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KJB’s Tip Time: Ribbons

Sometimes very simple items can be put to a far more interesting use; take ribbon for example.

This weekend why not explore some of the ways in which a strip silky satin material can enhance your sex life.

Tickle the very end of a length of ribbon against the skin, the nipples, the balls, and send shivers of longing down your lover’s spine.


One end of a longer length of ribbon could be carefully tied around the penis, with the remainder falling away like a lead. Differing amounts of pressure can be applied to the cock by tugging lightly on the lead, tightening and loosening the knotted ribbon, leaving your man in no doubt as to who is in control.

If you have an entire spool of ribbon you can really go to town, from the gentle teasing of the flesh, to minor bondage, to the complete mummification of your lover’s chest…use your imagination and enjoy!

Enjoy your weekend.

Kay x

(PS- Have fun- but remember to stay safe. Be aware of allergies, personal limits, and your health at all times. I want you to have a fun weekend, not a trip to A&E. xx)


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