Erotic Book Reading at Sh! Hoxton: 24th March

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February 26  |  BDSM, Book Publications, eBooks, erotic romance, News  |   Kay Jaybee

I can hardly wait for 24th March to wing itself round! I’m not one for wishing time away, but on 24th March (6.30-8pm) I will be at one of my favourite places with one of my favourite people.

Kd Grace and myself will be at Sh! Women’s Store in Hoxton, London to read from 4 of our books, chat all things erotica, answer any questions you may have- and to drink as much bubbly as we can handle…

We would love to see you there!

This is a FREE event, but spaces are limited, so if you could book in advance that would be WONDERFUL.

All the details are here –

And you can book your FREE place here –

Kd will be reading from her latest books, Toys for Boys and In the Flesh.

I will be reading from my latest novella, Wednesday on Thursday, and my bestselling Trilogy, The Perfect Submissive.

Looking forward to seeing you there!!

Kay xx

Wednesday on Thursday

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Sharing Smut Friday!- Grand Opening of La Boudoir Boutique & The Sh Reading Slam!

August 25  |  News  |   Kay Jaybee

One of the perks of being a writer is that occasionally we are invited to visit various venues to sign books, do readings, and generally spread the words- in my case smutty ones!!. Last Friday, myself and my favourite partner in erotica, Kd Grace, had the privilege of being invited to not one, but two such gatherings.

So on Thursday afternoon, case packed, hair suitably ‘Kay-ed’ – (this is a technical term for turning curly haired me into straight haired KJB)- I set off on the 6 hr train journey from the SW of England to Canterbury in Kent, where I’d been invited to read some of my erotica at the opening of the brand new adult boutique, La Boudoir Boutique

Kent- sign


Unlike the other VIP guests (OMG- I was counted as a VIP- that ‘s a first!!!- FLATTERED!), Kd and I were staying in Canterbury rather than Margate, so we didn’t party the night away in celeb style like the others did- but we didn’t mind that- not for one moment. I’d never been to Canterbury before , and it was with the delight of tourists on a summers day, that Kd and I strolled its heritage packed streets in the early evening on Thursday night, speculating on the day ahead, the precariously nature of the erotic book trade, and generally plotting, planning and laughing- we do a lot of laughing! It was a truly lovely evening.

Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral

Then on Friday morning it was time to work! We squeezed into our glad rags, and got ready for the taxi ride from Canterbury to the Lakesview Business Park, for the launch of the boutique!! Officially opened by Jo Hemmings, who unlocked the ceremonial handcuffs, and raised a glass to her latest, photograph packed self-help book, the proceedings were soon in full swing. I kicked off by reading the only wholesome bit of The Perfect Submissive I could find, and then, after everyone had grabbed some much needed air, Kd Grace read the brilliantly saucy breakfast scene from The Pet Shop.

Kent- kd

Then there was a sexy game of hook the duck to play, a model lingerie shoot to watch, a gorgeous cake to cut, and some wonderful chatter to share with Cara Sutra, Dale Bradford from the ETO, Nymphomaniac Ness, and the wonderfully kind organisers and owners of this beautiful new shop, Vic and Julian. Particular thanks must go to Violet Hall, who organised our part in the event so well.

logo- boudoir

Then, as the champagne corks finished popping, it was time for KD and I to disappear back into a taxi and hightail it to London, where we had an hours breathing space before the cocktail dresses were swapped for short skirts and low cut tops, and the Annual Sh Reading and Poetry Slam could begin. As ever, we were made wonderfully welcome by Jo and Renee at Sh in Hoxton. And wow- what a turn out this year!! ….

Sh poetry-slam 2013

The evening was kicked off by the brilliant poems of Frantic Ali, and continued with a very high standard of readings all evening with poems from Jay Walker, Frantic Ali, Lisa Davies and Jane Fae, as well as stories from, Victoria Blisse, Lexie Bay,  Jillian Boyd, Meg Phillip, Zak Jane Kier, Kd Grace- oh, and me!!!

I had the great pleasure of being clock-watcher for the evening, and with Jo’s timer to hand, I carefully kept one eye on the ticking of the clock, while my other eye calculated precisely where on the backside I would paddle them if they over ran their five minute reading allowance…

sh toys

It’s funny how the sight of me beginning to reach for my paddle at the four minutes forty five second mark makes people read faster…. As always, the evening was over far too quickly, and before we knew it the champagne and cupcakes were gone, and it was time to depart.

Going to read at Sh is such a wonderful experience. I’ve been so often now that it is like being at home- I just love the place, and the people I’ve met there over the years are truly inspiring, amazing, and genuinely lovely.

After the readings, we all- (readers, plus some of our smashing audience)- headed for some much needed food- and with a plate of the poshest fish finger sandwiches I’ve ever seen in front of me, we talked the night away as only erotica lovers can…

And so here I am again, the return journey accomplished, the washing machine whirring, and the kids cuddled, back in the South West, with a head full of memories, a brain wrestling with yet more story ideas, writing this blog while sitting on top of a hill over looking the moors, in a place that could be a million miles from London; the wind blowing through my hair.

Culm post

It’s no secret erotica writing is going through a rough time- for so many reasons- none of which are relevant to this blog- but with my Smut Sharing Friday just passed, and the memory of all the happy faces listening to me as I read, all the curious fingers tentatively examining the toys at both La Boudoir Boutique and Sh, I feel a renewed determination to ride out the storm, and keep writing as much as I can, no matter what may lay around the corner…

Kay X

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Sh! Erotic Poetry and Reading Slam!! 23rd August

August 17  |  News  |   Kay Jaybee

It’s that time again!!! The wonderful Sh!! Erotic Poetry and Reading Slam has come around- and I can’t wait!!

Sh poetry-slam 2013

Last year I had the pleasure of being the evenings time keeper- each reader has to read for 5 minutes, if they over run their backsides are swiftly and roundly paddled- by me!! And this year, I’m delighted to be reprising the role! Yes- I love my job!

We would love you to come along, listen to our smutty words, sip some champagne, and nibble some cupcakes in the gorgeous Sh! shop. (Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium, 57 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6PB)

SH Hoxton

Tickets are only £5 a ticket, and can be reserved here-!+Store+Hoxton/Store+Events/Erotic+Poetry+%252526+Reading+Slam.html

With a line up of writers and poets like this haring their delicious words, how can you not come!!??

Writers- Myself, Kd Grace, Lexie Bay, Victoria Blisse, Jilly Boyd, Meg Philip

Poets-  Alison Brumfitt, Lisa Davies, Jay Walker

The evening starts at 6.30- with the readings starting about 7pm.

I look forward to seeing you there!!

Kay xx


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