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On Fire!

As many of you will know, I cut my erotica teeth on writing short stories. Sadly, I don’t get to do so many these days. Every once in a while however, I get the chance to pen an erotic quickie, and I’m delighted to find one such tale in Cleis Press’s latest anthology, On Fire.


In On Fire, today’s top erotic romance authors don’t skimp on love or lust – they are entwined in tales that will make pulses pound and hearts race. Bestselling editor Rachel Kramer Bussel takes us inside the passions of couples who go above and beyond in their pursuit of sexual and romantic satisfaction, exploring the racy to the outrageous during their many arousing adventures. You’ll treasure the sex toy exploration in “Every Second of It,” find paranormal pleasure in “Masquerade,” and be transported to “A Place As Beautiful As This.” You’ll go “Beyond the Blindfold,” find out what lurks in the “Art of Darkness,” and delight in discovering “The Sweetest Thing.” These steamy stories by Kristina Wright, Delilah Devlin, Giselle Renarde, Kay Jaybee, Victoria Blisse, Jade A. Waters and others are perfect intimate reads to enjoy with your lover or for your own pleasure.


My story, The Arrangement, sits nicely next to one from my lovely friend, and fellow Brit Babe, Victoria Blisse!!

Look at these beauties! My paperbacks copies arrived from the States this morning.

If you’d like to read On Fire– and I recommend you do- then it is already out on Kindle, and can be pre-ordered as a paperback from all good book retailers.

Amazon US-https://www.amazon.com/Fire-Rachel-Kramer-Bussel-ebook/dp/B01MPWM533 

Amazon UK –https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fire-Erotic-Romance-Stories-ebook/dp/B01M681R40/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1500404999&sr=8-1&keywords=On+Fire%3A+Erotic+Romance+Stories


Happy reading everyone,

Kay xx

What does 2017 herald?

A new year- a fresh page to scribble over, create magic upon- and occasionally blot with mistakes.

Whatever horrors may await us on the world stage, I hope- in my small corner of writing land at least- to provide a few minor distractions from reality. A reality which is so strange now, that I need fiction more than ever!

Having ended 2016 with a short story publication within the Best Women’s Erotica, Volume 2, anthology for Cleis Press, I am delighted to be able to start 2017 with the announcement that another of my short stories has been taken up by Cleis. I’m unable to say more for now, but I’m thrilled to be back on the short story circuit after taking so many years out to write longer works.

And talking of longer works- It has been a couple of years now since I wrote a new erotic novel or novella. Part of the reason for this is the time it has taken to launch the other half of my writing career- as contemporary fiction and medieval crime writers Jenny Kane and Jennifer Ash. The other reason, frankly, was that after Fifty Shades, and the sudden wholesale lowering of standards in erotica, I lost heart.

Standards, I’m pleased to say, are beginning to rise, but with erotica publishers falling by the wayside, I can’t help but wonder how many will be in existence this time next year. I would like to think they’ll be more than there are now. Common sense tells me there will be less.

Despite this personal cynicism, giving up being Kay is something I am both unwilling and unable to do. She is too big a part of me. I love being her. So, it is with some trepidation- and a great deal of pleasure- that I can announce the forthcoming publication of a brand new novella…

There will be a cover reveal very soon…in the meantime…

Wednesday on Thursday will be out this spring!

And what is it about? Well…think 2 women and one man…think word play as well as body play…think simmering low level romance with full on lust- and think about a great many questions that need answers…

More information soon…

Happy New Year,

Kay xx

Brick Dust: Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 2

On 17th December a brand new anthology is being published by Cleis Press, and I’m delighted to have story included within its sexy pages.

BWE2016 Vol2


Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 2 gives us fierce female passion, timeless love, and lustful encounters that are guaranteed to fill you with utter delight. A celebration of women’s inherent sexiness, this anthology highlights tales of bold, incredible women who seek intimacy in their own way, from outright declarations to coy, playful, and arousing gameplay. There’s something for everyone is this collection of intelligent and provocative erotica.

My own story is entitled Brick Dust. You can read more about why I wrote it here- http://bestwomenseroticaoftheyear.tumblr.com/post/152946936542/author-interview-with-best-womens-erotica-of-the


You can pre-order your copy at a whole host of retail outlets – all details here.

Many thanks to Rachel Kramer Bussel for choosing my story to form a small part of this anthology.

Happy reading,

Kay xx

Release Blitz from Cleis Press: Vanilla to Kink, the Sultry and the Sordid

Vanilla to Kink, the Sultry and the Sordid

Best Lesbian Erotica_2015_Cover

New series editor Laura Antoniou has selected the best of the best short stories of lesbian erotica in Best Lesbian Erotica 2015. Featuring erotic encounters of all kinds, from the allure of first glance to the reawakened passions of established relationships, each piece is overflowing with lust and pleasure. Best Lesbian Erotica 2015 brings sex in the cyber-age, lusty backstage rendezvous, mythological encounters, and a taste of leather—all between two covers. Dubbed “an elegant stylist of erotica” by writer Pat Califia, Antoniou has gathered stories of varied style and theme, and brought them into one cohesive—and sexy—anthology that will spark your fantasies.

“One of the wonders of Best Lesbian Erotica is the range of women depicted in these stories. What unites this disparate group of folks is desire and hot sex. Since this is a Best Of anthology, there’s really no such thing as a bad story here.”

—Erotica Revealed

Here’s a HOT extract for you!!

Excerpt from

Andro Angel

by Deborah Jannerson

By the end of the next song, we were kissing. At first, she was so gentle that it teased me, and I moaned a little as I pushed my mouth against hers. She chuckled but didn’t stop, pressing her hand against my lower back as our kisses grew desperate. I sucked on her lower lip, aching below the waist. She brushed my hair away from my face, then, much to my body’s chagrin, turned slightly away.

I had been dimly aware that my new crush was part of a group. They’d been hanging in a haphazard cluster in the middle of the floor, wing-womaning each other as they checked out the scene and danced up the guests around them. It wasn’t until we came up for air, though, that I realized the friend nearest to us was the Nylon Angel. As if on cue, she leaned over to my Andro Eagle and said something I couldn’t hear, then leaned farther. Their lips met, and both pairs of eyes went to me.


Nylon and I each put an arm around each other as she moved into our space. Eagle watched, rapt, as I kissed her girlfriend’s made-up cheek. I can tease too. Slowly, slowly, I moved in for my second first kiss of the night. Nylon had softer, fuller lips, but she didn’t waste time being coy. Her tongue played with mine as our mouths got warmer and wetter, melting together like two parts of a whole.

But for once, I wasn’t one of two parts—I was one of three.

I grabbed the cloth of Eagle’s tank, over her belly, and pulled her in closer.

Her mouth joined with ours. As you might imagine, it was a bit awkward, because I had never kissed two people at once before, but that didn’t keep it from being hot. I gave them several brief pecks to start, then focused on each of them in turn until I lost track of who was who. It didn’t seem to matter. I had these two sexy creatures licking my lips and caressing my shoulders, and I wished I had a wall to lean on. I was still nearly sober, but the couple made me so dizzy that standing felt like work.

“Shall we get out of here?” Nylon murmured, reading my mind. Eagle grinned in approval; all I could do was nod.

When Carmen and I had talked about my interest in threesomes, she had seemed puzzled by my desire to be the third party. “Don’t you want to wait until you have a girlfriend who’s into it? Then you could go prowling together. With a couple, you’d be the odd girl out.”

I saw her point, but the idea of playing with a couple had always been the sexiest to me. Maybe it was because I didn’t want a girlfriend just then, or maybe it was the reassurance that if it didn’t go well, I never had to see them again, but my fantasy felt like something deeper, something I couldn’t name. As excited as I was, I couldn’t help but shoot Carmen a smug look when we passed her and Myka huddled at the bar. Nylon and Eagle were on either side of me, holding my hands as we walked briskly to the door. No odd girl out here.          

We talked for the whole drive to the hotel, and not small talk either. We talked about sex. We had all been tested recently (woo-hoo, responsible adults!) but would still be using condoms with toys—and as it turned out, we all liked our toys. Nylon shared that she didn’t like being touched on her stomach, and I mentioned my passion for having my thighs played with. As soon as I said it, Eagle reached over and put a hand on my leg over my jeans, without ever taking her eyes off the road. That turnoff couldn’t come soon enough…


About the Editor

Laura Antoniou authored the well-known Marketplace series of erotic novels. She has also edited the groundbreaking Leatherwomen anthologies and writes scholarly work on BDSM. Her work has been translated into Spanish, German, Hebrew, Japanese, and Korean. Recently, Antoniou won the Rainbow book award for her mystery The Killer Wore Leather. She lives in Queens, in New York City.

Buy links:

Cleis Press: http://www.cleispress.com/book_page.php?book_id=641

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Best-Lesbian-Erotica-Laura-Antoniou/dp/1627780912/ref=sr_1_1_twi_2_pap?ie=UTF8&qid=1433181257&sr=8-1&keywords=Best+Lesbian+Erotica+2015

Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/best-lesbian-erotica-2015-laura-antoniou/1119439610?ean=9781627780919


Release Blitz from Cleis Press: Heart Meets Mind, Best Lesbian Romance of the Year

Best Lesbian Romance of the Year, Volume 1, is Radclyffe’s seventh term editing the Best Lesbian Romance series!

“[Radclyffe] presents a view of lesbian life that isn’t common yet, but is growing.” —Straight Arrow Reviews

Romance is as eternally new as the unique connection between lovers, and so too these eighteen stories of attraction, desire, and passion from best-selling romance authors JL Merrow, Sacchi Green, Giselle Renarde, D. Jackson Leigh, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Radclyffe and others. The stories in Best Lesbian Romance 2015 will have you falling in love with love all over again. A celebration of the swooning sensation of a first crush, the dizzying feel of a first touch and the raw electric elation of sexual passion are all captured here. Radclyffe, the highly lauded romance novelist and master editor always covers the full range of lesbian love- a real spectrum of experience with plenty of room for passion and possibility, as praised by The Advocate, “Every story the human heart can tell.”

BLR cover photo


Waterfall by LT Masters

She propped herself up on her elbow, her head resting on the palm of her hand. “I always go for a swim first thing in the morning. Wanna join me? The water would be good for your ankle.”

She tossed me my T-shirt, helped me to my feet and knelt down to inspect my ankle. It was still tender but nothing like the day before. “You should be able to walk today as long as it’s not too far.”

Seeing her in front of me on her knees was having the kind of effect I wouldn’t want her to see. I took a step back, hoping that she hadn’t noticed the wet spot forming in my panties. The heat in her eyes told me she had definitely noticed. I looked away and motioned toward the river. I leaned on her and hobbled to the river. Seeing the waterfall up close in the early morning light was mesmerizing, like something out of a fantasy movie. The water spilled over the edge of massive boulders, crashing into the pool below. The rocks, the crystal-blue water. It was…

“Breathtaking, huh? Come on,” she said, grabbing my hand, pulling me forward. “Let’s swim.”

“I can’t,” I said. “No swimsuit.”

She released my hand and laughed as she pulled her sports bra off. “No need.”

My mouth fell open as she stripped off her clothes and dove into the water. Her body was so beautiful, muscular and golden brown. I watched as she swam to the pool beneath the waterfall.

“Hurry,” she yelled, waving to me.

Remembering that I hadn’t experienced anything similar to a shower in three days, I quickly stripped off the T-shirt and thong and joined her in the water. She’d already seen me topless. Hell, she’d spent the night in the same sleeping bag with me in nothing but my thong. At least in the water I’d be submerged. The icy-cold water made me gasp but it soothed my aching body as I swam to meet her, and I felt refreshed.

“This is the first time I’ve been here with someone.”

“Really?” I said. “What’s so special about this place?”

“Let me show you.” She swam to where the water was falling into the pool.

I swam closely behind her, and when she disappeared under the surface I did too. The water was pounding into the pool, creating a magical sea of bubbles underwater. I swam fast to keep up with her, trying not to stare at the long, shapely legs or firm ass in front of me. Within seconds we surfaced.

She lifted herself from the water and leaned over to help me.

“What is this place?” I asked.

“Nature’s canvas.”

I stood in awe, trembling, hugging myself. We were in a massive cave behind the waterfall, shut away from the outside world. Glimmers of sharp sunlight slipped through the cascading water, illuminating and reflecting off the stone walls. On the other side of the waterfall the water drained from the pool, splashing over the rocks, creating a small stream that lazily cut its way down the mountainside. The rocks we stood on were polished smooth and I slipped a little as I turned to look around.

“Careful,” she teased, “don’t aggravate your injury.”

Playfully she grabbed my hands, lacing her fingers between mine. Dangerously close, I attempted to move away from her, but my back was pressed firm against the cold stone wall. She kept hold of my hand and moved with me. I shivered from the chill of the stones and the excitement of her warm body pressed against mine.

“Are you scared?” She gazed at me, her eyes hungry and full of desire.

“No,” I lied.

She lowered her gaze to my erect nipples pressed firmly against her breasts. My fleshy pale 38Cs pushed flat against her much smaller breasts and her bronzed, muscular chest made an interesting sight. The contrast was…sexy. Hot. Erotic…


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Happy reading,

Kay x

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