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From Punished to Making Him Wait, via The Circus…

Many years ago I wrote a short story called Punished, for the much missed Oysters and Chocolate webzine. Written from the perspective of a young woman who, with her boyfriend, had been caught having sex without permission by their master, Punished was one of the first BDSM tales I ever wrote.

Sometime after Punished appeared on the web, I was reading some of my other literary wares at the Sh! Women’s Store in London, when a man bounded up to me- with what can only be described as hopeful enthusiasm! That man was Kojo Black- the owner of the Sweetmeats Press, who kindly told me how much he’d loved reading Punished, and asked if I’d like to write something for him… Something like Punished – but not Punished- and a bit longer…

This was quite a challenge. Obviously I wanted to produce something in the same BDSM vein, but something brand new. The result was The Circus, which is a novella which can honestly be called short (approx. 12k words) – but not sweet!

The Circus - new- bigger


The positive consequences of my writing Punished didn’t end there. After I’d completed The Circus, I had another request from Mr Black- ‘Hey Kay, fancy writing a novel for me now…?’

Well, what could I say…?

So along came my, very much longer, erotically kinky romance novel Making Him Wait! Still BDSM, but a very different kind- a mind over matter kind- where you’re never quite sure who has the upper hand…


So Kojo’s enjoyment of that first short tale Punished led to The Circus, and The Circus led to Making Him Wait, and Making Him Wait led back to… Punished

After receiving permission to reuse all the stories that I’d had on the Oysters and Chocolate site, it seemed only natural to knock on Kojo’s door, and say, ‘Hello- fancy taking on Punished?’

And his answer? Well, that would be a yes!


If you’d like to find out what it was that Kojo liked so much about my mini story Punished, then you can download it from Amazon.com , Amazon UK, and other good e-retailers!

Happy reading guys!!

Kay xx



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  1. Ooohh . . . I used to so love going to the circus when I was little. Now I shall just have to investigate this Circus asap!!!

  2. Just to let you know that the Amazon links above do not work. The message given is that the web address is not a functioning site. Thought you would like to know. It didn’t stop me from finding the book and buying it however.

    • Kay Jaybee

      Many thanks Rachel- I’ve now adjusted them. I was unaware they’d changed. Even bigger thanks for finding the story anyway! Enjoy x

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