabSmall

About K D Grace/Grace Marshall

Voted ETO Best Erotic Author of 2014, and a proud member of The Brit Babes, K D Grace/Grace Marshall believes Freud was right. In the end, it really IS all about sex, well sex and love. And nobody’s happier about that than she is, otherwise, what would she write about?

When she’s not writing, K D is veg gardening. When she’s not gardening, she’s walking. She walks her stories, and she’s serious about it. She and her husband have walked Coast to Coast across England, along with several other long-distance routes. For her, inspiration is directly proportionate to how quickly she wears out a pair of walking boots. She also enjoys martial arts, reading, watching the birds and anything that gets her outdoors.

KD has erotica published with SourceBooks, Xcite Books, Harper Collins Mischief Books, Mammoth, Cleis Press, Black Lace, Erotic Review, Ravenous Romance, Sweetmeats Press and others.

K D’s critically acclaimed erotic romance novels include, The Initiation of Ms Holly, Fulfilling the Contract, To Rome with Lust, and The Pet Shop. Her paranormal erotic novel, Body Temperature and Rising, the first book of her Lakeland Witches trilogy, was listed as honorable mention on Violet Blue’s Top 12 Sex Books for 2011. Books two and three, Riding the Ether, and Elemental Fire, are now also available.

K D Grace also writes hot romance as Grace Marshall. An Executive Decision, Identity Crisis, The Exhibition, Interviewing Wade are all available.

Find K D Here:                                                                   

Websites: http://kdgrace.co.uk/


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KDGraceAuthor

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KD_Grace


Many thanks to Kd for such a great taster to kick of this event!

Tomorrow it’s my turn- and I’ll be keeping the temperature level high…

Happy reading,

Kay xx


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