It’s been absolutely AGES since I have had a new book out! The short stories have kept coming, but I’ve been so busy ‘being’ Jenny Kane, that Kay has had to wait patiently in the wings for a while.

However, never does a week go by without me writing some new words of erotica. Every Wednesday I take naughty pen to wicked paper- and as well as writing a new novella (out later this year), I’ve been giving my first solo work, The Collector, a reedit, and added 2 brand news stories to the 20 already snuggled between it’s pages.

The Collector 2016 b



Gathering salaciously erotic stories against an everyday backdrop of bus trips, train journeys, coffee shops, and restaurants, The Collector documents a wide variety of sexual encounters as she travels Great Britain.

The Collector’s research takes her into every arena of the erotic experience, from love, lust, submission and dominance, to voyeurism and beyond.

Are you brave enough to see if it was your supposedly private conversation she overheard – and then wrote down?


The stories within The Collector vary greatly in length, style, and taste. The best way to think of it is as an erotica menu- lots of tasty tasters to help you discover which erotica works best for you. If you alike all sorts of erotica already, then you should (I hope!) like them all!

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The Collector will be available as a paperback soon.

Happy reading,

Kay x