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A Sticky Situation: a erotic romance with a decidedly tasty edge…

A Sticky Situation is an erotic romance with a decidedly tasty edge…

Sticky Situation- New 2015

If there is a paving stone to trip over, or a drink to knock over, then Sally Briers will trip over it or spill it. Yet somehow Sally is the successful face of marketing for a major pharmaceutical company; much to the disbelief of her new boss, Cameron James.

Forced to work together on a week-long conference in an Oxford hotel, Sally is dreading spending so much time with arrogant new boy Cameron; whose presence somehow makes her even clumsier than usual.

Cameron on the other hand, just hopes that he’ll be able to stay professional, and keep his irrational desire to lick up all the accidently split food and drink that is permanently to be found down Sally’s temptingly curvy body, all to himself.

It could be a very long week- unless Cameron can find a way of making Sally slop so much of her after show champagne, that he has no choice but to march her off and relieve her of her sodden clothing… He is sure that, if he could find a way to stop Sally resenting him taking her previous bosses job, then they could enjoy no end of sticky situations together…


After the arrival of new boy, Cameron James, to Zelcon Pharmaceuticals, Sally takes and instant dislike to him- a dislike that is tainted further with distrust when she learns that he is to be her new boss. Cameron however, has serious sexual fantasy issues about his new assistant- but he just can’t see how someone so clumsy can be as good at her job as everyone says she is…

Not only was this the first proper erotic romance I’d ever written (no whips or chains!), but A Sticky Situation was my first foray into the word of food (and indeed drink) sex- and it was terrific fun to do!


Initially inspired by me spilling a breakfast of marmalade on toast down my front in full view of an entire café full of people, I began to wonder how I could work my own regular foodie clumsiness into a sexy love story, and which foods I could play with!

I toyed with the idea of a variety of fruit juices running over naked bodies; ice cream deserts being smeared into interesting places, and even selectively dotted spots of marmite- however, on this occasion, these foodstuffs didn’t make the grade! Avoiding my usual BDSM moments in the interests of a softer romance, I nonetheless stayed faithful to my kinky story style with the help of champagne, ice, and even a vast helping of Chinese noodles…

…Resting Sally’s juddering frame against the bed, Cameron’s eyes fell on the carton of noodles. Taking up a single strand of the cold sticky string, he held it between finger and thumb, bringing the end against Sally’s hypersensitive nipples. It was high time he lived out one of the fantasies she had inspired…

Her eyes flew open as the tacky pasta began to circle her right tit, reminding Sally of the snake hidden away on his backside. Her breath caught in the back of her throat as she watched, mesmerised, as the elongated noodle began to hide her boob.

Picking up another noodle with quiet reverence, Cameron said, ‘I was going to tell you about my fantasy…’



If you’d like to read about Sally and Cameron’s adventures, then you can buy A Sticky Situation from all good book and e-retailers, including-



A Taste of Erotic Romance for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Today I thought, as my Valentine’s gift to you, I’d share a little from my erotic romance, A Sticky Situation– a novella inspired by my own total, non-stop, clumsiness-  and my habit of dropping toast and marmalade down my front…

Sticky Situation- New 2015


If there is a paving stone to trip over, or a drink to knock over, then Sally Briers will trip over it or spill it. Yet somehow Sally is the successful face of marketing for a major pharmaceutical company; much to the disbelief of her new boss, Cameron James.

Forced to work together on a week-long conference in an Oxford hotel, Sally is dreading spending so much time with arrogant new boy Cameron; whose presence somehow makes her even clumsier than usual.

Cameron on the other hand, just hopes that he’ll be able to stay professional, and keep his irrational desire to lick up all the accidently split food and drink that is permanently to be found down Sally’s temptingly curvy body, all to himself.

It could be a very long week- unless Cameron can find a way of making Sally slop so much of her after show champagne, that he has no choice but to march her off and relieve her of her sodden clothing… He is sure that, if he could find a way to stop Sally resenting him taking her previous bosses job, then they could enjoy no end of sticky situations together…



As the shower burnt its jet of water into his head and shoulders, Cameron scrubbed his body furiously with soap, trying to wash away all thoughts of Sally. It had been years since he’d let a woman get to him like this. What worried him most was that he didn’t just want to sleep with her. He actually wanted her to like him. This was new territory for Cameron James. As he stood there, beneath the steaming deluge, he couldn’t stop himself from envisaging exactly what he’d like to do with her.

He saw her bent at the end of his bed, waiting for him to kiss her firm arse.

He visualised her lying on her back, her legs wide open. Sally beaming up at him as he lowered himself onto her; her chest swollen and her nipples hard as he ate them, his thick cock sinking into her moist channel.

Cameron could almost taste her as he felt his dick go rigid where he stood, droplets of water cascading off it as, with eyes firmly closed, her saw his mouth coming to Sally’s indescribably soft mound. In his mind he drank from her, the heated water of the shower combining with her liquid, sending shockwaves of pleasure through them both as she tangled her fingers in his hair. Sally was moaning quietly, one hand leaving his head as she squeezed herself, playing her own fingertips across her beautiful almond tinted nipples.

Steadying one hand on the cubicle wall, Cameron’s fist came to his erection as his thoughts became more graphic, more urgent. He pumped slowly at first, as he saw Sally crouched next to him, the light pressure of her small palms pushing him to his feet so she could wrap her lips around his shaft. At first, she’d simply lick the tip enquiringly, as though she was trying a new flavoured ice cream for the very first time. Then, she’d speed up, lapping him with extended strokes, punctuating each move with a kiss to his balls; her nails discovering each inch of his hips and thighs.

Cameron’s whole frame shuddered, his wrist moving faster and faster along his length, the water almost forgotten as it pounded into his bent neck and ran down his back. Nothing mattered but the images in his head and the action of his hand. Sally had engulfed his cock in her mouth now. Sucking and teasing him out, almost stretching his pole, she was drawing him into her, until he was securely within her throat.

He could feel his orgasm rising, his brain flashing with differing shots of Sally as he wanked, of her lips at his dick, of his face between her legs, or her wet dress, clinging to the outline of her curves so temptingly, of how he’d marvelled at his ability not to grab her in the lift and tell her she was driving him nuts, and that he was a nice guy really. Of him slurping fallen food from her neck, of kissing her mouth, her breasts, her thighs; his hands everywhere as he stared into her beautiful emerald eyes.

As spunk spattered against the side of the shower unit’s tiles, Cameron’s eyes flew back open, his chest letting out a pent up exhalation of air via a guttural groan through his throat. ‘Enough,’ he panted into the small rectangular space. ‘Time to stop dreaming and actually do something about this!’


You can buy this sexy romance in either paperback or ebook from all good retailers, including Amazon-




Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kay xx

Let’s warm up with an Archaeological Affair…

It is SO wet and chilly out there! I thought we could all warm up with a trip to Tunisia, and join Harrison and Beth on site- in my archaeological erotic romance, Digging Deep.

Digging Deep


Here’s the blurb to give you a little introduction…

As site supervisor on an archaeological dig, in the grounds of the Ancient Roman city of Leptis Minus in Tunisia, Dr Beth Andrew’s hands are well and truly full.

With the intense heat of the day, and the freezing temperature of night eroding Beth’s normal calm outlook on life, directing her half of the excavation is challenge enough, without allowing herself to think about the crush she has on her American co-supervisor, Dr Harrison Harris.

With Ryan, one of her accidently breaking a piece of mosaic on his first day by offering her his muscular body, and one of the American students, Candida Harker, taking a serious dislike to Beth, her private like is the last thing on her mind. But what, or who, is behind Candida’s sharp-nailed hostility and Ryan’s determination to flirt with Beth at every opportunity?

Proving that love and lust really can cloud even the cleverest person’s judgement, distrust takes hold as the dig progresses, pushing Anglo-American academic relations to a point which thoroughly confuses Beth’s erotic and romantic expectations…


I think it would be fair to say that Beth and Harrison’s relationship does not have the most promising start, so when they did get together, I wanted to give them one humdinger of a snog- right in the middle of a sun-roasted African olive grove…

…Turning abruptly, she looked directly into Harrison’s eyes. ‘To clarify the important part of this conversation, you fancy me, and – as you must have noticed – I like you too. But you’re worried I’ll screw you over like Linda did?’

‘Not any more I’m not.’ Harrison laid a hand on each of Beth’s cheeks. ‘I’m sorry I thought you could be like her for even a minute. I overheard Candida, and …’

Beth cut over his excuses. ‘You seem to be saying sorry a lot for the assumptions you’ve made about me due to gossip in the last 24 hours.’

‘I’m sorry.’

‘There you go again.’ Beth rose up on her tiptoes, and took hold of his rough-stubbled cheeks. ‘Enough now. Enough.’

Harrison’s lips hit Beth’s on a mutual collision course of desperation to taste each other again. To experience a proper kiss, to wind his tongue around hers as his hands slipped to her chest, cupping her breasts through the layers of material which were insubstantial enough for him to easily determine the outline of her bra, was an experience he had, only moments ago, resigned himself never to have.

Now it was happening, his cock was responding accordingly. The high temperatures temporarily forgotten, Beth moaned yieldingly into his mouth. Unable to keep her hands to Harrison’s face alone, reckless of the fact that they could be discovered by any passer-by, Beth eased her fingers down his front, feeling the bulge of his shaft beneath his shorts. All the images she’d had of what his dick would be like, what it might feel like, how it might taste, crowded into her psyche in one go. She needed to know now, before they found Candida, and she did or said something else to ruin things. Deftly unzipping his fly, Beth slid a single fingertip into the gap, tickling his length though his boxers.

‘Oh God, Beth.’

‘Do you want me to stop?’ Panting slightly as she spoke, Beth wasn’t sure she could stop even if he asked her to as she sidled more fingers upwards, edging down the waistband of his underwear enough to get her palm wrapped around his length.

His penis sprang free easily, and as Beth cradled his pleasing weight in her fingers, Harrison’s kisses became more savage, his stubble burning her, his hips thrusting forward. All his intensions never to do this with Beth, let alone do it in an open space where anyone could walk past, dissolved in the sensations of her hold, which compressed and loosened over and over again, until he thought he’d explode in her grasp…


Having been an archaeologist myself once upon a time- (I actually worked on the very dig described within Digging Deep)- this novella is particularly close to my heart. That doesn’t mean I’ve made the path of true love run smooth for my characters however! Where would be the fun in that?!

If you’d like to see what trials and tribulations I put Beth and Harrison through, then you can buy Digging Deep as either a standalone e-book, a slim paperback, or within the three novella set paperback, Ahead of the Curve.

Digging Deep

Digging Deep- E-format cover

Happy reading- keep warm out there!!

Kay xx

Guest Post with Alice Raine: A Natter with Nathaniel Jackson

I have a great blog for you today. Alice Raine has dropped by- and we are to be privy to a confidential chat she had with the main character in her latest novella- Christmas With Nathan.

Over to you Alice- and Nathan…

It was by complete chance that I stumbled across Nathaniel Jackson last week whilst out in London, but I know how popular the handsome rogue from my Untwisted series is with you readers, so I thought I’d share a quick recount of what happened …

Christmas with Nathan

I was moseying around Soho enjoying some late September sunshine, when my eyes were caught by the sight of a rather fine pair of tan brogues to my right. The smart, manly shoes were attached to an equally fine pair of long legs reclining in a seat outside a cafe, and that was where my interest really caught, because I saw that the legs were encased in tailored pinstriped trousers. I love a man in a good suit, it’s one of my weaknesses (along with coffee, chocolate, and good red wine), so obviously I allowed my curious gaze to wander a little higher, and that was when I realised who I was rather indiscreetly ogling. Nathaniel Jackson, the blond sex god himself, and one of the two Jackson brothers whom I had based my Untwisted novels on.

It had been a while since I’d seen Nathan in the flesh, a little over eight months actually, when I’d interviewed both him, and his girlfriend Stella, to help give me some ideas for my upcoming seasonal novella “Christmas with Nathan.” Needless to say, he looked just as good as always; his blond hair was slicked back from his starkly handsome face with perfection, his suit appeared to be of the highest quality, and rather than covering his figure, the close fitting material merely acted to define the muscular body below it.

By this point my mouth was hanging slightly open in awe, I was most certainly flushed, and this of course, this was the exact moment that Nathan chose to look up and spot me. Marvellous. Seeing a small flicker of amusement twitch at the corner of his lips, I attempted to reel in my tongue and adopt a nonchalant stroll as I casually crossed the distance between us to say hello. I probably failed on all fronts.

‘Alice. It’s been a while.’ Nathan stood to greet me, his six foot something frame towering over me as he held out a hand.

‘Hi, Nathan.’ I was then gifted with one of his exceptionally firm handshakes, and rendered a little bit speechless. At that precise moment, with his warm palm gripping my shaky one, I couldn’t for the life of me think of one remotely useful, funny or casual comment to make. Not one. I had nothing. Which at my age was quite frankly ridiculous, but apparently the reaction that extremely handsome men caused in me, because I was the same every time I met him or his brother.

‘Join me.’ There was no request in those two briskly spoken words, they were a command, pure and simple. And even though I’d had no intention of joining Nathan what-so-ever, the authoritative way he instructed me to, caused my legs to buckle as I practically sank into the seat beside him.

Waiting for me to sit – collapse – Nathan then followed, elegantly folding his tall frame into the chair opposite with the utmost precision. Crossing his legs so that one ankle rested on the opposite knee, he then shook out his perfect suit sleeves to straighten his already perfect shirt cuffs, and revealed a flicker of a Rolex wrapped around his tanned wrist. Taking a moment to smooth down his waistcoat and flawless tie he finally nodded, seemingly satisfied, and then turned his attention to me. I was sat like a gawking idiot, completely enraptured with his preening display. Nathaniel Jackson was, and always had been, utterly fascinating to watch. Everything about him was refined, confident, and oozing with masculine virility.


Swallowing loudly, I nodded. ‘Please. Americano with milk on the side.’

As Nathan caught the attention of a passing server and placed my order I took the opportunity to try and gather my wits. If I’m honest, Nathan had always been the character in my books that most attracted me. His bedroom dominance was more than I would ever wish to partake in, but as far as looks, build, and enigmatic personality went, Nathan had it all down to a tee.

My coffee arrived, served by a waitress who looked just as flustered by Nathan as I currently felt, and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes and smirk at our pathetic responses to him. Adding milk I stirred my drink and finally dared a glance up at him. As expected, I was the sole focus of Nathan’s attention as he waited patiently for me to faff with my drink. Nathan’s crystal clear blue eyes were set with mine, well, not quite, in true Nathan style his gaze hovered somewhere around my cheek bones – he didn’t do eye contact with me, never had, although interestingly I’d noticed he was now far more comfortable with it when Stella was around.

‘So, how’s the Christmas book coming along? Did you get enough information from Stella and I when we last met?’ Nathan was simultaneously managing to look both relaxed, and fully alert at the same time, with his lithe body relining in the seat, but his spine somehow still rod straight. His right hand had lifted to his chin, the elbow resting on the arm of his chair, and the position pulled his jacket open slightly to reveal the tight fitting waistcoat below. There was something about a man in a waistcoat that really did it for me. To top off this already fine display of masculinity, Nathan then began to slowly rub his index finger across his lower lip. Back and forth. Back and forth. It was a contemplative look that I’d seen before on him, but god was it hot.

‘Uhh…’ I was being so incredibly unprofessional right now that I could barely believe it, so I quickly gave myself a mental shake, and made the effort to switch it up a gear and focus. ‘It’s going really well, thank you. It’s recently finished in editing and is set to be released on the 12th of November.’ Suddenly I remembered that I had a few spare paper copies in my laptop bag, so I bent to retrieve one and then slid it across the table to him. ‘This is a paper draft, but feel free to keep it.’

‘Thank you. With all your descriptions of my sordid sex life you’ve made me out to be quite the bad guy, Alice. I’m sure your readers were horrified by me.’ I nearly snorted out a laugh at his comment. Nathan clearly underestimated the appeal of his dominant nature to the opposite sex, because my readers had been anything but horrified by him. “Fascinated” and “attracted to” would probably be more apt descriptions.

‘Hardly. You have a very wide appeal and you know it.’ One of his perfect blond eyebrows rose high in his brow as he continued to stare across the table toward me, his finger still rubbing his lip distractingly.

Finally he gave a small, dismissive shrug. ‘I suppose there’s no accounting for taste.’ He murmured dryly, but I didn’t believe his excess modesty for a second, Nathaniel Jackson was a very handsome, incredibly attractive man, and he was very well aware of it. I was convinced that the reason he always regarded me with a look of barely concealed amusement was because he knew how much he affected me. He probably saw the same slightly overwhelmed expression on the faces of every woman he met.

Lowering his hand from his lip he drummed his fingers lightly on the closed cover of the manuscript. ‘Christmas with Nathan? That’s the title you chose?’ he gave a small snort and then rolled his eyes. ‘It’s not very inventive, is it?’

Feeling immediately defensive of my latest book – one of my favourites that I’d written to date – I drew in a breath and raised my chin stubbornly. ‘Actually, I think it’s rather perfect. The title lets the reader know exactly what they are going to get; a tale of you, and your many festive escapades.’

‘Escapades?’ Nathan made a small humming noise in the back of his throat as he considered my word choice, his lips still twitching in that marginally derisive way of his. ‘I suppose that’s as good a word as any to describe what I get up to in the bedroom. And out of the bedroom.’ He added, his words making me shift uncomfortably in my seat.

You might think that as an author of erotica I would be used to open discussions of sex, but I wasn’t, I still found it embarrassing. Nathan however, had no such difficulties, and had always been more than happy to gift me with full-on, rather graphic descriptions of exactly what got him off. Which I had discovered during our various interviews was quite a variety of things. In fact, the list was practically endless, not to mention decidedly deviant.

‘And did you include all of the festive escapades that we told you about, Alice?’ He enquired silkily, his eyes narrowing and smile growing darker by the second. ‘Even the ones that made you blush and squirm in your seat?’

God, he was such an utter bastard. Both the Jackson brothers, Nicholas and Nathan, were absolute terrors for winding me up. Ever since we’d agreed that I could interview them as inspiration for the Untwisted series they’d taken every opportunity to make suggestive, rude or smutty comments, just to embarrass me. And much to my shame, it worked every single time.

Unwilling to rise to his bait this time, however, I straightened my back and made my face as blank as possible. ‘Of course.’

Nathan’s blond brows shot up for a second, as his face registered genuine surprise, but he quickly reeled in his uncharacteristic show of emotion and instead nodded his head in apparent respect. ‘Even the night with the riding crop?’

As much as I’d wanted to stay calm and in control, his mention of the crop sent heat rushing to my cheeks as I recalled the interview back in January with himself and Stella. They had been giving me a recount of their Christmas festivities when they had shared the details of one particular scene to me. A night of passion that had involved no shortage of toys, cuffs and other kinky paraphernalia that Nathan favoured in the bedroom. By the time they’d finished their story the sexual tension between the two of them had been so thick that I’d felt very uncomfortable, and distinctly like a spare part. Needless to say, I had swiftly finished my notes and made a very hasty departure.

A loud swallow squeezed it’s way down my throat as I blinked back from the memory. ‘Uh … yes.’ My cheeks were now the colour of beetroot, but Nathan still looked decidedly unfazed. The bastard. ‘That scene is in the book. I … uh … I think the readers will like it.’

‘Good. I certainly enjoyed acting it out.’ God. The low tone of his voice was almost dripping with sexuality now, but clearly from the distant, slightly flushed expression on his face Nathan wasn’t thinking about anything but Stella right now. Given how detached and domineering he’s been when I’d first met him, he really had come a long way. Don’t get me wrong, he was still domineering, I think he always would be, but the genuine connection and love he felt for Stella was obvious, and incredibly touching. ‘Stella loved it too.’ He added, thoughtfully.

‘I loved what?’ hearing a sweet feminine voice behind my shoulder I turned to see Stella arriving by our table. She looked just as I remembered, fresh faced, sparkling eyes and with long blonde hair that reached the waist of her lithe figure. ‘Alice! I thought it was you!’ Stella greeted me enthusiastically, stopping me from standing up by leaning down and placing a kiss on each of my cheeks.

‘Hi, Stella. How are you?’ Being alone with Nathan was never an easy task, but with Stella’s arrival I immediately felt the tension leave my body.

‘Better now that I’ve finished all my errands for the day and get to spend the rest of it with my man. He’s taking me out to lunch.’ She announced, the smile on her face sweetly infectious. She was clearly just as besotted with Nathan as he was with her, and it was a rather lovely union to witness.

‘Sweetheart.’ Nathan’s greeting was practically a growl, and as I glanced across at him I could see that any discussions we had been having were over now that Stella had arrived. His eyes were burning as he stared at her, a look so intense I tried to absorb it so I’d be able to describe it in a future book. Unfortunately though, I think Nathan’s level of smouldering was so extreme that it might be indescribable in words.

Taking my cue to leave I rose to my feet and offered my seat to Stella. ‘No! Stay and have a drink with us, I can drag over another chair.’ She exclaimed, but I could see, and feel, that Nathan was getting impatient now, so I shook my head and smiled at her. ‘Actually I have to get going, but let’s meet for lunch soon, text me.’

‘Definitely. It’s been too long. Mind you, everything I say to you seems to end up in a book!’ she joked lightly, making me grin.

After saying a quick goodbye to them both I stepped away, but discreetly watched as Stella’s polite public demeanour slipped away as her eyes locked with Nathan’s and a small, secret smile slid to her lips. Her posture somehow opened to him, as if she were submitting to him right here on the crowded street, and the effect of her body language was immediately apparent on Nathan. He stood from his seat taking on a wide legged, cock sure stance, his figure unfurling to his full height as a possessive, love drenched grin spread across his lips. His face was now lit up properly for the first time since I’d sat down with him today. I then watched as he raised a hand and took a proprietary hold on the nape of Stella’s neck before pulling her into his embrace for a blistering kiss.

Watching as they melted into a heated moment together I smiled to myself, they really did make quite a spectacular couple; both so independent, and yet equally as dependant on each other to fulfil their individual needs. Feeling my cheeks heat as their kiss deepened further I turned away with a soft smile and set out on my journey home. Nicholas and Nathan might have caused me a few stresses during the writing process, but considering their troubled childhood both men had made such leaps in recent years, and I would forever be glad that I had chosen them to be the central characters in my first series.

Alice x

*This blog post is entirely fictional, as are the events and characters in it. It is written purely for entertainment purposes for fans of the Untwisted series*

Short teaser from Christmas with Nathan


Think very, very carefully, Stella, before you continue to scream at me,’ he warned, his tone low and deceptively soft, instantly sending a trail of goose pimples running up my arms. ‘Do you really think I would do the things you are accusing me of?’ he murmured ominously, his stance suddenly becoming far more imposing as he spread his legs and crossed his arms over his broad chest.

Gosh, he looked absolutely gigantic. I think I’d grown used to his muscular build – a result of his strict personal training – but tonight his arms looked thicker somehow, and his chest broader … could it be a trick of the shadows, the flicker of the Christmas tree lights? Or perhaps it was my heightened senses from our angry words that were making me really see him in all his glory. And he really was glorious. Even when he looked as irate and dissatisfied as he did, there was no hiding Nathan’s classically handsome features or impressive stature.

As stupid as it was, even though we were in the middle of an argument, this glimpse of his dominant side immediately flicked my switches and had me aroused within seconds. Gosh, the way his trousers hugged his thighs and groin when he stood like that was really quite spectacular and completely distracted me … why had I been yelling?…


Christmas with Nathan is available from the 12th of November, 2015. Purchasing links can be found here:

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Christmas-Nathan-Alice-Raine-ebook/dp/B014JHBDK0/ref=sr_1_4?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1445423288&sr=1-4&keywords=alice+raine

Amazon USA: http://www.amazon.com/Christmas-Nathan-Alice-Raine-ebook/dp/B014JHBDK0/ref=sr_1_4?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1445423288&sr=1-4&keywords=alice+raine

Alice raine

Connect with Alice:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AliceRaineAuthor

Twitter: @AliceRaine1

Website: www.aliceraineauthor.com


Many thanks for sharing such a great extract Alice,

Happy reading everyone,

Kay xx


Missing the Sunshine? Digging Deep will warm you up

DD ebook

Based (loosely!!!) on my own adventures as an archaeologist in searing hot Tunisia many years ago, this novella was immense fun to write. Here’s the first chapter of Digging Deep , one of my erotic romances, to whet your appetite…

Chapter One

Irritably adjusting her wide-brimmed hat for the third time in as many minutes, Dr Beth Andrews felt the sting of the African sun sear the back of her neck through the tresses of her long, ginger hair.

She never dreamt she’d miss the stubborn, muddy clay of the British earth she was used to hunting through in her search for archaeological data, but the uncooperatively fine white sand of North Africa was enough to try the patience of a saint.

Throwing down her brush in overheated exasperation, Beth thought fondly of her excavation trowel. Her tool of choice had quickly been rendered obsolete in the face of so much sand, and a job that was, by necessity, slow was reduced to a snail’s pace as the metre by metre square of the Ancient Roman bath house site in which she worked backfilled in on itself with every sweep of her light bristled brush.

It had been a dream come true for Beth when she’d been selected to lead the University of Wales’s excavation team, digging the sprawling Ancient Roman city of Lepti Major on the outskirts of Sousse in Tunisia. She had longed to experience new exotic sites and see new exotic sights. The chance to uncover stunning mosaics and city roads that hadn’t been trodden for 1000 years was an opportunity she’d had no intention of letting pass by.

olive groves

The fact she’d be sharing responsibility for the site with her archaeological hero, the unimaginatively named Dr Harrison Harris from Colorado, an American academic who’d been the subject of many of Beth’s private fantasies since she’d fallen in love with his work, not to mention the photograph of him on the back cover of his books, in her first year as a student, was neither here nor there.

Flicking her eyes covertly over towards Harrison, Beth averted her attention away from the slight increase in her pulse rate by recalling what the site’s previous supervisor had said about working in Africa’s extreme temperatures. “Scalding by day, and freezing by night”. Linda had warned Beth that her freckle-spotted, sensitive flesh would loathe being either fried or frozen just as much as her archaeological brain would relish the challenge of constructing a city from its remains.

Beth hated the fact that Linda had been right. She’d never been rendered so sweaty, not to mention so blotched with extra heat-induced freckles, in her life. There couldn’t have been a centimetre of her body that hadn’t got a fresh cluster of beige dots on it. After only a week under the sun, it was becoming a struggle to hold on to her generally calm approach to life, and Beth was finding that her temper, which rarely flared in the UK, was on a permanently short fuse.

What got to her most was that none of her colleagues seemed to be suffering at all. They were all happily tanning as they worked, and sleeping off their exhaustion with ease at night.

It hadn’t taken Beth more than a few hours of digging in the unshaded bath house on her first day to see that a survival technique was required to prevent the elements disrupting her professional judgement. She tried thinking about work, home, rain, and even walks in the snow as she worked, but only one thing successfully diverted her attention from the exposure of her unusually pale flesh to the elements, and that was to allow her mind to fill with erotic scenarios and fantasies, while her hands got on with the job in hand.

This specialised amusement had the benefit of taking her mind off the sun that managed to scald her back even through three layers of thin cotton, and had the added bonus of warming her at night. Lying on her thin camping mattress, Beth would recall all she’d pondered during the day, engendering an ardour between her thighs that her fingers deftly maximised, leaving her physically warmer and bodily sated, and thus making it easier for her to fall asleep.

At first, Beth had been determined that Harrison would not feature in her erotic musings. Her resolve had not lasted long, however, and although she did her best to make the men in her sexy survival scenarios anonymous, the American’s face crept in with increasing frequency.

Manoeuvring a layer of burning sand from one side of her section to the other, Beth considered her colleague. His reputation as an expert in Roman archaeology was renowned. Beth had never dreamt she’d ever meet him, let alone work with him as an equal. His knowledge and academic intellect had been enough to make her heart flutter for years. Yet what Harrison was like in reality was not at all how she’d assumed he’d be.

She’d envisaged him as being chatty, tall, slim, dark-haired, and weather-tanned. He’d probably wear glasses for reading, and be forever clad in T-shirts and large-pocketed shorts as he leapt around excavations like a gazelle.

In fact, she’d hardly heard Harrison’s distinct Colorado accent. He seemed to prefer his own company to that of the group. When he did talk to Beth, he called her “doll,” which made her feel like a lump of mass-produced, animated plastic.

Harrison was about 5 foot 7, not the 6 foot plus she’d pictured, and his spiked hair was a sun-kissed blond and not brown. His build was stocky and muscular, his bare arms and legs permanently gritted with granules of sand, and although he moved with a speed which would have been the envy of any gazelle, he managed to proceed around the site somehow without making a sound.

The problem is, Beth thought as she traced the outline of what she suspected might be a Roman drain gully, I built up an image of him based on a book cover’s black-and-white out of date headshot, and I was way off.

archaeology in sand

She’d been right about Harrison wearing knee-length shorts, though. Everyone on the dig wore such shorts, except for the stick thin, heavy-chested blonde on the American team, who might as well have been wearing knickers her shorts were so scanty. Beth sighed as she looked down at her own attire. A protective covering of baggy clothing shrouded her limbs, and her porcelain neck was hidden beneath spirals of her ginger hair, which glowed as if she’d been hit by radiation rather than African sunlight.

Ryan wasn’t helping either. The most charismatic of her students had been so enthusiastic on his first morning that he’d headed to the site before everybody else, without waiting for Beth to detail where to dig. Consequently, he’d powered through the ground in an alarmingly gung-ho manner, neglected the recording of each strata-graphic layer and, with his six-pack and biceps shining against 120 degrees of sunshine, had crashed his shovel into the corner of a mosaic that had been safely protected by the landscape for hundreds of years, breaking off half-a-dozen exquisitely coloured tessera cubes, and rendering one of the depicted Medusa’s snakes partially headless.

Beth had gone ballistic. To his credit, Ryan had been mortified. He’d begged her not to tell anyone. For the sake of the university’s reputation, not to mention her fear that Harrison would take one look at her careless student, assume she was no good at supervision, and send her home, she had agreed it would be their secret. Ever since, however, Ryan had been driving Beth mad with his attempts to make it up to her at every opportunity.

Only that morning he’d lent so close to Beth as he informed her he was going to make up for his blunder that his soft Welsh tones had vibrated against her skin. His manner was so blatantly suggestive that she hadn’t been able to prevent the inappropriate smile that had very briefly crossed her lips.

Picking up her dustpan and brush, Beth stroked away the grains of sand that sat between her and her judgement as to whether the lines being revealed were part of the bath house drainage system or not. Expertly tracing the changing colours in the freshly uncovered ground, Beth, confident that her theory was correct, and that the ancient shadows of the gully she could see could be followed across the ground with ease, readopted her technique to deviate her attention from the cruel climate, while her fingers worked the earth.

What exactly is Ryan offering? she wondered. A sneaky snog behind the equipment cupboard? A cooling down of my chest with his tongue? Or is he more ambitious than that? Does he imagine me naked, face down, spread-eagled over an empty wheelbarrow with his cock between my legs; or see us together in the shower, washing off the worst of the sand that seems to be permanently stuck to my body while he shoves his dick down my throat?

For goodness’ sake, woman! she chided herself. Beth was surprised to find her chest, whose generous size she’d always loved before, but now heartily wished was small enough to go without the extra layer of material her bra provided, was becoming taut. Cross with herself, she shook her hair out from beneath her hat, as if trying to dislodge the thoughts from her head. Having random erotic dreams might be the only thing that keeps you sane in this blast furnace – but you must not consider your students! Get a grip!

Briskly returning to the matter in hand, Beth cut through a layer of denser sand, wishing Ryan wasn’t working the section directly behind her. She daren’t turn to check he was all right like she did her other students. The last time she’d done so, she had caught him ogling her butt with a suggestive wiggle of his eyebrows, which couldn’t have been mistaken for anything other than the type of lustful intentions her own imagination had just so colourfully displayed to her. Ever since then, she had been more than a little self-conscious of the stretch of her cotton combats over her backside.

Crouching on her haunches, letting her eyes roam across the site as a whole, Beth struck Ryan from her mind, and began weighing up the significance of what she was excavating in relation to what else was opening up on the dig before her. As she leant in closer, a glitter of something just below the upper level of the sand caught her eye. Trailing her brush across the yellow surface, she mentally listed all the hidden things that might shine: mosaic tesserae, jewellery, votive offerings to the gods …

With a sharp scream, Beth stumbled backwards out of her square in a mad scramble to escape. Her find was none of the things archaeologists dream of uncovering. In the haste to get away, her left foot caught on the guide string that divided her metre section from the next. Tripping, she fell heavily backwards.

Flushed with an embarrassment that enflamed her already pinkened features, Beth found herself being scooped onto Ryan’s lap, his arms wrapped protectively around her.

Alerted by the unexpected shriek, the other students in the immediate vicinity began to gather round. Most of them, however, backed away the moment they saw what had caused Beth’s unusual lack of professionalism; except for the leggy American, who looked at Ryan in disgust, pointedly rolled her eyes at Beth, and returned to her work.

Beth didn’t have time to think about the blonde’s unsympathetic reaction. All her attention was on the bronze snake which hadn’t appreciated its home being disturbed by an inquisitive human. She was convinced it was staring straight at her, its tongue flicking, smelling the air around it in an accusatory manner.

Her initial shock subsiding, and abruptly sensible of where she was, and how it must appear to see one of the supervisors in the embrace of a student, Beth scrambled shakily to her feet. She wasn’t sure if she was more mortified by her public reaction to the snake, or by the fact that her body felt more than a little content at being cradled so protectively in Ryan’s arms so recently after her erotic ruminations had headed in his direction. ‘I’m sorry, everyone! That was a bit of a shock. I’m not good with snakes.’

‘Don’t worry about it, boss.’ Ryan ran a consoling hand down Beth’s cotton-covered arm, creating small prickles of uninvited lust that appeared on top of the prickles of fear already there, and sending them both tripping towards her crotch.

Rueing her kinky imagination, Beth took another step away from her student. Moving rather too fast, she collided with the stocky frame of Harrison Harris. He’d crossed the site on his ever-silent feet to see what all the fuss was about without her even noticing, causing Beth to jump out of her skin for a second time. ‘Honestly. Harrison, don’t you ever make a sound when you move?’

‘Hardly ever!’ He treated her to one of his Colorado smiles, making Beth suspect that he was privately laughing at her. ‘You OK, doll?’

Not stopping to waste her breath on asking him for the umpteenth time not to call her “doll”, Beth did her best to ignore the twinkle in Harrison’s eye that confirmed he found the situation hilarious, and settled for being grateful that he hadn’t vocalised his mirth in front of their charges.

‘I’m fine. The snake took me by surprise.’

Beth had no doubt this little episode would be site folklore by dinner time. She didn’t usually care about that sort of thing, and was always one of the first to laugh when she made a fool of herself, but now she found her face darkening with embarrassment in the face of her colleague.

‘Is that all?’ Harrison bent down and retrieved the brush Beth had abandoned in her hurry to move away from the snake. ‘You’re sure?’

‘I’m sure. Just shock. I don’t like snakes. I haven’t damaged anything, I hope.’

‘No harm done.’ Harrison shot Ryan a look which plainly said “this time”, making Beth wonder if the timing of the breaking of the mosaic had gone unnoticed after all. ‘Here you go, doll.’ He gestured to the creature. ‘He’s just a sand snake. Won’t do you any harm. I’ll move him somewhere safe.’

‘Thank you.’ Beth’s words came out rather weakly as the unfortunate creature was picked up and repositioned against a dune of previously excavated sand, into which it quickly disappeared. Seeing Harrison rehome the creature with no more fuss than if he’d moved a worm from a flower bed to a vegetable patch made Beth even more cross with herself for being so feeble in front of a man she’d so badly wanted to impress. She found herself babbling in explanation, ‘Insects I have no problem with. Spiders are cool. But snakes … I can’t stand them.’

This time Harrison did laugh openly, wiping one of his calloused palms across his forehead, smearing dirt into his spiky hair and knocking back his faded Stetson in the process. ‘You’re a regular Indiana Jones, doll!’


Keen to keep the general atmosphere light, Beth added, ‘Well. As long as I don’t get chased by any oversized boulders or attacked by a tribe of pygmies with blowpipes then I guess I can live with the comparison!’

Taking a hefty swig from her water bottle, she smiled, relieved that her ability to laugh at herself was finally reasserting itself after days of being diminished by the heat.

Harrison grinned as he strolled to his side of the dig. ‘Gotta love that dry English sense of humour, doll.’

Beth called after him, ‘Thanks for the snake removal, Harry.’

He kept walking as he corrected her. ‘Harrison. It’s Harrison, I told you. I don’t like being called Harry.’

She shouted at his retreating back, ‘And I don’t like being referred to as a doll. It makes me sound like a character in an American B-movie! Message received?’

Still laughing, Harrison didn’t look round, but held up a hand as if in defeat. ‘Gotcha, doll! Message received.’

Stepping back into her square, Beth looked at her watch. It wasn’t even ten o’clock in the morning, and the heat was already making it feel as if someone was systematically pouring paint stripper across her shoulders. She could hear her students chatting happily as they worked. All except for Ryan, who was unusually quiet.

Beth sighed as she recalled Harrison’s glare towards Ryan, and realised it wasn’t just her rationale she’d left in the colder climate of home, but her common sense as well. It was time to come clean about how Ryan had messed up the mosaic and, more importantly, why she hadn’t reported the incident straight away.

Her decision made, Beth’s hands returned to working the ground, while her imagination speculated how it might have felt if Harrison had been the one she’d accidently sat on. Would I have wanted to get up quite so quickly? Her pussy twitched as if in confirmation, as her green eyes studied the Roman drain …

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