Could you write your wildest fantasies on your best friend’s boyfriend, or sell your sexual soul to a woman in black?

Find out how far army cadet, Luke Porter, will go to improve his standing within his regiment, and discover the consequences of losing your temper on London’s Underground in this collection of wrist binding, whip wielding, butt spanking tales of female domination.

Yes Ma’am contains six straight and bi-sexual encounters of the S&M nature.


Here’s a teaser from the second story in the collection…Black…

…She might as well have been whipping me, spanking me. I began to hope she would. I wanted her to hurt me. To do something to stop the torture of simply standing there, her hand hovering over her zipper, and yet STILL not freeing her chest for me to see.
As the material began to adhere to the roof of my mouth, and the strangest sensation of being dehydrated while at the same time hopelessly and pathetically dribbling from the corners of my lips, hit me, I mentally willed her on. PULL THE ZIP DOWN!
At last, with a total lack of urgency, the mistress edged the metal clasp down a few teeth of her tight black top. Enough to make me sigh into the gag, not enough to reveal anything but a tiny section of porcelain flesh.
I wanted to scream at her to hurry up. To show herself to me. I didn’t though, but I had to say something, find some way of provoking her into speaking, such was my desire to break the quiet tension.
Mumbling frantically into my gag, talking out of the corner of my mouth, I managed to blurt out, ‘Who are you?’
The endless gleam of her eyes responded for a fraction of a second before her lips turned up at the corners in a devastating smile. ‘You know who I am.’ Her hands left her zip and I groaned, mentally cursing my need to make her talk.
Coming to my torso, her fingertips trailed over me with so little pressure it was almost as if there was no contact at all. Just a tantalizing hint of the possibility of contact to come. But only when she was ready.
‘I am your sweetest dream. I am your most terrifying nightmare. I am everything in between. I am why you got up this morning. I am the reason you’re wondering what my chest is like. I am the one who will spank you until you burn. I am the one you’ll thank afterwards.’
As I listened, my nails dug deeper into my knees. Everything in me wanted to knock away the gag, grab the zip and throw myself at the woman. I didn’t move. Nothing bound me to the chair except her eyes and the expectation of things to come….


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