This weekend, why not visit the local sweetshop and treat your partner to a packet of sherbet.


Whether sprinkled over her breasts, his torso, or between her legs, the tingling sensation as the dusty substance is sprinkled over the skin is good in itself, but the experience improves ten-fold the moment you begin to lap the flavoured sugars off your lover’s skin with your tongue.

Then of course, you have the added bonus of showering and bathing each other very thoroughly to remove those last few ‘sticky’ patches, thus prolonging the fun…

Enjoy your weekend.

Kay x

(PS- Have fun- but remember to stay safe. Make sure you wash all sherbet off carefully- you don’t want it lodged anywhere!! Be aware of allergies, personal limits, and your health at all times. I want you to have a fun weekend, not a trip to A&E. xx)