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Focus on: Making Him Wait

Let’s focus on,

Making Him Wait.


Erotica on a canvas of bondage and discipline

Maddie Templeton has always been an unconventional artist. Themes of submission and domination pulse through her erotic artwork, and she’s happily explored these lustful themes both on and off the canvas.

But, when Theo Hunter enters her life, she is presented with a new challenge. Maddie sets out to test his resolve as she teases, torments and toys with him. But, as Maddie drives Theo to breaking point, she soon becomes unsure whether her own resolve will hold out!

At the same time, Maddie must put on the exhibition of a lifetime. As the hottest gallery in town clamours for her best work, Maddie pushes her models harder and higher until they are physically, sexually and emotionally exhausted. Will Maddie’s models continue to submit to her, or will she push them too far? And will she be ready for the exhibition in time?

The only way to find out is to wait and see…and the waiting only makes it sweeter!

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Here are just some of the lovely reviews for Making Him Wait

‘…The idea for this novel is genius and is so different from any book I’ve read…The whole plot was incredibly imaginative, so clever and exciting to follow and I really enjoyed the longer length of the novel it was brilliant to lose myself in Maddies world completely. The whole story grips you with sexual tension running high throughout and I love Maddie; what a fantastic character she’s so relatable and I love the combination of dominatrix and artist it fits together so well…’  (5 star review) Full Review available at Midnight Boudoir


‘Kay Jaybee is an erotic provocateur, a self-proclaimed BDSM specialist, whose well written and carefully crafted narratives focus mainly on exploring the darker side of sexy. Her latest publication, Making Him Wait, is no exception… the premise of this pulse pounding tale centres on the concept of self-discipline and restraint. How long can one suppress their urges and desires? And in the end, does the waiting make it worth the while?

Maddie Templeton, the lead character of this lustful story, thinks so. For her, the waiting game is her favourite game to play. Maddie is not only an artist with paint spattered jeans and charcoal smudged fingers–the creator behind a studio filled with erotic themed masterpieces–she is also an artist of a different kind: an artist of self-control. Upon each canvas, within each sculpture she brilliantly captures and reflects sexual fantasy; a talent that does not go unnoticed by Theo Hunter, a handsome electrician hired to fix the studio’s lighting. Unable to resist the look in Theo’s hazel eyes, Maddie decides to test his resolve, convincing him to pose for her. She then strings him along, building the sexual tension between them through delay and denial, promising him rewards for his patience and good behaviour. But will Maddie’s teasing prove to be more than he can handle? Or is Theo up for the challenge?

The most enjoyable thing about this book is how it continually left me sitting on pins and needles, waiting on the edge of my seat, along with characters in the story, to see what would happen next. It seems Miss Jaybee knows how to tease her audience every bit as well as she teases her deliciously sexy characters. This book is made all the better because the sexual tension has a chance to build itself up first, instead of jumping right into it. Like for Maddie, a bit of waiting for the reader makes the climactic moment that much sweeter. The sex scenes are HOT and very imaginative, nothing same-old, or boring here. They are fantastical enough to create an amazing work of fiction, yet realistic enough to make you wonder at the possibilities.  In short—they will keep you turning the pages, they will make you blush, and they will leave you squirming comfortably, or perhaps uncomfortably in your seat.

My advice, don’t wait to read this book.’ (5 star review) DelovelyOlive for Oysters and Chocolate

‘…This book is very clever. The main characters and the supporting cast are (literally) painted and yet they evolve and emerge as the story progresses, filling the pages with unexpected plots-twists and grenades to become new and exciting pawns moving through the carefully crafted game Kay Jaybee sets out through Maddie and Theo, her main characters…Much of the book takes place within the same four walls, however it is never dull, nor even similar to the previous chapter. The plot manoeuvres around the artwork and sexual tension and desires of the characters brilliantly, with the nature of the paintings, and the poses often becoming blurred with the reality of the erotic encounters. I found the book incredibly imaginative, especially on the artistic front, both drawn, painted, bound and photographed!…I would fully recommend that you all go and buy Making Him Wait, a 5 star novel…. When is the second book out?!…’ (5 star review) Full review at  Miss Lily’s Pad


“Making Him Wait” held me captive, made me blush, had me yearning for more
before I was even ready to let the previous chapter go. The story unfolds
dripping with eroticism, every character wantonly submitting to Maddie’s
artistic, commanding eye… Erotica’s “Queen of Kink” has nailed the
freedom of Kink, fearlessly. Kay Jaybee writes with a masterful insight and
sucks her readers into the fascinating domain of domination and submission. A
realm where one’s words must be listened to very carefully and choices are
empowering.’ (5 star review) Rose Caraway reviewing on Amazon.com

Yes Ma’am: Coming Back Soon

It’s been six years since my FemDom anthology, Yes Ma’am, first hit the eBook shelves. Two years ago, I got the rights back to this publication, and it has been waiting patiently for me to have time revamp and recover it ever since.

Now – finally – I’m delighted to be able to announce the re-publication of this collection of six hot tales of female domination and willing male submission.


Could you write your wildest fantasies on your best friend’s boyfriend, or sell your sexual soul to a woman in black?

Find out how far army cadet, Luke Porter, will go to improve his standing within his regiment, and discover the consequences of losing your temper on London’s Underground in this collection of wrist binding, whip wielding, butt spanking tales of female domination.

Yes Ma’am contains six straight and bi-sexual encounters of the S&M nature.

Out on the 21st November, you can pre-order now from…

Amazon UK
Amazon US
Amazon AU
Amazon CA
Barnes & Noble
iBooks UK
iBooks US

I hope you love the new cover as much as I do!

The six stories included are…

Lying in Wait – Cadet Luke Porter is the least successful army recruit in the squadron. The butt of his comrades jokes, his reputation badly needs improving, and he is desperate to do well in the seek and rescue exercise he’s about to embark upon. Some of his female counterparts however, have other plans, and are determined to find out just how far Luke will go to improve his standing within the regiment…

Black – He is intoxicated by the woman in black. He can’t explain why he needs to see her, why he willing does precisely what she tells him to. Why she has such an effect on him, as she sits him in the backroom of a private club and weaves her web of control around him. He is beginning to think he has sold his soul to the devil herself…

Dear Claire – Ali has secretly lusted over her best friend’s lover Rick, for a long time. At least, she thought it was a secret. When her friend Claire asks her to take coffee into Rick as he lies in bed,  it appears that Claire has left Ali a gift wrapped present; her boyfriend, shackled, blindfolded, and ready for Ali to do whatever she likes with. Amazed by Claire’s generosity, Ali doesn’t know where to start, until she sees the neat sentence tattooed on Rick’s arse, ‘If I don’t obey my mistress, I will be punished.’Don’t You Emma” – In a delicious corruption of Lee’s longed for fantasy, his lover Daisy arranges for them to share another woman. Rather than enjoying a full-on threesome however, Lee finds himself forced to sit and observe his partner perform all the chastisements she normally saves just for him upon a girl called Emma. A girl who, it seems, can withstand the punishments Daisy dishes out with far more self control than Lee has ever managed. Simply sitting in an armchair has never been so difficult…

Not Taking the Tube – Venting his frustration at being delayed yet again by London’s Underground system on the nearest official, the harassed businessman finds his complaints aren’t received in quite the way he’d expected. The petite guard upon whom he directs his anger has just about had enough of the constant string of complaints from the commuters she tries to help. Swiftly turning the tables on her latest assailant, she realises her own pent up anger quickly, sexily, and with the expert use of her surprised companion’s black leather belt…

Rachel’s Twisted Tale – Imprisoned in a bare room, high at the top of an old house, totally naked, her long golden plait wrapped around her body, Rachel waits. She waits for her mistress gaoler to punish her for being perfect. She waits for Tom, her secret lover, to climb in through the window and fuck her senseless. Rachel knows he could free her.  He could help her escape the agonies and humiliations she endures, but she doesn’t want saving. Rachel needs to stay. Rapunzel never suffered like this….

Happy pre-ordering,

Kay x

The Story Behind “Not Taking the Tube”

I am sure one of the most frequently asked questions that passes from the non-writer to the writer is, ‘Where do you get your ideas from?’

My answer is both predictable, and always the same. ‘From all around me.’ I say- ‘from everywhere.’

To give you an example…

I was stood one cool Saturday morning, with hundreds of others, on the platform of Moorgate Tube Station. There was breathing room only, and we were being advised via a barely audible Tannoy announcement, that it was going to take an average of 2 hours to get to Paddington Station by tube (normally a 20 minute run), so we should consider alternative transport.

tube train

You could feel the tension in the air, the anger was bouncing off the walls, and the language of stress was flying from many a commuter’s mouth. Mobile phones were being launched into life, as apologises were conveyed from those who were going to be very later for work to their employers etc- apart from those who couldn’t get a phone signal- I began to seriously fear for those individual’s blood pressure.

Watching all this from the comfortably resigned position of someone who has three hours before they have to catch their train home, I leant against the grubby grey wall of the station and considered my options. Perhaps, I thought, I should catch a bus.

As I continued to observe my fellow would be travellers, the seed of a plotline began to germinate in my mind. A small and undeniably attractive guard was doing her best, with infinite patience, to explain to the surging mass of commuters what was going on. Facing a barrage of abuse, she calmly carried on, letting all the anger directed at her slip away like water off a ducks back. But what if she snapped? What if her reserve broke…what would she do then?

Yes Ma'am 2015

There and then the story ‘Not Taking The Tube’ was born, a piece which quickly engendered five sister stories, which in turn became my S&M and BSDM based Fem Dom e-anthology Yes Ma’am.

I have never been so glad to be held up by a train!

Here’s a little extract for you…

…Opening his mouth to complain, he found a slim finger pressed over his lips. “Sir, I did not make the tube points fail.” Her voice was perfectly calm. He could smell the dusty claustrophobic atmosphere on her skin as she slowly moved the single digit across his lips making his pulse match his inflated blood pressure. “Nor did I decide to mess up the lighting system. And I certainly didn’t decide that today would be the perfect day to start renovation on the Circle Line.”

His breath rattled in his throat, and yet the presence of her finger somehow prevented him from speaking. It would have been easy to push her away, but the diminutive figure had taken a step forward, and her chest, neat, firm, and encased in a regulation navy shirt and tank top, felt unexpectedly arousing next to his stomach.

“Now, sir, if you go on stressing like this, then you’ll have a heart attack or something. I suggest you allow me to assist you in lowering your tension levels.”

Rational thought was doing its best to communicate with him, telling him that a short dark skinned, incredibly self contained Underground official was unhooking the clasp of his belt. He wanted to rail and shout against the unfairness of delay. He wanted to push her away; shove her; punish her for being so fucking reasonable. He didn’t though; he merely watched as a dangerous smile grew at the corner of her lips.

For a split second time seemed to freeze, as if they were both considering what was about to happen. Then, the woman exploded.

With angry relish she whipped the leather belt from his trousers, dropped it and pulled open his fly so violently that a button came free and skittered across the floor. Gripping his balls through his trousers, she hissed, “You and all you “clever” types don’t even stop to think before you wade in with all your complaints.”

His jaw fell open as she massaged his balls with painful squeezes. It was as if all the weeks and months of unjust dealings had snapped inside her in one go…


Yes Ma'am promo 2015

You can buy Yes Ma’am

Amazon UK- http://www.amazon.co.uk/Yes-Maam-female-domination-ebook/dp/B008H4JHVO/ref=sr_1_6?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1376072456&sr=1-6&keywords=yes+ma%27am 

Amazon US- http://www.amazon.com/Yes-Maam-female-domination-ebook/dp/B008H4JHVO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1376072566&sr=8-1&keywords=Yes+maam+kay+jaybee

Happy reading,

Kay xx

A Little Experiment: Take Control

It’s been a little while since I shared a taster from my Female Sub/Male Dom collection, Take Control…so here you go!



Take Control: Stories of Male Domination/Female Submission is a collection of toe curlingly sexy tales of bondage and female submission from the pen of best selling writer Kay Jaybee. From a spankingly delicious Dinner With Tess, to a Staged public sex fantasy, an unforgettable alfresco hosing in Deluged, a kinky scientific Experiment, and the realisation of a long held threesome fantasy in The Necklace, Take Control offers five bite sized stories that will satisfy any lover quality erotica.


I’m going to tease you with a little taster from The Experiment

They would follow his instructions to the letter. That was what she had claimed. Still, he was suspicious. It was probably all a con, a devious way of playing on his growing obsession. But it might not be – it might be genuine – he might get to see what he longed to see…

A petite, traditionally dressed, stunningly beautiful Malaysian girl led him into a dimly lit room. The scientist dropped his briefcase next to a comfortable wing-backed armchair, behind which was a small but well-stocked bar. Suspended from the ceiling, a state of the art camcorder pointed forwards, poised and ready to record all that was to follow. Tastefully tame classical music was being piped into the room via a number of wall speakers; speakers which he hoped would reveal some far more interesting sounds in the very near future.

About a metre in front of the chair, a large picture window had been fitted neatly between that room and the next, creating both a theatre and private audience auditorium. A thick red curtain was drawn across the other side of the glass, so that as yet the voyeur could witness nothing from the space beyond.

The hostess, hovering by the bar, gestured to the various bottles of spirits with a questioning glance. He selected a whiskey and, shrugging off his jacket, waited as a triple measure of amber liquid was sloshed into a cut-glass tumbler. With the drink, the girl passed him a white envelope, on which was written The Story Thus Far.

He sat down, fumbling open the letter with hasty fingers, and his eyes devoured the words: Shortly you will see Gail and Jade. Both have been fully appraised as to your requirements. They have been placed within the neighbouring room, secured as per your instructions.


Before your arrival, again as you requested, the girls were subjected to considerable concentrated arousal to the breasts alone, and had nipple clamps applied. Both females are now desperate for further attention. We hope you enjoy the performance. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. The Malaysian girl bowed and left.

Making himself as comfortable as possible, he sat in the chair, satisfied that – so far, at least – his wishes had been carried out.

This whole thing was an experiment: an exercise to discover how much attention needed to be applied to a woman’s breasts alone before climax overtook the subject. Any resulting arousal of his own, he had convinced himself, was coincidental, and of secondary importance to the enquiry…


If you’d like to buy this e-book, it is available from Amazon UK, Amazon.com, and all good e-retailers. (It is also available for Kobo, Nook and on iTunes)


Happy reading everyone,

Kay xxx

Two Weeks of Tasty Tasters Day 6: Kay Jaybee

Welcome to Day 6 of my Two Weeks of Tasty Tasters blog series!

Today I am bringing you half of a long story from my Fem Dom anthology Yes Ma’am.

This collection is what many think of as pure Kay Jaybee – that is to say – the six stories within Yes Ma’am are of the S&M/BDSM genre. As you can imagine, it was tremendous fun to write…

Yes Ma'am 2015

Here’s a bit of an appetite whetter from the tale entitled Dear Claire….

Dear Claire

She was sure they were having sex. The tell tale bumps and thumps, not to mention the heavy duty groans coming through the thin bedroom walls, had been driving Ali mad for at least half an hour.

Having been invited by Claire for a girlie chat and sleepover, Ali was incensed that Rick had crashed their private party before it had even got started. It doesn’t help, Ali thought as she gave up trying to drown out the muted sounds from the neighbouring room with her pillow, that I’ve had the serious hots for my best friends’ partner for months now.

Escaping to the bathroom, Ali took her time getting showered and dressed. She was surprised to find that when she headed into the kitchen twenty minutes later, Claire was already there, fully dressed, and slipping on her coat and shoes.

‘I’m popping out to grab some stuff for breakfast. Could you be an angel and take Rick a coffee in bed?’

Without giving Ali time to reply, Claire disappeared into the early morning drizzle, leaving her friend with her palm frozen on top of the kettle. The last thing she needed was to see Rick all relaxed and rumpled from sex in someone else’s bed.

Rather than sorting the coffee, Ali left the kitchen, and banged hard on Claire’s bedroom door, ‘The coffee will be in the kitchen Rick.’

Ali hadn’t expected much more than a grunted reply. After all, Rick wasn’t one of life’s communicators. Even Claire agreed that he was only really useful for sex and unscrewing particularly tight jar lids. Yet, the silence from beyond the door was almost eerie. There should have at least been the muffled noises of him shuffling about the bed, or moving around the room hunting down his socks.

A ripple of uncertainty shot through Ali as she stood there. Claire had told her to take the coffee in to him, and now she thought about it, the request had been rather definite. Almost an order. With a final call of, ‘Rick! Do you want coffee?’ Ali inched the door ajar as she repeated her knock.

The reason for Rick’s lack of response was immediately apparent. Ali’s mouth slammed shut. She didn’t know where to look first. All she could think, as she hovered immobilised in the doorway, her eyes roaming with pussy clenching leisure over Rick’s tied frame, was that Claire had intended her to find him like this. She evidently had more in common with her friend than she’d previously thought.

Rick was stood side on to the end of the bed; his legs positioned about half a metre apart. A solid metal shackle, fastened to the leg of the bed frame, surrounded and connected each ankle. He was effectively pinioned to the spot.

His arms were secured behind his back with a pair of leather cuffs, and his dangerous brown eyes were hidden beneath a heavily padded strip of black material, which also covered his ears. Ali realised that he hadn’t even heard her calls. And even if he had been able to hear her, the hard ball gag wedged between his teeth would have prevented him from responding.

With heart pounding disbelief, almost on tiptoe, Ali walked towards the man who haunted her dreams, not sure whether to visit his front or back view first. She opted for his rear.

Her surprise at finding Rick bound and helpless paled into insignificance compared to the shock of what her emerald green eyes spied as she observed his tight arse. On the right buttock, tattooed in tiny neat red script, were the words ‘If I don’t obey my mistress, I will suffer.’

The evidence of this suffering was obvious. Across his butt cheeks and the top of his legs, old welds and bruises littered his skin. An image of Claire bedecked in black leather entered her mind. It wasn’t difficult to picture her whipping her lover for a whole host of unknown crimes.

Reaching out a hand, Ali hovered it in front of his scarred flesh. Her damp knickered desire at odds with the fact that she was about to touch her friends lover. Yet, Claire had set this up. The more Ali thought about it, the more she knew it was okay, and the idea that Rick might not know it was her, only increased her body’s nervous frisson. In fact, until she touched him, he wouldn’t know anyone was with him at all.

Reverently tracing the healing line of a past lash, Ali experienced a rush of adrenalin fuelled pleasure run down her spine and tickle her snatch.

Aware that he was not alone, Rick’s head twisted left and right, his senses straining to work out where his unseen companion was. Ignoring his flailing, Ali knelt as close as possible to the tattoo. Inhaling the aroma of masculinity, her sharp turquoise fingernails followed the loops of calligraphy.

holding pen

From her crouched position, Ali could see Rick’s balls. Passing a hand through his rigidly immobile legs, she teased his scrotum, enjoying the increased tensing of his leg muscles. Suddenly her fingers met a new and unexpected texture.

Moving around him quickly, Ali found herself facing the most solid dick she’d ever seen in her life, all neatly done up in a bright red ribbon. Two small silver keys were attached to either end of the garland, both presumably corresponding to the locks at his ankles and wrists. Ali’s final doubts about betraying Claire dissolved in an instant. The bow adorning his shaft was presenting Rick as if he was a gift.

Without wasting time wondering how her friend had worked out she fancied Rick, Ali began to act. Her tits felt so swollen that she just had to undo her bra. Threading it from beneath her shirt, leaving the cotton fabric flapping open over her breasts, she stalked around the room, studying the three sides of Rick she could easily get to.

Placing the flat of both palms on his chest, Ali inhaled the particularly salty sweat and desire dripping scent of the trapped male. Sliding her hands downwards, she made sure her nails scraped his flesh. Rick’s feet twitched a little, and his wrists rattled against the short chain that joined the leather cuffs. Ali wondered what he was thinking, and if Claire had told him she’d be coming to visit him. Something told Ali that he didn’t know, and to hold back from revealing her presence; to have some anonymous fun while she could. She had total freedom, and suddenly the months and longing to spank this guy until he begged her to stop was too much.

Turning to the mess on the desk in the corner of Claire’s bedroom, Ali picked up a ruler, and without hesitation, began to swipe it against Rick’s buttocks, paying particular attention to the tattoo, aiming one hit at a time at each of the individual letters.

Swaying with every strike, Rick’s feet stayed planted against the plush red carpet, as fresh pink blotches spread across his buttocks.

Pausing for breath, Ali listened to the faint murmurs of sound escaping from the corners of Rick’s mouth. Returning to his front, she licked away the saliva that had gathered around the rubber guardian. Her right hand snaked down Rick’s front; fingertips lingered above his naval for a second, before Ali tugged at one end of the ribbon, releasing his cock from its tight knot.

Ensuring that the satin fabric caressed his skin, she snaked it up his body, tying the ribbon and keys loosely round his neck for safe keeping. Then, knowing she couldn’t get what she most wanted while his mouth was muzzled, Ali undid the ball gag and cast it to one side.

Gasping and spluttering, Rick’s tongue swept over his dry lips. Quickly, Ali placed her index finger firmly over his mouth, her intention that he shouldn’t talk very clear. Then, she pushed his shoulders forward. With his arms secure behind his back, and his legs stuck, there was no way he could kneel down, but he could bend forward, which he did.

Hastily divesting herself of her trousers, so she was just stood in her knickers and open shirt, Ali pulled her belt from her jeans. A new hot pulse of power surged through her as the first strike met the top of his thighs, and a bellow of pain exploded from his mouth. It had been way too long since she’d treated a man like this. She felt high and all powerful, an empress of debauchery. Her pussy twitched and contracted with the moans and groans that issued from his mouth. Seeing a strong man hogtied was one thing, but hearing how much she was hurting him was what did it for Ali.

Her eyes kept straying to the tattoo. It fascinated her. She wondered if Claire had ordered its addition to his fit body, or if it was a delicious remnant of a previous relationship.

Stepping away from him, leaving Rick uncomfortably bent double, his strong stomach muscles working overtime, Ali searched Claire’s desk once more.

Smiling with satisfaction, she twirled the pen she’d found like a weapon. Levering Rick back upright, Ali bought the black biro to his left bicep. Pressing hard, so he was aware of every stroke of the pen, she began to write,

Dear Claire,

Thank you for your thoughtful gift. I guess you know me even better than I thought you did.

Love Ali

Breaking off with a viciously applied full stop, she briefly admired her work, before moving on to Rick’s thigh.

Dear Claire,

I have long dreamed of torturing your lover. I love the tattoo and previous whip marks. I hope you don’t mind the additions I’m about to make.

Love Ali

Again she pushed the pen nib hard, watching as Rick’s toned skin darkened with the pressure of her writing. With each dotted ‘i’ and each crossed ‘t’ Rick flinched and sighed, his confined reactions adding to her own arousal.

Moving to his annoying perfect six pack; Ali began to write once again.

Dear Claire,

Do you favour a whip or a cane?

Love Ali

Dear Claire,

Your lover’s dick is gorgeous

Love Ali

Dear Claire,

I have already tanned his arse. Now I’m going to smack his balls. I’m going to scratch his skin, I’m going to force my tit into his mouth and make him suck until he begs…

Ali wrote on and on, listing all the fantasies she’d ever had, every image that had inspired her midnight dreams. Then, when there was no clear skin left on his torso, Ali progressed to his back. Finally, when no bare skin remained north of his waist, she threw the pen to one side, and breathlessly returned to Claire’s bedside chest of drawers, convinced that would be where she’d find what she wanted to play with next. She was not disappointed.

Picking the short white cane from a tangle of her friend’s silky underwear, Ali trailed it through her fingers…


If you would like to find out what happens next, or discover what other Fem Dom tales are tucked away inside Yes Ma’am’s e-pages, it is available from all good e-retailers, including-

Amazon UK- http://www.amazon.co.uk/Yes-Maam-female-domination-ebook/dp/B008H4JHVO/ref=sr_1_6?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1376072456&sr=1-6&keywords=yes+ma%27am 

Amazon US- http://www.amazon.com/Yes-Maam-female-domination-ebook/dp/B008H4JHVO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1376072566&sr=8-1&keywords=Yes+maam+kay+jaybee


Thanks for popping by for Day 6 of this look back at past erotica publications.

Tomorrow I’m honoured to welcome one of my erotica heroes – the unique, Mr Ashley Lister. Don’t miss it.

Happy reading,

Kay x

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