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Barcelona Baby!

Two weeks ago I celebrated my 15th anniversary of ‘being’ Kay Jaybee.

Thanks to a competition I won at this March’s Eroticon UK – I was lucky enough to spend that anniversary in the beautiful city of Barcelona – courtesy of Fetish.com.

This was my first trip to Barcelona, and I packed everything I could into my visit – including a peep around the door of Fetish.com HQ!

Diego, Kay and Miguel

Greeted by the lovely Nuria, Diego and Miguel, I was treated to a delicious staff lunch (rather better than the tuna sandwich I tend to grab here) and given a tour of their office on the top floor of an apartment block. What a view!

They even have their own pool- from which, I’m assured, they often have meetings, in the company of the all essential rubber duck!

Having talked business and pleasure, I left the good folk of Fetish.com and continued to enjoy a whirlwind adventure around Barcelona, taking in the stunning cathedral, as many coffee shops as possible and the main city museum, which leads the way down to the Roman city that still survives beneath Barcelona’s modern equivalent.

I was in historian heaven.

Roman Barcelona – church site

One venue I could hardly fail to visit was the Erotica Museum. Here, tucked away above shops, is hidden a fantastic collection of kink, from the weird to the wonderful, the kitsch to the luxurious.

Chastity Belts

A fascination with sex and our sexual lives and drives has been with humanity since records began.

Scenes from the Karma Sutra

From the ‘availability’ paintings from the brothel of Pompeii, to the pleasure machines of the ‘supposedly prudish’ Victorians, and everything in between, this interesting- and occasionally eye watering- collection is a must see for any erotica fan. (They sell lovely underwear as well – #justsaying)

As I sipped coffee, sampled ice cream, and generally took in the glorious architecture and atmosphere, I couldn’t help but reflection how I came to be in such as beautiful city in the first place.

One random event- 15 years ago- changed my entire life.

As regular readers to this blog will know, I wrote a story on a napkin. A cross dressing kink tale. The idea came from nowhere- I’d had no idea when I wrote up that day that I was going to write anything other than a shopping list. That story- three months later- was published- and the rest is history.

I know that, if Violet Blue hadn’t taken ‘Jen and Tim’ for her anthology Lips Like Sugar, then I wouldn’t have written anything else. It was just supposed to be a one off burst of fun. The minute I’d submitted the story, I forgot all about it- until the acceptance letter arrived from the USA…

…after that, I was hooked…and I still am.

Thanks again to Fetish for their kindness and generosity. Don’y forget, you can reach their brilliant adult dating/information website by clicking this link– or the banner that lives at the bottom of my blog site.

And thank you to you, lovely reader. Without you, Kay Jaybee simply wouldn’t exist.

Happy reading,

Kay xx






Fifteen Years…and counting

This week sees the 15th anniversary of the first time I wrote some erotica! A fact that, in itself, seems impossible to me – a shy, self-conscious, paranoiac woman who has never quite got used to the fact that people actually want to by her books!

I still maintain that- if that very first story hadn’t been published- I’d never have picked a pen up for fiction creation ever again.

I am particularly fortunate in that, this year, I’m celebrating this anniversary with a trip to Barcelona courtesy of Fetish.com

Much to my surprise, when I was teaching at the Eroticon event last March, I won the 69 seconds competition…the prize being 2 nights in Barcelona. I fly there today!

You could see how I won my prize here-


As with any anniversary, I have found myself reflecting on all that has happened to me ‘writing wise’ over the past decade and a half.

What a roller coaster ride it has been. Or perhaps it’s been more of a carousel, a long roundabout of constant ups and downs, but where, ultimately you always end up back where started, and yet you can’t quite stop the ride to get off…?

My first piece of erotica was a written on a paper serviette in a cafe in Aberdeenshire. I swear the idea came to be from nowhere. I don’t know why I was suddenly thinking about a cross dressing male who liked to have his arse spanked- but that is exactly what happened.

It took some time for me to be brave enough to do anything with the story. It was a couple of weeks before it made it onto a proper piece of paper, and several more before it was typed onto my computer and edited into shape. The amount of courage it took me to look up erotica publishers on the Internet- and the covert way I went about it- seems laughable now.

I sent off my story- which I rather unimaginatively had called Jen and Tim to Cleis Press- never expecting to hear anything again, and in the meantime, I’d written a rather kinky poem called Regrets, which I sent to the much missed Oysters and Chocolate web site. Then, I told myself to leave it alone, to look after my children and take up knitting or something. I never expected to hear back from either publisher. I certainly never expected to get both pieces taken- and I truly never expected the buzz the feeling of acceptance gave me- that was it- I was hooked- an addict to the acceptance of a publisher for the rest of my life!

It took 40 short story and poetry publications before I was brave enough to write something longer, and when I did, I cheated.

The Collector is both an anthology and a short novel- a set of different erotic stories- one for every genre within the discipline. I learnt a great deal from writing hat book- and I still hold it in great affection.

Now, 15 years later, with over 200 stories to my name, including many novellas and novels, including the gratifyingly popular The Perfect Submissive Trilogy (The Fifth Floor, The Retreat, Knowing Her Place), I am still addicted, still hungry for the ‘yes’ of a publisher. Having a back record to your name never guarantees a story will be taken, and nor should it. Each new tale I write has to be worth publication on its own merits; it shouldn’t be published just because KJB wrote it.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve had less time to write erotica as I have been fortunate to have some success with my other pen names (Jenny Kane – contemporary fiction and Jennifer Ash – medieval crime), and I’ve set up a creative writing tutoring business called Imagine, (with my friend and colleague, Alison Knight)

Kay is still here however, and I’m pleased to be able to announce that before the end of 2019, my Fem Dom anthology, Yes Ma’am will be re-edited, recovered, and re-released. As well as this, the next anthology (Book Four) in my ‘A Kink a Day’ series will be released.

Meanwhile, my Jenny Kane side is now agent-ed, and excitedly awaiting the publication of a new romcom, and Jennifer Ash is busy writing the forth of The Folville Chronicles.

As well as this, I’ll have some erotica writing workshops up and running in 2020 – so watch this space!

Victoria Blisse, Tabitha Rayne, Kay, and Kd Grace at Eroticon 2019

There are so many people who have helped get me this far. So many friends I’ve made along the way- from the wonderful Brit Babes, to fellow bloggers and writers, to readers and positive sex supporters. I’ve very lucky.

I will end by saying thank you to a few extra special people who’ve helped keep me going on those occasions when the roller-coaster has got stuck at the bottom, or the carousel as jammed on the downward motion.

Kd Grace, Lucy Felthouse, Victoria Blisse, Ashley Lister, Renee and the staff of Sh.

I honestly can’t believe I’m still writing everyday, and living the life I love so much.


Kay xx



Fetish.com: Site Review

I have spent far longer writing this site review than I have or any other – there is a very good reason for this. There is just so much to see at Fetish.com!

I’ll start this review with those all important first impressions- Fetish.com is bright, accessible, user friendly and non-threatening. It only takes a few minutes after joining Fetish to realise there is something there for everyone. And I do mean everyone.

Primarily of course, Fetish.com is a resource for those who want to meet other like-minded folk. The chat rooms and contact facilities are easy to use and wide ranging. Within only minutes of joining the site I was the lucky recipient of many messages- and more excitingly for me- several virtual spanks. (OK- so maybe I shouldn’t like those as much as I do- but hey- why not?). Associated with the dating possibilities and meeting opportunities, are regular updates on forthcoming events for those who live the scene (such as those run by my lovely friends at Smut UK up in the Manchester region). It is a straight forward process to narrow down the hunt for events local to your geographical area and personal tastes.

Talking of straight forward – joining Fetish.com is refreshingly simple. (Providing you are OVER 18). There are no hoops to jump through; simply invent a nickname that you want to be known by on the site, make up a password, and have your email address (which will not be shared) on hand. I would recommend you have a photograph at the ready as well- one that you are happy to share. This will add that extra level to your profile, and guarantee you more interaction if you are joining Fetish for community/chat/potential dating interaction. (Obviously, if you are not joining to meet people or make friends, then a photograph is less important.)

Fetish.com is not just an excellent place for those who are into the scene. It is also a safe place for the curious to explore. At some time in most people’s lives, curiosity strikes where the world of fetish sex is concerned. What is it like? Would I like it? How can it be arousing? What do people get out of it? The questions are endless. Not everyone wants to explore the possibilities in reality, but they like the idea and it is enough for them to fantasise about what intrigues them without having to join in. The voyeuristic peeping into the fetish world is as enticing and fulfilling for some as active involvement is for others – and Fetish.com accepts and embraces that.

My favourite part of Fetish is without doubt the magazine. There are many excellent articles available – from everything you ever needed to know about sex toys- how to equip a pony play stable- which are the best collars and cuffs to use – and how to ‘get medical.’ Fun and safety are addressed in equal measure- but without being preachy. I was particularly impressed with a recent post on the horror of ‘Kink Shaming’, and another about how to make long distance BDSM relationships work. This latter post I have since recommended to a number of friends who have struggled with such an issue in the past.

Much of being an erotica writer calls upon my inner voyeur. This makes Fetish a great place to visit for my business side as well as for pleasure. Reading the articles helps me gauge my audience and develop my story lines so that they appeal to as many people as possible- as well as helping me to keep up with current trends in the fetish world.

Fetish.com is a wonderful space for everyone – from those who want to learn more about the lifestyle without necessarily getting involved, to those who embrace the fetish world on a daily basis.

My over riding impression of Fetish.com is that it engenders trust, displays fun, and accepts every fetish as an equal with every other. Sadly, this is not always the case on BDSM and fetish based sites.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go and check out the forum….

Kay xx




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