I’m delighted to announce that the next anthology in my ‘A Kink a Day’ series will be out on the 21st October


From a restraint fantasy in a dusty South African quarry, to the soap-frothed kinky reminiscences of a soldier; the sexy end-of-the-line activities of a bus driver, to the hidden world where willing men do “Just as She says”, A Kink a Day, Book Four, provides a bite-sized moment of lust-fuelled distraction for each day of the week- with an additional erotic fantasy to enhance your Saturday morning lie-in.


This, the fourth in the series, contains erotic tales of romance, BDSM romance, FF action, bondage, domination and much more.

Here’s a mini taste from the FemDom story…

The Girl Next Door

‘Get down on your knees. I want to see you crawling.’

He looked at her. Surely she was joking? Her green eyes had narrowed to hard flint slits. No, she wasn’t joking. He dropped onto all fours, his bare legs cold against the tiled bathroom floor.

Jack knew he should have asked her what the hell she was doing in his house. He should have demanded to know why she was barging in on him in the bathroom when he was about to shower, but the words caught in his throat at the sight of her. It was as if a stranger stood before him, not Kim, the girl he’d known for so long. Kim was just the quiet girl who lived next door.

On his knees he hovered below her, self conscious that his dick was stirring, swelling under her piercing gaze. Despite the two pints of beer he’d drunk that evening, his mouth was dry. He licked his lips apprehensively as he waited to see what would happen next…


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A Kink a Day One, Two and Three are available now if you want something to ease away the stress of the day while you’re waiting for book Four to arrive.

Happy reading- well, ordering!

Kay xx