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A Q&A from Bella Setterra: The Red-Light Wrangler

My lovely friend, Bella Settera is here today- and it’s cowboys all the way…Hold on tight!!


Q.  Red-Light Wrangler is the second book in The Men of Moone Mountain Series. How come it’s a MM story whereas the first was MMF?

A.  The Men of Moone Mountain are a mixed bunch, some gay, some bi and even some straight! It is a very open-minded community where no-one worries too much about their neighbor’s sexuality so anything goes.

Each book in the series is written as a stand-alone novel, so you don’t have to read the whole series to understand each book, although some of the same characters will crop up in each of the books. Rich Buchanan appeared in Menage on Moone Mountain and I really wanted to give him his own story.

Q.  Was this your first MM or ManLove story?

A.  Red-Light Wrangler was my first full-length MM novel, although I did have a gay couple of pirates in Secrets of the Siren (Siren Publishing), which was fun to write.

I enjoyed the challenge of writing Rich Buchanan and Nate Walker as both vulnerable and alpha-male at the same time, and would certainly write other MM characters in the future.

Q.  Will there be any other MM pairings in The Men of Moone Mountain series?

A.  Not yet. Book three in the series, Ménage on Ryder Ranch is a MFM story, and the book after that, Ménage at the Mode Boutique is another MMF, as was the first book in the series, Ménage on Moone Mountain, which has been my most popular novel so far. I wouldn’t rule it out, though 😉

Q.  As a British author, how hard is it to write about ranches and to set your stories in America? It must be a totally different culture for you.

A. Indeed. This is a question I am often asked and a very good point. I do a lot of research into ranching and have learned a lot about the day-to-day functioning of American ranches, just so I can add the ‘normalities’ into my stories. A lot of information is available in books and on the internet, and I also have friends in the States who have experience of working on ranches, families who own them, and a few who have had working holidays on dude-ranches (they’re great for the nitty-gritty gossip about what really goes on as well as the ‘inner-workings’!) 😉

Also, writing stories relies mostly on using the imagination, and as authors we often set our novels in unreal and fantastic worlds. For instance, there would be no sci-fi novels if we all had to rely on going into space or time-travel in order to write them; and shape-shifters and werewolves might be unheard of without an author’s imagery. Then there are vampires, fairies, all things supernatural and paranormal, the list goes on and on. Basically all stories require a certain amount of creativity – the skill comes from drawing a reader into our world and making them believe, even for a short while, that they have been transported to another place

Q.  Are your characters based on anyone in real life?

A.  Hmm, that would be telling!!!!  Actually, although it would be wrong of me to write about anyone who could be recognizable in any of my stories, I do find myself picking ‘aspects’ of people to add to my fictional cast. For instance, the handsome looks of an actor’s face might merge with the great body of model, while a friend’s mannerisms or accent might mingle with the vulnerability or humor of someone else. Even then, when it seems I have constructed the ideal hero or heroine, I like to throw in a few flaws just to make them a little imperfect – that’s how they get their character and make them relatable and interesting, in my book(s). J


Can a bad reputation hide a good heart?

After realizing everyone he has been with only wanted him for his money, Rich Buchanan, the billionaire’s son, gives up the dream of a serious relationship and gets his kicks sleeping around. He prefers men, but he only brings home women, since his father would be horrified to find out Rich was gay. But secrets are hard to keep among the rich, and his antics soon earn him the nickname “The Red-Light Wrangler” when people discover that money exchanges hands whenever he sleeps with a guy.

When Nate Walker starts work as Assistant Foreman at the Buchanan Ranch, his good looks and gorgeous body immediately pique Rich’s interest. And despite the gossip, Nate can’t help falling for him, either. But when Rich’s cousin Joey decides to blackmail Rich to pay off his debts, he soon realizes he could get much more out of the situation. Outing his gay cousin and causing a rift between Rich and his father could be just the thing to secure his own position as Frank Buchanan’s sole heir.

Rich has no one to turn to but his lover. But Nate has secrets of his own, and his reasons for being at the ranch are not entirely honorable…


Story Excerpt

“Sorry to hear about your dad, Rich.” Kent Freeman, the Deputy Sheriff, stood there with a grim expression on his face. “Mind if I come in?”

Rich stood back, allowing the tall, handsome guy into his house. He had expected him to go straight into the office, but Kent turned into the sitting room where his eyes went directly to the small table. Shit!

Rich felt his stomach lurch as Kent stared down at the note. “This arrive today?”

“Yeah. I just found it in the mailbox.” Rich frowned. He had expected Kent to be surprised by the note, but he seemed to take it in his stride.

“Mind if I get it fingerprinted?” Kent asked, not even touching the paper.

Rich shrugged. “Be my guest. You know who it’s from?”

Kent sighed as he put on a glove before placing the note in a plastic bag he pulled from his back pocket. “Do you?”

“I’ve got my suspicions,” Rich replied.

“Let me guess. Your cousin Joey or Cole Jackson?”

Rich gawped at him. “How in hell do you know that?”

“You should’ve come to us right at the beginning,” Kent admonished. “Could’ve saved everyone a lot of time and trouble.”

“You took Cole Jackson in about the poisoning, said you couldn’t pin anything on him,” Rich reminded him. “Anything after that would just sound like sour grapes.”

“We didn’t know about your cousin trying to blackmail you. Or Dan Robertson’s involvement.” Kent looked at him, shaking his head.

Rich sighed. “Kent, you know how it is. I’m gay, man. Dad’ll go mad if he finds out. I’ll lose everything.” He slumped into the nearest armchair, and Kent followed suit in the one opposite.

“Being gay ain’t a crime, Rich, but blackmail is. And so is poisoning horses.”

“I know, but Dad won’t see it that way. He’ll disown me, I know he will. Joey knows it, too.”

“That’s what he’s banking on,” Kent agreed. “But you’ve lost half your livestock because of this. And if you can’t prove you didn’t do it yourself you won’t even get the insurance pay out.”

Rich took a swig of his whiskey. “So, will this prove I didn’t do it?” He gestured to the note which the deputy had put in his pocket.

Kent Freeman shook his head. “Nope. I’m afraid it just gives you a motive.”



Suddenly Rich grabbed hold of Wyatt’s muscular arms and pulled him down onto the bed. He got up and stood over him, yanking the blond guy’s long, hairy legs over his shoulders. He heard a loud gasp as he hauled him down the bed to get a better position.

Wyatt grabbed a condom from the nightstand and passed it up to Rich. He snatched it out of his hand and grinned when he opened it. Ribbed. He rolled the rubber onto his pulsating dick and yanked the guy’s hairy ass open. He heard a yelp, but paid him no heed. He watched Wyatt screw his eyes shut and barked at him. “Look at me!”

Wyatt’s eyes shot open and he stared up at him. Rich had a sense of satisfaction at his control. He lined his cock up to the gaping asshole and stared into Wyatt’s eyes as he thrust past the tight rim.

“Aah!” Wyatt’s panicked eyes seemed to glaze over and his jaw tensed.

Rich massaged the guy’s ass with one hand, while stroking his cock with the other until Wyatt’s face relaxed. Then he pumped hard into him, eliciting another loud yell. The cowboy’s shouts soon became excited as the pain must have morphed to pleasure and he began grunting with each thrust. Rich grinned as he pounded hard into the guy’s ass. He needed this. He closed his eyes and Nate Walker’s face flashed into his mind. He felt himself grinning as he thrust harder and harder, visualizing Nate lying naked before him, Nate groaning in ecstasy.

When Rich opened his eyes they were watery and glazed. All he could see was a mass of blond hair on the bed and, with his mind still on Nate Walker, he moaned loudly. He felt the body beneath him thrusting back toward him and heard fevered yelps and groans. The fire in his belly was roaring now and he felt like his whole body was a raging furnace. He hammered hard into the ass under him, yanking on the dick in his hand. With a loud grunt the body he was fucking convulsed and he felt cum like boiling lava trailing down his hand. His own orgasm wracked him and he pounded hard into the guy’s ass, over and over. Lights flashed in front of his eyes and he heard himself roar as relief swept through him. He just kept thrusting until he was finally satisfied. His breathing was rampant as he slunk onto the bed next to his partner, and he felt the cool air wash over his sweating body.

Both men lay in silence, heaving at the air, eyes closed for several minutes. Rich’s eyes opened slowly and he stared at the face next to his. For a split second he had actually expected to see Nate Walker lying there, but realized in horror that it wasn’t. While Wyatt’s eyes were still closed, Rich shot to his feet and grabbed his clothes before heading off to find the bathroom down the hall. He disposed of the condom and splashed cold water over his face and torso. His breathing was still rapid and he took a glass of water to try to recover himself. Pulling his clothes back onto his still-sweaty body felt horrid, and he left his shirt unbuttoned, hoping that the cold night air would cool him off a bit.

His head automatically faced the bedroom when he retreated from the bathroom, but he thought better of it. Like a thief in the night he made for the front door and slipped out. The cold night air bit him hard, and he shivered as he climbed into his car. Opening the windows wide he relished the freezing cold of the wind as it swept through his hair and over his flushed body. He needed the cold. He needed the space.

He needed Nate Walker…

Buy Link:  http://www.amazon.com/Red-Light-Wrangler-Moone-Mountain-Book/dp/1523947438/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1460286058&sr=8-2&keywords=THE+RED-LIGHT+WRANGLER


Author Pic Copyrighted

About Bella Settarra

In Bella’s world all the heroes are gorgeous hunks and the heroines are always beautiful. Having said that, she firmly believes that ‘handsome is as handsome does’ and that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. (She is also a big fan of clichés as well as alliteration!)

She has been hanging out with her ‘imaginary friends’ for a couple of years now and finds the profession exhilarating and intriguing.  Her stories are all Erotic Romances, although they vary considerably in subject-matter.

She loves writing Cowboy Romances and was thrilled when the first book in her The Men of Moone Mountain series, (Etopia Press), entitled Ménage on Moone Mountain, received a nomination for the Ménage Romances Fan’s Award 2015 and became an ARe Bestseller, and the third book in this series, Ménage on Ryder Ranch was also nominated for the Erotic Ménages Romances 2016 . The fourth book in this series, Ménage at the Mode Boutique is now also available in digital format. She is currently writing another Cowboy series, Midnight in Montana (Siren Publishing), the first of which, Dallas at Midnight, is already available, with the second, Meet Me at Midnight due for release in June 2016.

Her Collar and Cuffs series (Etopia Press) also received an ARe Bestseller Award for Waiting on Summer, which has also been nominated for the BDSM Writers Con Golden Flogger Award 2016. This series was set in a BDSM club in Miami, and was a joy to write.


Many thanks Bella- that sounds brilliant!

Happy reading,

Kay x


My First Time: Justine Elyot

Today I’m pleased to welcome one of the best erotica writers in the business to the ‘My First Time’ interview slot! Justine Elyot is responsible for the ground breakingly brilliant, The Business of Pleasure, and many other erotic tales. If you haven’t visited her erotic pages, I urge you to take a peep!

First Time

Over to you Justine…

Can you remember writing the first story you actually wanted to write, rather tohan those you were forced to write at school? What was it about?

I always enjoyed writing stories at school – there was no element of force about it. I didn’t learn the knack of planning them until about year 6, though, so they would start promisingly with tons of descriptive detail, then just end because the lesson had finished. The first non-school story I wrote was called Edward’s Gang and was about my Fisher-Price toy people and their adventures – I was about 9, I think, and I filled two spiral-bound notebooks.

What was your first official publication? Was that erotica?

The first work I was paid for was erotica, although I’d uploaded stories on to fan-fiction sites before that. It was two stories in a compilation – I’d better not name it, though, because they were supposed to be ‘true confessions’ by ‘ordinary readers’ wink wink.

I had no idea I’d be an erotica writer- it just came from nowhere! Was writing erotica something you intended to do, or was it a bit of a shock?

No, it wasn’t part of the plan at all. I got involved in fan-fiction as a hobby, and eventually had to write The Dreaded Sex Scene. Unexpectedly, I turned out to have a knack for it, which I decided to capitalise on.

What affect did that have on your life?

It had an effect on my savings, but not on my life really.

Does your first published story reflect your current writing style?

Yes, I think it does. My authorial voice hasn’t changed that much – it’s like a confidential monologue. I always try to speak directly to the reader, as if they are a good friend. Often, they are!

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m not doing so much of the erotica at the moment, but have recently written a few shorts for Mischief anthologies after a year’s hiatus. They should crop up sometime in the next few months, I hope.

This isn’t the first published story, for the secret squirrel reasons mentioned above, but it was the first published under the Justine sobriquet. Advanced Corsetry in the Black Lace Liaisons anthology.



My most recent is the Mischief novel, Fast and Loose – lots of fun, a bit thrillerish, very hot.

Fast and Loose - JE



Justine Elyot is the author of lots of erotic fiction.


Many thanks Justine,

Happy reading everyone,

Kay x

My First Time: Jillian Boyd

It’s that time again- I’m welcoming the lovely Jillian Boyd to my site today to tell us about her early publishing experiences in the land of erotica.

Over to you Jillian…

First Time

Can you remember writing the first story you actually wanted to write, rather than those you were forced to write at school? What was it about?

I wasn’t ever forced to write at school – on the contrary, I think writing assignments in school were a big part of me falling in love with writing. That, and voracious reading.

What was your first official publication? Was that erotica?

It was an MMF ménage story in a seasonal anthology. So yes, it was erotica.

I had no idea I’d be an erotica writer- it just came from nowhere! Was writing erotica something you intended to do, or was it a bit of a shock?

Same as you, Kay – I had no clue. I’d started blogging first, and participating in erotica writing memes was what made me think “hey, wait a minute, this is something I enjoy”. I wasn’t shocked as much as surprised that I liked it and that it was something I could feasibly be good at.

What effect did that have on your life?

I think with me you’ll always have to take into account that I write a personal sex and relationships blog as well as erotic fiction. So it was a combination of those two that led me to want to push myself out of the situation I was in at the time I started and take on whatever came my way.

I *think* it’s safe to say it was a good effect…

Does your first published story reflect your current writing style?

I actually re-read it not too long ago and, although I’ll always hold a special place for it in my heart because it was my first published story, once it got to the dialogue I promptly cringed myself inside out.

What are you working on at the moment?

Currently, writing is on the backburner as I’m focussing on nailing a high-pressure period in my day job! Which isn’t as bad as that sounds, because I love my day job and I need a bit of a break from writing if I’m honest.



Buy links

Inked: Sexy Tales of Tattoo Eroticahttp://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01CXBRFEM/?tag=sexylittlewords-21

Licked (as editor) –



Jillian Boyd is an author, editor, blogger and all-round nosy parker. Based in London, she can often be found in coffee shops. She blogs at ladylaidbare.com.


Many thanks Jilly! Fabulous interview,

Happy reading,

Kay xx

My First Time: Ria Restrepo

My series of interviews with erotica writers documenting their first time publishing/writing experiences is proving so popular, that I’m going to be popping them up a little more frequently for a while.

Today I’m delighted to welcome the lovely Ria Restrepo to my site. So why not go and grab a cuppa, a little something to nibble, put your feet up, and have a little read…

First Time

Can you remember writing the first story you actually wanted to write, rather than those you were forced to write at school? What was it about?

Yes, I remember it vividly. I was in my first year at university and going through a lot of emotional upheaval. While I was trying to study in upstate New York, I kept getting distressing phone calls from my parents in Miami. There was a lot of crap going on with their psycho neighbours and some unrelated drama with my extended family. I’m an only child, so I was naturally very close to my parents and felt isolated and helpless.

To vent my frustration, I started writing. It was a psychological thriller, called Rachel’s Destruction, about a coed whose parents were killed, so she seduces a gangster to help her get revenge on all the people responsible for their deaths. There was a surprising amount of sex in it. The opening scene was her giving her shrink a blowjob to escape a mental hospital. Let’s just say, there was no “happy ending” for the doctor.

I shared a few chapters with a friend at the time and she called it “dark and twisted, but hot.” I’d been reading a lot of Anne Rice and Stephen King, so that may have influenced the direction of my musings.

Rachel’s Destruction remains unfinished, in a manila folder, tucked away in the back of a desk drawer — along with a lot of other unfinished early work. I’d never really planned on publishing it, but who knows? I may revisit the story and finish it at some point.

What was your first official publication? Was that erotica?

No, it wasn’t erotica. When I finally got serious about my writing and getting it published, I had a couple of things happen around the same time. I’m not sure which happened first. Under my given name, I had two literary fiction short stories published in an anthology of local writers. Both were very idealistic and heavy with meaning, but definitely G-rated.

The other thing was a chapter I’d written for Harlequin’s website. They had something called a “Round Robin.” One of their writers would start a story, then readers would submit the next chapter. They’d choose a winner and publish it on their website. It went on like that until they decided to finish the story. When I discovered this, the Round Robin was already under way, but I thought I’d give it a shot. Shockingly, the first time out, my chapter won and was published. I think the story was called “A Touch of Scandal,” but it was PG-rated. I don’t know if Harlequin still has this contest.


I had no idea I’d be an erotica writer- it just came from nowhere! Was writing erotica something you intended to do, or was it a bit of a shock?

No, I didn’t set out to write erotica — although, as I mentioned, my writing started out with a lot of sex. Mainly, I was interested in writing romance, but tried just about everything to “get published.” My writing was all over the place — everything from literary fiction to political humor.

My first complete novel was a romance, which I now look back on with horror. There was more wrong with that book than was right. It had just about every mistake a novice writer can make. At the time, though, I submitted it everywhere and it was rejected — rightfully so. But I continued writing and submitting, learning the hard way, through trial and error. Finally, I wrote a chick-lit novel intended for Harlequin’s Red Dress Ink imprint and they asked to see the complete manuscript. Thrilled that it made it that far and hoping for the best, I rested on my laurels when I should have been working on another novel. This was another newbie mistake.

During this down time, I discovered the website Literotica. Yes, there is a lot of poor writing on there, but there are also some very hot stories. My only exposure to erotica up until that point was Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty Trilogy, which I read in college. I loved the series and it made a big impression on me. After enjoying some dirty stories on Literotica, I submitted one of my own under a pen name for a contest. It didn’t win, but was very well received. Soon, I was editing other people’s stories for their volunteer editing program. One of the writers I was working with introduced me to the Erotica Readers and Writers Association (ERWA) and their calls for submissions. I met a lot of talented writers and learned a great deal.

I began writing and submitting erotica more seriously after that and had a few modest successes. Although Harlequin ultimately passed on my chick-lit novel, I was still writing romance too. It wasn’t until years later when “erotic romance” became popular that I decided to focus on writing romance, erotica, and all the shades in between. My path to writing erotica has been a long and winding one.


What affect did that have on your life?

My erotica writing has been a dirty little secret for a long time. I come from a sexually repressed Catholic background. Although my parents didn’t ram the church down my throat, make me go to mass, or indoctrinate me in the catechism, the mentality was still there. Anything sexual was verboten. Oh, I knew my father kept dirty magazines hidden in the bathroom, but I knew better than to talk about it.

Even though I’d been doing it since I was about twelve, I didn’t learn the word “masturbate” until I was almost in high school. A friend of mine mentioned it and of course I denied ever doing such a thing. I doubt she believed me, but she was kind enough not to call me on it. So writing and reading erotica has always been about exploring the forbidden and embracing my sexual desires.

Still, I can count on one hand the number of people from my everyday life that know I write erotica. When I tell people that I’m a writer, I say I write romance. It covers a multitude of sins, saves me embarrassment and censure from folks who’d be scandalized, and allows me to avoid unwanted attention from lecherous men.

Does your first published story reflect your current writing style?

Not at all. I’ve learned a lot since then and honed my writing style. I’d like to think I’m a much better writer now.  I’m also concentrating on writing romance and erotica as Ria Restrepo. I’d written under my given name initially, and then under another pseudonym, which I’d rather not reveal for personal reasons. After a hiatus, I relaunched my writing career as Ria Restrepo at the end of 2014. My first story as Ria was an erotic romance called “Undercover Desires,” published in early 2015 in Spy Games: Thrilling Spy Erotica. My most recent published work, “Restitution,” was released January 2016 in Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 1. Not much about my style has changed between those two stories, although “Restitution” is more erotica than erotic romance.


What are you working on at the moment?

Apart from continuing to write and submit short erotic stories for publication, I’m working on a full-length erotic romance novel called “Bounty girl.” I started working on it for NaNoWriMo 2015. It’s about a submissive bounty huntress who goes after the fugitive brother of her first love/Dom. Of course, all sorts of complications and shenanigans ensue!

My first published work as Ria Restrepo was “Undercover Desires” in Spy Games: Thrilling Spy Erotica, published by House of Erotica and edited by Jillian Boyd. The buy links page on House of Erotica’s site is here:

Spy Games

“Restitution” in Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 1 is my most recent published work. Buy links here:



Another story, “Rickshawing with Rick and Shawn,” a MMF erotica piece is coming out soon in Prompted. No buy links for it yet, but you can read about it here:


Also, here are links for my website and blog:

Website: http://www.riarestrepo.com

Blog: http://riarestrepo.blogspot.com


Ria Restrepo has written in many genres, from literary fiction to political humour, under various names. Now she’s focused on writing what she loves to read—romance, erotica, and all the shades in between. She’s spent most of her life in South Florida and continues to live in the Sunshine State, because she still has nightmares about standing in feet of snow, waiting for the school bus in rural Pennsylvania. Her work has appeared in Spy Games: Thrilling Spy Erotica, Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Vol. 1, and will be in the upcoming anthology Prompted.


Thanks for a wonderful interview Ria – good luck with Prompted and all your future work.

Happy reading,

Kay xx


My First Time: Emmanuelle de Maupassant

Today it’s time for another in the ‘My First Time’ series- and I’m delighted to welcome Emmanuelle de Maupassant to my blog today for a cup of something and a chat!

Over to you Emmanuelle…

First Time

My First Time

Can you remember writing the first story you actually wanted to write, rather than those you were forced to write at school? What was it about?

About 11 years ago, I was living in one of the former Soviet states and began researching old, pagan superstitions and customs, including folk mythologies. I felt a compulsion to write my own tales using my findings: not retellings of existing Russian fairy tales, but something original, combining elements from various sources. These were early drafts of stories which now feature in my Cautionary Tales. They were more bawdy than erotic, and focused on the darker side of those old superstitions. It was a full decade before I returned to them in earnest and polished them, with the help of my editor (Adrea Kore).

 Cautionary tales cover Emmanuelle de Maupassant erotic horror

What was your first official publication? Was that erotica?

My first works in print were travel guides, commissioned for the Culture Smart! series and for Dorling Kindersley’s Eyewitness series. Before that, I’d written travel articles for various journals including The Times.

I had no idea I’d be an erotica writer – it just came from nowhere! Was writing erotica something you intended to do, or was it a bit of a shock?

I was chatting with a friend and, somehow or other, we pretty much dared each other to write something ‘naughty’. From there, ‘The Gentlemen’s Club’ was born: a rather provocative tale set in 19th century London. I began writing without any clear plot direction, but guided by a definite desire to write about sexual obsession. My fingers almost had a life of their own and, one month later, my first draft was complete.

Emmanuelle de Maupassant The Gentlemen's Club erotic literature fiction Victorian inspired London

What affect did that have on your life?

I’ve never been happier. I have license to write into ‘dangerous’ places. There’s no point hiding anything, or pretending.

Does your first published story reflect your current writing style?

My first novella is set in Victorian London, so I evoked 19th century language and a fair amount of historical detail. My latest release has a very different voice, using dark humour and elements of the grotesque. It’s called Cautionary Tales and is a collection of macabre folktales tinged with erotic horror. I’ve blended eroticism with a sense of creeping dread for what lurks in the shadows.

 Emmanuelle de Maupassant quote - Twitter sized

What are you working on at the moment?

Volume Two in my Noire series, which is set in Italy, in 1899. Lashings of gothic mystery, a vile villain, a cunning seductress, and a host of eccentric characters. It should be ready for release by late summer.

Buy links-

 To my first published story: The Gentlemen’s Club


and to my latest book: Cautionary Tales


quote from cautionary tales Emmanuelle de Maupassant erotic fiction literature


Emmanuelle de Maupassant lives with her husband (maker of tea and fruit cake) and her hairy pudding terrier (connoisseur of squeaky toys and bacon treats).

 Other links – you can follow Emmanuelle at:




Many thanks hun- wonderful interview.

Kay xx

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