Erotica on a canvas of bondage and discipline!

Maddie Templeton has always been an unconventional artist. Themes of submission and domination pulse through her erotic artwork, and she’s happily explored these lustful themes both on and off the canvas.

But, when Theo Hunter enters her life, she is presented with a new challenge. Maddie sets out to test his resolve as she teases, torments and toys with him. But, as Maddie drives Theo to breaking point, she soon becomes unsure whether her own resolve will hold out!

At the same time, Maddie must put on the exhibition of a lifetime. As the hottest gallery in town clamours for her best work, Maddie pushes her models harder and higher until they are physically, sexually and emotionally exhausted. Will Maddie’s models continue to submit to her, or will she push them too far? And will she be ready for the exhibition in time?

The only way to find out is to wait and see…and the waiting only makes it sweeter!

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“I found this to be an interesting and unpredictable story. It has an unusual premise, with the main character Maddie being an artist specialising in very erotic work, who has to quickly produce enough work for a gallery show. Her models provide an interesting cast of characters, one of whom is a former lover who likes being dominant.
The electrician Maddie employs to help with lighting in her studio is drawn in like a moth to a flame, as Maddie explores her developing interest in dominance with him and her models. With the models, it’s all very hands-on and interactive. With the electrician, it’s provocative and teasing mind-games with him. But that’s a tricky game to play, and she needs to stay in control…” 


‘Oh my goodness what an incredible read in so many ways…I have just finished
the last page, its had me addicted for 3 whole days. This review has been a long
time coming as I wanted to find the time to completely indulge myself. I
loved, loved, loved this full length longer novel as I was able to get fully
immersed in the imagination of Miss Jaybee; now I’m gutted its over…

…The idea for this novel is genius and is so different from any book I’ve read…The whole plot was incredibly imaginative, so clever and exciting to follow and I really enjoyed the longer length of the novel it was brilliant to lose myself in Maddies world completely. The whole story grips you with sexual tension running high throughout and I love Maddie; what a fantastic character she’s so relatable and I love the combination of dominatrix and artist it fits together so well…’  (5 star review) Full Review available at Midnight Boudoir


‘Hailing from across the pond, the beautiful and fearless Kay Jaybee, has proven yet again why she is England’s hottest export… Making Him Wait (published by Sweetmeats Press) is her third full length novel. For a full list of Kay’s naughty bedtime stories visit her website at

Kay Jaybee is an erotic provocateur, a self-proclaimed BDSM specialist, whose well written and carefully crafted narratives focus mainly on exploring the darker side of sexy. Her latest publication, Making Him Wait, is no exception… the premise of this pulse pounding tale centers on the concept of self-discipline and restraint. How long can one suppress their urges and desires? And in the end, does the waiting make it worth the while?

Maddie Templeton, the lead character of this lustful story, thinks so. For her, the waiting game is her favorite game to play. Maddie is not only an artist with paint spattered jeans and charcoal smudged fingers–the creator behind a studio filled with erotic themed masterpieces–she is also an artist of a different kind: an artist of self-control. Upon each canvas, within each sculpture she brilliantly captures and reflects sexual fantasy; a talent that does not go unnoticed by Theo Hunter, a handsome electrician hired to fix the studio’s lighting. Unable to resist the look in Theo’s hazel eyes, Maddie decides to test his resolve, convincing him to pose for her. She then strings him along, building the sexual tension between them through delay and denial, promising him rewards for his patience and good behavior. But will Maddie’s teasing prove to be more than he can handle? Or is Theo up for the challenge?

As Maddie pushes Theo closer and closer to his sexual limits, he decides to take matters into his own hands, surprising Maddie by turning her own game around on her.  This gives a certain cat and mouse quality to their sexual sparring, leaving the reader to wonder who is really controlling who. Complicating matters further, Maddie has been given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase her work at The Stripped Banana, a very prestigious gallery in London. Excited, yet rushed for time, Maddie must produce twelve new pieces of art within eight weeks! Not to mention a special surprise piece just for opening night. She recruits her models, or erotic muses, to help her complete this monumental task, including her beautiful nightmare of an ex, Tania, who happens to think she is God’s gift to modeling. Maddie’s form of payment is unconventional, yet very pleasurable, providing her models with sexual rewards rather than money, and all are more than willing to put in the long hours needed to get the job done. With everyone so eager to please, Maddie holds all the strings, like a grand puppeteer, but how far can she push them without pushing them away? How long will they submit to her demands? And how long can Maddie ignore her own growing needs? The story’s climax coincides with opening night at the exhibition, when everything comes to a head. It is an explosive night that will leave you breathless, panting, and dying for more.

The most enjoyable thing about this book is how it continually left me sitting on pins and needles, waiting on the edge of my seat, along with characters in the story, to see what would happen next. It seems Miss Jaybee knows how to tease her audience every bit as well as she teases her deliciously sexy characters. This book is made all the better because the sexual tension has a chance to build itself up first, instead of jumping right into it. Like for Maddie, a bit of waiting for the reader makes the climactic moment that much sweeter. The sex scenes are HOT and very imaginative, nothing same-old, or boring here. They are fantastical enough to create an amazing work of fiction, yet realistic enough to make you wonder at the possibilities.  In short—they will keep you turning the pages, they will make you blush, and they will leave you squirming comfortably, or perhaps uncomfortably in your seat.

My advice, don’t wait to read this book.’ (5 star review) DelovelyOlive for Oysters and Chocolate


“Maddie has gifts: the trompe-l’œil technique of the portrait artist and the rare ability to connect with her sitters, psychologically, like a therapist, sexually, like the kinky tart she secretly is.
And Maddie has another talent: as a domme with a chest of drawers that contain “every instrument of domination and submission imaginable.” Then, there’s Theo, the sex oozing from every pore electrician whose text messages send currents of buzzing pleasure to all the most sensitive places
Artist, lover, dominatrix, Maddie has sculpted from her surroundings the perfect life and Kay Jaybee in ‘Making Him Wait’ the picture-perfect set up for an unhurried, well-written, hugely entertaining, multi-media journey into classy erotica – men, women, whatever your fancy, Mistress Jaybee guides you through her Chinese puzzle of a plot in a way that stole my breath and made my underarms tingle.
Driving the action is Maddie’s big break with a show at a major gallery, heightening the tension as she shamelessly seduces her models and produces portraits that capture the very essence of sex. Mesmerising, thrilling, word perfect, a triumph.” Chloe Thurlow


‘…If you are looking for a book that has the extra spice then check this out.  Just check out all of Kay’s books. Kay weaves the characters with that little extra all readers look for in a story. Thanks for a great read Kay.’ (4 star review)  Bunny Review


‘…This book is very clever. The main characters and the supporting cast are (literally) painted and yet they evolve and emerge as the story progresses, filling the pages with unexpected plots-twists and grenades to become new and exciting pawns moving through the carefully crafted game Kay Jaybee sets out through Maddie and Theo, her main characters…Much of the book takes place within the same four walls, however it is never dull, nor even similar to the previous chapter. The plot manouevres around the artwork and sexual tension and desires of the characters brilliantly, with the nature of the paintings, and the poses often becoming blurred with the reality of the erotic encounters. I found the book incredibly imaginative, especially on the artistic front, both drawn, painted, bound and photographed!…I would fully recommend that you all go and buy Making Him Wait, a 5 star novel…. When is the second book out?!…’ (5 star review) Full review at  Miss Lily’s Pad


“Making Him Wait” held me captive, made me blush, had me yearning for more
before I was even ready to let the previous chapter go. The story unfolds
dripping with eroticism, every character wantonly submitting to Maddie’s
artistic, commanding eye… Erotica’s “Queen of Kink” has nailed the
freedom of Kink, fearlessly. Kay Jaybee writes with a masterful insight and
sucks her readers into the fascinating domain of domination and submission. A
realm where one’s words must be listened to very carefully and choices are
empowering.’ (5 star review) Rose Caraway reviewing on