Hello lovely readers.

Well- here I am on my 13th anniversary of being Kay Jaybee, and rather than announcing the arrival of a new book, I’m announcing the temporary withdrawal of a number of books instead.

It’s no secret that the erotica market has crumbled in the face of the rise of erotic romance, and a great many publishers have fallen by the wayside. Others have simply decided to stop selling erotica, while more still have given their authors the option of retrieving their rights.

A combination of these factors have all happened to me over the last year,and as a result I no longer have any erotica novels, and only a few solos anthologies, available to buy.

I should stress this is a temporary situation – I will be re-editing and either self publishing, or applying to new publishers (should any still exist), to get The Perfect Submissive Trilogy, Making Him Wait and The Voyeur back on the market.

In the meantime, my novellas, such as Wednesday on Thursday, Not Her Type, and The Collector, are still out there- as are my many many short stories.

Thank you for your patience lovely folk.


Kay xx