Tied to the Kitchen SinkBlurb:

Will can hardly believe his eyes when he receives the ultimate in birthday gifts. Karen, the girl of his fantasies, has been left tied to his kitchen sink’s taps, ready to be played with exactly as he chooses. Meanwhile, Becky is having a spank filled first day in her new job, and a BDSM curious male allows himself to be lured into a dominatrix’s lair by the tempting lyrics of a truly bad poem. Whether bound in ropes or handcuffs, as they are shackled to the bed, kitchen sink, or within the confines of a fetishists supply cupboard, the willing victims of Tied to the Kitchen Sinks’ kinky S&M and BDSM action find their darkest and sexiest dreams coming true.

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From Amazon – “Kay Jaybee is the Mistress of BDSM writing as is evidenced in the 3 stories contained within this spankingly brilliant book.
Tied to the Kitchen Sink sees Will finding a very interesting birthday present awaiting him in the form of Karen. What will he do with her though?
Becky sees her starting a new job in a workplace that frowns heavily on clumsiness and incompetence and has a very unique disciplinary procedure.
In The Bad Poet, a verse is received but it’s not just prose, it’s a list of instructions and promises. Can the man serve his Mistress and please her to receive his reward?
A pure delight for all BDSM lovers.”

From areadersreviewblog – “This collection of hot and smutty bite size tales really wetted my appetite. for more from this author! They are three very different tales which encompass fantasy role play, punishment play and the joys of domination and submission. All are consensual as the participants are encouraged to push their boundaries and indulge their fantasies. Indeed, there are plenty of surprises in store for the participants as well as the reader.

The phrase ‘tied to the kitchen sink’ is now guaranteed to bring a knowing smile to my lips as will the use of wooden spoons… the three tales encompass fun filled and erotic kink at its best and are a real treat for fans of this genre and a great introduction to this author’s work (I for one will be going back for another helping)!”

From Goodreads “…The last story and my favorite of the book is The Bad Poet.  No it’s really not a bad poem it is actually what she is going to do to you if you are lucky! I wish my husband would write me a poem like this one.  No I am not going to tell you what it is. You need to read the book to find out. This is a great quick read by Kay Jaybee.”

From Goodreads “…Tied to the Kitchen Sink, is an exercise in fanciful erotica with D/s overtones that will please both her current and future fans. None of the vignettes in this slim volume are meant to mirror real life, but by no means does that stop them from being sexy and enjoyable reads…”