Thank you for hosting me on your blog, Kay. I’m delighted to share my new release with you and your readers. Veronica: Fragrant Courtesans Book One is an erotic novella is inspired by the life of Veronica Franco, a historical courtesan who was born in Venice in 1546. The idea of writing about one of these celebrated high-class entertainers of men came to me when I was researching my romantic historical novel Lady of Asolo, which is also set in Venice. My editor, John Hudspith, liked the way I conveyed gritty realism in the erotic scenes in Lady of Asolo, and I must admit I’ve come to love writing this genre. Highly educated at a time in history when most women were barely literate, Veronica was a talented poet and writer. Her feisty, forward personality shines out of her poems and letters; she makes the perfect protagonist. In the following excerpt, Veronica is preparing to receive the King of France. The historical Veronica did, in fact, entertain the French monarch, and even wrote two sonnets addressed to him. But what passed between them in my story is purely a product of my cheeky imagination, helped by Veronica’s imaginative use of Murano glass. I’m now working on book two in the series, which will be set in 6th Century Constantinople.



He does ask for me, heavily encouraged by his entourage I’m told. It seems they are concerned he might still be a virgin, for he’s never been seen with a woman. Who better than Veronica Franco, the most sought-after courtesan in Venice, to deflower him?

This evening, he’s at a banquet in the Fondaco dei Turchi, following which Andrew will bring him here. In the meantime, I’m preparing myself. The King’s night of love must be truly memorable.

Lena is helping me. This afternoon she bathed me in rose-scented water then plucked my figa free of hair. She curled my tresses and threaded them with strands of silver and gold, my only adornments. My breath has been fragranced with mint, and I’ve rubbed honey on my nub in anticipation. If ’tis true that the King has never bedded a woman before, I shall teach him where to put his tongue and find my sweetness. My nipples, rouged ready for the King, stiffen in expectation.


Veronica Courtesan Cover MEDIUM WEB (1)Blurb

I watch him watching us, imagining how he would take me.

I send him the message with my eyes.

This is who I am.

I am Veronica Franco.


I court the cultural elite for fame and fortune, giving my body to many.

And I’m good. So very good. After all, I was taught by my mother, and mother always knows best.

How else to please the future King of France than with the imaginative use of Murano glass? How else to fulfil the desires of all yet keep my sense of self-worth?

But when disaster strikes and my life begins to unravel, I’ll have to ask myself one question:

Is it too late to give my heart to just one man?

Set in Venice 16th Century.

Advisory: sensuously erotic. 18+


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Siobhan Daiko is an author of romantic historical fiction and a new series of erotic novellas featuring famous courtesans – strong women who held their own in a man’s world. A lover of all things Italian, Siobhan lives in the Veneto region of northern Italy with her husband and two cats. After a life of romance and adventure in Hong Kong, Australia and the UK she now spends her time, when she isn’t writing, enjoying the dolce vita near Venice.

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