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ETO Nomination: Best Erotica Writer 2016!!!

ETO nominee 2016


Regulars to this blog will remember the story of my trip to the ETO award last June. I was on my way to the ceremony in when life struck and I ended up drinking water in Worcester A&E, wearing a gown with an arse gap, rather drinking champagne and wearing a long velvet dress with a thigh gap at Birmingham’s NEC, … (A blog about last year’s adventure can be found here)

I am still, almost a year after the event, stunned that I won Best Erotica Author last time. I suspect it might have sunk in more if I’d been there- but even as I dust my award- which has pride of place in my hallway -it doesn’t feel real.

ETO Awards trophy and champ 2015

You can imagine my surprise and delight therefore; when I discovered that this year I’ve been nominated again!! Not only that, but my fellow nominees in the Best Writer category, are some of my closest friends. Kd Grace, Victoria Blisse, Tabitha Rayne and journalist Emily Dubberly are all fab folk- and three of those aforementioned gals are also Brit Babes!!!

brit babe button

Count them- that’s 4 Brit Babes out of a group of 5 nominations!!

I could not be prouder! I know it sounds all twee and a bit cliché, but we Brit Babes are such a team, such close friends, that a win for one of us, is truly a win for us all. We all work long hours, and we support each other on and off the smutty page. It’s good to know when I’m up against it, there are 7 other writers standing in my corner, cheering me on.

That, I have to tell you, is something a bit special.

Please may I urge you my friends- if you are in the trade- to get that vote registered. Choose your favourite out of all us wordy types and vote. Then on the night of 12th June, listen out for those BB cheers. Whether one of us wins or not, I guarantee you’ll hear us loud and clear!!

I hope to see you there this time- the frock I purchased for last year has to be worn eventually after all!

Happy reading,

Kay x

PS- Don’t forget you can also vote for Tabitha Rayne’s amazing new sex toy, The Ruby Glow, in the Most Innovative New Product category!


Eleven Years in Erotica…

I’m fairly sure that this time last year I said something like, ‘How can I possibly have been working in the world of erotica writing for ten years?’ And now, here I am, twelve months later, and I’m still here!


Eleven years! I can’t begin to imagine how many ultra erotic scenarios I’ve dreamt up over all that time, but I do know there have been over 140 stories, long and short, which have escaped from my relentless imagination!

It’s been quite a year for me, with my win at the ETO Awards and an honouree mention by the National Leather Association for excellence in BDSM writing. (For Knowing Her Place– 3rd part of The Perfect Submissive Trilogy)

ETO Awards trophy and champ 2015

There have been so many changes since I first dipped a toe (or biro) into the world of naughty words.  Obviously, the two biggest impacts have happened relatively recently- self publication (KDP from Amazon), and its subsequent flooding of the market with poor quality fiction, and the publication of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Another change- one that is particularly sad to me- is the lack of opportunities to submit short stories to anthologies. By short stories I mean stories that are 2000-5000 words- not stories that are 10,000-15,000 words long. Cleis Press proudly continue the short story submission, but few others within erotica still do. Why is this a problem? Because writing short stories- precise short stories that don’t allow for waffle or excess narrative- is an important skill, and a vital tool in becoming a better writer. Writing such tales can help you develop a voice of your own. Heaven knows it is all too easy to copy someone else’s voice, but we already have a Sylvia Day – we don’t need any more people copying her formula thank you very much!

In the last couple of months however I have noticed (and I hope this isn’t simply wishful thinking), that standards are- at last- beginning to rise again within erotica writing. New voices are coming through- and they can actually write. I kid you not! It would be unfair to name names- but they are out there, just a few so far, but they are snapping at my heels…. and I couldn’t be more delighted.

Erotica isn’t through the woods yet. Publishing as an industry remains a mess, and all I said about erotica in my blog about winning the ETO award is still the case. And of course, while James embarks upon a mission to rewrite her trilogy in different ways, and the copycat fiction continues, we have serious ground to cover if we are ever going to be taken seriously as a genre…but I can at least see, if I squint, light beginning to peep through the end of the tunnel as good new writers battle through the fog of crap.

light at end of tunnel

There has been one other major change in the last two years – and that is with my own writing life. In the early years I knocked out the erotica with an abandon that – looking back- was frighteningly fast. Since the end of 2013 however things have changed, for I am not just Kay any more. As many of you will know, I am also Jenny Kane– and Jenny sells books- because mainstream romance is easy to market. So, as the reality of getting my children through higher education bites, I have been spending the majority of my time writing romances with terrifying speed, and not tales of BDSM and physical pleasure.

Per Sub 3

I am still here though- waving the Kay flag, proudly being a Brit Babe, writing as many short stories as I can, and plotting and planning for a time when I can get the next naughty novel underway- it will happen- but patience will be required!

At the moment I am busily writing a new kinky Christmas story…more about that in November…and in October I will be teaching a writing workshop at Smut Manchester on how to sex up the supermarket!! Tickets for that are available now if you fancy it!! Here’s the link- http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/smut-manchester-2015-sponsored-by-amazingocouk-tickets-16087184201


And so- here I am- typing this blog in my corner of the café where I have spent the last 3 of my 11 years in erotica, cooking up my storylines. Why not join me in raising a cuppa to erotica? Here’s to hope for the future of the genre- to the Brit Babes- to Eroticon-to Smut UK- to Sexpo- to Sexihibtion- to the ETO- and to all the erotica bloggers, writers, and readers out there- and to another year of sexy thinking!!

Happy reading,

Kay xxx





Being Out There: Expecting Flaming Torches, But Getting Hugs…

I walked into one of my local shops today, a massive establishment that sells pretty much everything and anything you could possibly want (in my case, a roll of freezer bags). As I walked along the aisle I was stopped by one of the assistants, who I know a little because she used to run a coffee shop. She had seen one of the many newspaper articles that have appeared down here in Devon, featuring my ETO Best Erotic Writer win.

WMN 2015- ETO win

I braced myself- I have been convinced that eventually someone was going to tell me they  disapprove of what I do- would this be the day?


Far from it in fact. Her congratulations were heartfelt and geniune. Floating on the kindness of her words, I thanked her heartily and proceeded to the till at the other end of the shop.

No sooner had I put the bags on the counter so I could fish my purse from the dangerous depths of my handbag, when I was surrounded by shop assistants all wanting to hear about my ‘Mummy Porn.’ Before I’d left the shop I’d been relieved of all the business cards I had about my person, and many a plea to keep writing, and I quote, “Mummy porn that is a good story rather than that daft Grey stuff.”

I left without commenting on that, but thanked them, and feeling good, began to walk home. As I walked, I got to thinking. I’d been so nervous about going public about the award. Everyone locally knows about my Jenny Kane side- but then romance writing and children’s picture books are hardly controversial- but erotica…Rightly or wrongly its writers are judged, and I had nightmares about the locals all arriving in a mass on my front lawn with pitchforks and flaming torches to hand.

Flaming torch

The reality has been 100% the opposite. People range from being fascinated by it, thrilled for me, and – and this is the clincher- they are more pleased that I beat E L James than about the real reason for the win.

I’m under no illusions here. If James hadn’t been in the nomination line up to win the Best Erotica Writer then ..

a) The newspapers, radio etc wouldn’t have been interested in my story.

b) I wouldn’t have taken the plunge and ‘come out’ locally, so I could take advantage of the marketing possibilities because James was in the line up.

c) The positive publicity for my work wouldn’t have been the same if I’d been up against a line up made up purely of erotica writers- because very few people have ever heard of the good ones.

There are so many brilliant erotica writers out there- you won’t have heard of them if you don’t read the genre- but through brilliant marketing, everyone has heard of James, which made my win even more special to me.

ETO Awards trophy and champ 2015

So, thank you my lovely townsfolk. Your support has been so kind.

And- it has to be said- thank you to Ms E L James- if you hadn’t been in the line up, I’d never have got so much kudos for my win. Funny how life turns out isn’t it!

Happy reading,

Kay x

(For my thoughts on the difference between hot romance, and why it should not be labelled erotica, see my blog on Jilly Boyd’s brilliant web site – http://ladylaidbare.com/2015/07/15/kay-jaybee-erotica-eto/)


Winning Best Erotic Author 2015: The Pain in the Butt Angle!

There are a few things in life that I can guarantee will make me happy- time with my family, my friends, chocolate (of course!), old episodes of Robin of Sherwood, coffee (black please- no sugar)- and writing.

Ever since I picked up a pen at the tender age of 33, and began writing an erotic story on a paper napkin for no real reason whatsoever, I’ve been addicted. Writing has taken over my life. More than that- it has become what makes me get up in the morning, what drives me to rarely stop working, and what makes me tick.

AGOC completed on laptop

You can imagine therefore, how excited I was in 2013 to be nominated for the Best Erotica Writer award at the ETO. Then I was nominated again in 2014, when my gorgeous and very deserving friend Kd Grace won. It was so amazing- and I was so happy for her- we really partied!! And if you have ever seen the Brit Babes in full party mode then you’ll know what I mean!!

When I was nominated this year, I was less excited. E L James was up for the awards as well, and so I assumed she would win. This is, after all, a trade award. Love her work or hate it, you can’t deny that while her existence has damaged the erotica writing world, it has been a total god send for the sex toy trade. (Which is largely what the ETO is about!)

ETO award noms

As you will gather from the title of this blog however- I was very wrong. And I won! How totally amazing, and cool, and wondrous, and incredible, and lots of other big long happy words, is that?

At this point in my blog it would be traditional to show you a whole heap of pictures of myself partying with fellow Brit Babes, Kd Grace, Lexie Bay, Tabitha Rayne and Lily Harlem- all of whom came along to cheer myself and Kd (also nominated for the award) along. However, you’ll just have to look at my lovely trophy instead, because life had other plans for me on Sunday night!

ETO Awards trophy and champ 2015Rather than be at the show, I was laid up in my hotel room at the Crowne Plaza, NEC, having spent the previous day in Worcester A&E. My right leg decided, without the courtesy of any sort of warning, to stop working. Not only that, but it did it in style- or as I put it ‘OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

The lovely Dr Jaybee and myself were having a walk in the Malvern Hills prior to arrival at the NEC to celebrate his birthday- when my leg simply gave way. So off we went to Worcester A&E- with me sitting on a dog cushion (surprisingly cosy for the butt afflicted) – and waited for an entire lifetime to be seen by a lovely doctor, who prodded me (steady!) with great skill, and discovered I had trapped nerve buried deep in my right buttock. Well- if an erotica writer is going to have a painful injury, then that isn’t a bad one! At least it’s a talking point!!

So- with a feeling of massive disappointment and dosed to the eyeballs on painkillers  – I headed to the Crowne Plaza Hotel at the NEC, where all my lovely friends were staying for the ETO Show and awards, and went straight to bed.

ETO 2015- hotel

At this point of course, I was still convinced I wouldn’t win, so while I was very disappointed not to be walking around the show, and even more gutted that I wouldn’t be joining Brit Babes, Kd Grace, Lily Harlem Lexie Bay and Tabitha Rayne, or my lovely friends Cara Sutra, Ruby Kiddell, and Renee from Sh! for the awards meal, I was also resigned to the fact. I couldn’t sit down, let alone walk! Lying on my back was the only option!

Being looked after like my wonderful husband, who was a total star – even though it was his birthday and he had to carry me everywhere- I listened to everyone go off and party. It was very strange, and I confess, I was a bit down in the dumps.

Lexie, Tabitha, Kd, and Lily's back!

Lexie, Tabitha, Kd, and Lily’s back!

With a running commentary from Lily, Tabitha, Lexie and Kd via our mobiles, I was kept informed of events via the wonder of technology. But when the awards started I felt nothing- no tension or anything like I did last year when I was actually there. I can clearly remember how exciting it was in 2014- how much we cheered for Kd, and how we all danced for her. I have never been so proud of my friend in my life! It was a special moment I will never forget.

This year, cosy in my hotel robe, and with my lovely husband keeping me going with his constant support and supply of chocolate, it was like it wasn’t actually happening.

Then the moment for the author award came- and I had a tweet come through from the gorgeous Modesty Ablaze saying ‘Well done’- I was confused. Then Lucy Felthouse texted me, saying ‘Congratulations’ – I had won. I was 200 yds away- and couldn’t hear any of the music, or the applause, or see my name on the stage, or anything- but I’d done it. I’d won something! Oh course, I hadn’t heard from the girls who’d been texting me- they were all on stage collecting my award for me!

This took a while to sink in. I never win things. I have been second for everything all my life. This is not something I worry about- I work hard, and that’s all that counts- but this time I’d won.

Immediately FB and Twitter went crackers- photos of the Brit Babes collecting the award for me, partying for me, and singing my praises (I love those girls!) came through to me. And I just lay there asking my husband if I was hallucinating on the drugs!

An hour later I got a text from Kd- she had my award and was on her way to the hotel!! Well, you can imagine! I SO wanted to see her and that award- I had to see it was real! So with more help from lovely Dr J, I got dressed, and headed slowly to the foyer, just in time to see Kd and her husband arrive. Forgive the next photo- I am not looking at my best!!

A poorly Kay with Kd Grace

A poorly Kay with Kd Grace

Unable to stand for long, I was soon back in bed, and more acceptable photos were taken!

ETO awards 2015

So it was real! After a lifetime of winning nothing, I’d won- and missed the party! That is SO me!! However- what is more important is –

1.- I have the most amazing friends in the world, who supported me big time.

2- My husband is the most patient man in the universe.

3- I can walk. (HUGE thanks to the staff at Worcester A&E- you were wonderful)

4- I have one hell of an alternative ETO tale to tell!

5- And call me petty, but I beat E L James!!! (That shouldn’t make me happy, but it does! We all have our flaws!!)

One of the advantages with not being there, is I’ve had time to think of what I would have said, if I had gone to collect my award. Of course, in reality I’d have been tongue tied, but if possible- I’d have said this-

Erotica is in danger of dying. It has been taken over by a whole host of pseudo erotica. If you want to read well written erotica- actual erotica, not hot romance- (which I have nothing against at all, except for the fact it is called erotica when it isn’t)- then it is out there. Look at the Brit Babes work- look at Justine Elyot, Janine Ashbliss, Ashley Lister…and many many more It’s out there- it’s well written, it is intelligent, it has real storylines- all you have to do is look for it.”

I’ll leave you in peace now! Please accept my hearty thanks if you voted for me. Also- a big thank you to the ETO for running such a fab event.

Last of all- thank you Brit Babes and the Brit Babes Street Team- what would  I do without  you all!

ETO- accepting 2014 Xcite award

2014 Awards with Kd Grace


Happy reading,

Kay xxx

PS- please forgive the awful punctuation etc – still dosed on painkillers and not 100% concentrating!




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