It is SO wet and chilly out there! I thought we could all warm up with a trip to Tunisia, and join Harrison and Beth on site- in my archaeological erotic romance, Digging Deep.

Digging Deep


Here’s the blurb to give you a little introduction…

As site supervisor on an archaeological dig, in the grounds of the Ancient Roman city of Leptis Minus in Tunisia, Dr Beth Andrew’s hands are well and truly full.

With the intense heat of the day, and the freezing temperature of night eroding Beth’s normal calm outlook on life, directing her half of the excavation is challenge enough, without allowing herself to think about the crush she has on her American co-supervisor, Dr Harrison Harris.

With Ryan, one of her accidently breaking a piece of mosaic on his first day by offering her his muscular body, and one of the American students, Candida Harker, taking a serious dislike to Beth, her private like is the last thing on her mind. But what, or who, is behind Candida’s sharp-nailed hostility and Ryan’s determination to flirt with Beth at every opportunity?

Proving that love and lust really can cloud even the cleverest person’s judgement, distrust takes hold as the dig progresses, pushing Anglo-American academic relations to a point which thoroughly confuses Beth’s erotic and romantic expectations…


I think it would be fair to say that Beth and Harrison’s relationship does not have the most promising start, so when they did get together, I wanted to give them one humdinger of a snog- right in the middle of a sun-roasted African olive grove…

…Turning abruptly, she looked directly into Harrison’s eyes. ‘To clarify the important part of this conversation, you fancy me, and – as you must have noticed – I like you too. But you’re worried I’ll screw you over like Linda did?’

‘Not any more I’m not.’ Harrison laid a hand on each of Beth’s cheeks. ‘I’m sorry I thought you could be like her for even a minute. I overheard Candida, and …’

Beth cut over his excuses. ‘You seem to be saying sorry a lot for the assumptions you’ve made about me due to gossip in the last 24 hours.’

‘I’m sorry.’

‘There you go again.’ Beth rose up on her tiptoes, and took hold of his rough-stubbled cheeks. ‘Enough now. Enough.’

Harrison’s lips hit Beth’s on a mutual collision course of desperation to taste each other again. To experience a proper kiss, to wind his tongue around hers as his hands slipped to her chest, cupping her breasts through the layers of material which were insubstantial enough for him to easily determine the outline of her bra, was an experience he had, only moments ago, resigned himself never to have.

Now it was happening, his cock was responding accordingly. The high temperatures temporarily forgotten, Beth moaned yieldingly into his mouth. Unable to keep her hands to Harrison’s face alone, reckless of the fact that they could be discovered by any passer-by, Beth eased her fingers down his front, feeling the bulge of his shaft beneath his shorts. All the images she’d had of what his dick would be like, what it might feel like, how it might taste, crowded into her psyche in one go. She needed to know now, before they found Candida, and she did or said something else to ruin things. Deftly unzipping his fly, Beth slid a single fingertip into the gap, tickling his length though his boxers.

‘Oh God, Beth.’

‘Do you want me to stop?’ Panting slightly as she spoke, Beth wasn’t sure she could stop even if he asked her to as she sidled more fingers upwards, edging down the waistband of his underwear enough to get her palm wrapped around his length.

His penis sprang free easily, and as Beth cradled his pleasing weight in her fingers, Harrison’s kisses became more savage, his stubble burning her, his hips thrusting forward. All his intensions never to do this with Beth, let alone do it in an open space where anyone could walk past, dissolved in the sensations of her hold, which compressed and loosened over and over again, until he thought he’d explode in her grasp…


Having been an archaeologist myself once upon a time- (I actually worked on the very dig described within Digging Deep)- this novella is particularly close to my heart. That doesn’t mean I’ve made the path of true love run smooth for my characters however! Where would be the fun in that?!

If you’d like to see what trials and tribulations I put Beth and Harrison through, then you can buy Digging Deep as either a standalone e-book, a slim paperback, or within the three novella set paperback, Ahead of the Curve.

Digging Deep

Digging Deep- E-format cover

Happy reading- keep warm out there!!

Kay xx