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Christmas (Kink) Miracle

Traditionally Christmas is a time associated with miracles and good fortune.

Well, to my surprise and delight a little miracle has fallen my way – and it couldn’t have been better timed.

For the second day running, Christmas Kink : Six Festive Fantasies, is number one in the erotica chart on Amazon UK

Not only that but it is also in the Amazon Bestsellers Rank at:

#97 Paid in Kindle Store 

#1 in Kindle Store > Books > Literature & Fiction > Erotica

#2 in Books > Erotica > Literature & Fiction

#116 in Books > Fiction


By the time you read this blog, my festive fantasy collection may well have fallen in the rankings- and that’s OK. To be up there (ahead of Fifty Shades- let’s face it…that’s always a good day if that happens), even for a few hours is a wonderful experience.

It is particularly special for me because I have been having a serious re-think about my erotica lately.



I’ve been having a wonderful time re-editing my ‘The Perfect Submissive Trilogy’- which I am pleased to say is already -ummm- enflaming a whole new generation of readers.  The Fifth Floor (previous entitled The Perfect Submissive) is back with a vengeance. Book 2, The Retreat is already appearing on a chapter per day basis on the Radish app, and will be out in both paperback and eBook early next year- closely followed by Book 3, Knowing Her Place.


The question I’ve been asking myself however, is do I write anything new in the erotic genre?

I love writing erotica, but as I write so many other genres as well, is it worth my time writing any more? I ask the question in the light of receiving this missive… (and I’m quoting from a major publisher here…) “Kay Jaybee will never make money in erotica because she makes the mistake of treating her readers as if they are clever, have an imagination, and can think beyond the realm of reality TV.

I still can’t decide who I’m most insulted for – me – or you guys!

This is not the first time such a comment has come my way- and although it is sort of nice to be considered as writing intelligently….well…you get my point…

So- 2018 is going to bring many re-leased KJB books…but will the sequel to Wednesday on Thursday get written? Will the sexy spoof spy thriller I’ve been drafting get penned….or should I just quit while I’m….behind???

In the meantime- THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased Christmas Kink!! VERY much appreciated. You’ve made my day!


Kay xx




Writing in the bath…

Writers are a strange breed. We all have our own little ways of writing, making notes, plotting, scheming, and personal tricks to remember all the little nuisances that go into creating our stories.

For example, it is a rare day when I’m not caught talking to myself- except I’m not talking to myself- I’m discussing things with the characters in my head. Thankfully, for reasons of my own sanity, I know a lot of other authors who do this as well.

Only a writer

One of the biggest challenges I face as a writer is finding enough time to squeeze in all the projects that I have on the go. I never write just one book at a time. I always have at least two on the go- one as Kay, and one as my more romantic side, Jenny Kane.

Like the majorty of writers, I have a day job and a family as well. So I don’t waste a single minute of my time alone, I work anywhere and everywhere- and that includes the bath.  In fact, at least a third of The Perfect Submissive Trilogy and, almost all of my short stories, were initially plotted and then edited, in the bath! (Not too disturbing image wise I hope!!!)

The Per Sub- new rope

As I write my stories on paper first, rather than straight into a laptop, this isn’t as mad as it sounds. For years I’ve managed to rest a waterproof folder on my bubble covered stomach as I relax in the lovely warm water, with my sheets of paper clipped safely in place. I can write without fear of my work having a soaking- usually.

It was only this week that, for the first time, my bath time writing system broke down. There I was, innocently scribbling down a draft for an extremely kinky story based- ironically- in a dry desert- when I sneezed. My balance was lost and the edge of my work was dipped into the foamy water!

wet pages

It was only after this happened, and I was spreading my work out on the bed to dry off,  that it occurred to me that perhaps writing in the bath is a bit of a weird thing to do… But then, writers are weird…

Well, this one is…

Happy reading!

Kay xx


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