Digging Deep has been re-released!

(Please note that, sadly, Digging Deep is not available in the US or Canada.)


Dr Beth Andrew’s first foreign excavation, which she co-run’s with the American archaeologist Dr Harrison Harris, gets off to a shaky start.

Thanks to the jealous interference of Harrison’s ex, an overzealous student, and a broken mosaic, Anglo-American relations are pushed to the limit, while Beth’s erotic and romantic expectations are similarly tested.

Love and lust really can cloud even the cleverest person’s judgement!

Available from 12.2.2024

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Reviews for the 2013 version of Digging Deep

‘…I read this book in about two sittings, I was that hooked. I absolutely loved the historical aspect, the insight into what happens on archaeological sites and the humour thrown in here and there. The storyline is interesting, the characters ones you can engage and identify with and the erotic and romantic parts are very satisfying. The only downside is the fact that Digging Deep is a novella — I’d love to see more of these characters, but that’s definitely a good thing!’ Full review by Lucy Felthouse available at Blog Critics

‘…Vanilla goes with lots of things. Lots of very naughty things.

Vanilla goes very well with hot Tunisian ruins bleached by a scorching sun. It goes splendidly with a sexy, mature American archaeologist who behaves almost as well as an English gentleman. Of course, if he behaved exactly like an English gentleman there wouldn’t even be any vanilla in the story and Beth would have her tongue hanging out with nothing to lick. But Beth is not disappointed. I was not disappointed either.

But I was excited in a very comfortable, well-cushioned sort of way. I was able to sink back in my plumped-up pillows and enjoy the vanilla action with complete, languid, unhurried satisfaction.

I like the way Kay Jaybee tells this story. In fact, this isn’t the first Kay Jaybee story I’ve read. I’ve read a few because I like her style…’  The complete review from Vanessa Wu is at Intense Sensations

‘What an amazing setting for an erotic tale! What makes it even more amazing is that this author has based the site from her personal experiences, which really brings it alive for the reader.  I could feel the grittiness of the sand and the searing heat of the daytime sun.  I could practically hear the Welsh accent and cadence of characters.
I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the characters Dr. Beth Andrews and Dr. Harrison Harris.  Beth is a prim English Rose on the outside, but quite sizzling underneath her cool, calm exterior.  Harrison (who I will forever think of as Harry) was like Indiana Jones brought to life, right down to his Stetson hat. The secondary characters, Ryan and Candida (aka Mr. Adonis and Miss Infection) were well rounded and added the necessary intrigue to a somewhat twisting plot…Overall, a great short story to download onto your Kindle for a sexy, hot read. ‘ Reviewed by Kirstin Wilson for Goodreads 

‘…The story kept me engrossed throughout, with plenty of interesting characters and the setting was completely different to anything I’ve read before. You simply can’t go wrong with a book that contains a hot, sexy archaeologist!!!’ Amazon UK

“A lovely 5 star review to wake up to this morning for my erotic romance (yes, I do softer stuff believe it or not!!)- Digging Deep- Who knew fuddy-duddy archaeology professors were sexy? Well me actually – have you seen Indiana Jones?

Put in co-charge of her first oversea’s project, Beth is partnered with the professor of her dreams Dr Harrison Harris. Determined not to have another site affair after the last one, Harris finds it difficult not to think of Beth.

Things start to go wrong when he overhears something he shouldn’t …. and stupidly starts to believe it.

A great story that keep me entertained and left me needing more from Beth and Harrison.” Goodreads