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Reconnecting at Sh!

It had been way too long since I last took part in an erotica reading at the incredible Sh! Women’s Store. It had been so long in fact that I wasn’t sure anyone would come to the event Kd Grace and I held there this weekend.

Kay Jaybee has been keeping a low-ish profile over the past few months- and so I couldn’t help wonder if anyone would turn up. If you detect hints of paranoia here, then you aren’t far wrong. I can never get my head around the fact people want to take time out of their day to listen to me speak.

For a myriad of reasons I have felt rather disconnected from erotica in recent months. Many small things have happened to make me feel either unwanted within the kinky arena, or so far away from the style of writing that is currently popular, that I’m just not worthwhile as a writer anymore. I must stress that I DON’T say this in a bid for sympathy, but so you can understand that coming to Sh! this weekend was such a big deal for me. I was concerned that my inner Kay has been so squashed by reality, that she had left me.

I was thrilled therefore, when Renee told Kd Grace and myself that the event was sold out! A boost to the ego I can tell you!!

As I donned my Kay attire and headed to the shop with Kd, I was relieved to feel Kay coming back to me.

Greeted by the ever fantastic Renee, manager of Sh!, and her assistant, Alice, we were immediately surrounded by a crowd of enthusiastic  guests. I was delighted to meet the gorgeous Candy Snatch for the first time,  and catch up with Molly Moore and Michael Knight, Suzanne Portnoy, Meg Philips, Modesty Ablaze and her husband, Jane Fae, and Zak Jane Keir. It was also fabulous to see so many newcomers to the Sh! event scene. I hope we didn’t scare them too much! x

The evening began with Kd kicking off things with a reading from Toys for Boys and then I followed with a sexy snippet from The Perfect Submissive. After that we had some questions from the audience; some funny, some serious, but all interesting, and in some cases, challenging. I then dipped into a reading from my latest novella, Wednesday on Thursday. Kd followed with a piece from The Tutor.

The Tutor was written as a direct result of a writing masterclass I taught in Manchester almost two years ago. So we thought it would be fun to get the audience to have a go at a mini version of that workshop. Every member of the audience had 2 minutes to invent a kinky use for an item you’d find in a supermarket- they didn’t know what this item was going to be until they pulled an object card from my ‘Supermarket list’ bag!

Much laughter ensued as sexy uses for ice cream cones, greetings cards, and icing sugar were invented.

After a browse around the shop (so much I wanted to buy!) and a top of champagne and cupcakes, it was time for a few more readings and some more questions from the wonderful audience, before we round up the event- an hour later than planned due to everyone having so much fun!!

Then it was off to a local restaurant with Renee, Jane Fae, Kd and her lovely husband Raymond, for more laughter, great food, and great chatter.

In short – Sh!, the fabulous Kd Grace, and the fantastic folk of London who turned out to see us, showed me that Kay is still there. She may be a little quieter than usual, but you’d better watch out… because she has a lot of ideas that need turning into very wicked words…

Kay xx

Erotic Book Reading at Sh! Hoxton: 24th March

I can hardly wait for 24th March to wing itself round! I’m not one for wishing time away, but on 24th March (6.30-8pm) I will be at one of my favourite places with one of my favourite people.

Kd Grace and myself will be at Sh! Women’s Store in Hoxton, London to read from 4 of our books, chat all things erotica, answer any questions you may have- and to drink as much bubbly as we can handle…

We would love to see you there!

This is a FREE event, but spaces are limited, so if you could book in advance that would be WONDERFUL.

All the details are here – https://www.sh-womenstore.com/blog/erotic-book-reading-kay-jaybee-k-d-grace/

And you can book your FREE place here – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/erotic-book-reading-kay-jaybee-k-d-grace-tickets-32294190794

Kd will be reading from her latest books, Toys for Boys and In the Flesh.

I will be reading from my latest novella, Wednesday on Thursday, and my bestselling Trilogy, The Perfect Submissive.

Looking forward to seeing you there!!

Kay xx

Wednesday on Thursday

Workshopping at Sh!: 23rd September with Kd Grace!!

I’m on the road again- or I will be on Friday 23rd September- with my dear friend, Kd Grace.

We’ll be at one of our favourite places- the Sh! Women’s Store in Hoxton, London, giving an erotica writing masterclass from 5.30pm.

Sh workshop

Have you ever fancied having a go at erotica writing? Have you given it a try, but can’t quite get those paragraphs finessed? You really want to have a go, but the words involved make you blush? Then Kd and I will be there to help.

Why not join us for 2 hours of fun and imagination busting wordage, in the inspirational surrounds of London’s friendliest sex toy emporium!!

ETO- accepting 2014 Xcite award

All you need is pen and paper, an imagination, and a sense of humour (No one can write erotica without a sense of humour!)

All the details can be found here- including location and booking details.


Men and women welcome – obviously no one under 18 need apply!!

SH Hoxton

Happy writing!

Kay xxx

Guest Blog by Jillian Boyd – Voicing It!

I’m delighted to have another fresh voice to my guest blog feature today. The lovely Jillian Boyd, who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting on a number of occasions!

Over to you Jillian…

Thank you, Kay! *sits back on chair, makes herself comfortable*

Now, if you’ve met me before, I may strike you as a bit awkward. That’s because I totally am. I used to take about three years to work up the courage to actually talk to someone, let alone voice my opinion to other people.

Yeah, I’m still working on that.

When I first started writing erotic fiction, which back then was mainly on my blog, I thought (wrongly) that I was doing this just for larks; I reckoned I’d get bored and flutter off to doing something else. And then I accidentally started liking it, so much so that I started submitting stories and they started getting accepted.

Two things I wasn’t expecting back then:

One – I’d be doing a hell of a lot of networking with other authors and people.

Two – actually reading my stories, out loud, to an audience.

The first one I kind of grew into. I mean, I do still tend to feel intimidated when in large crowds, but whenever that feeling strikes me (the one where your brain’s just like “AAAARGH, I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY!”) I just take myself into a corner with a drink and observe.

The second one however…

The first time I read on stage, I was practically wetting myself with nerves. I don’t even remember why I put myself up on the list to read; I think I just wanted to say to people that I had.

I practised my piece a couple of times, and as I sat waiting for my turn, listening to the other readers, this voice in my head said “start with a joke”.

I had to give it to my brain: it was top advice. I psyched myself up, took the microphone and said something along the lines of “ha ha, I have a weird accent”. And then I read my poem. It took about 60 seconds in total, and by the time I came off stage, I was already thinking “next time, do this and that.”

Since that first go, I’ve not exactly been barnstorming it when it comes to reading in public. But as with the networking doo-ma-gog, I’ve kind of gotten used to doing it – and I hope that 2014 is a year in which I get to do it more often (*note to self: in order to achieve this, actually write more stuff*).

I have got three tips for all you erotica writers who want to have a go at reading in public –

  1. For your first time, don’t pick anything too lengthy, or likely to make you trip up over the words. Chances are you’ll be a bit of a bumbling nervous wreck, so pick something that flows well and that you’re comfortable with reading. If you do have any words in your piece that are guaranteed to trip you up, see if you can      leave them out of the piece while reading.
  2. Project your voice. Even if you’re in a small venue, make sure that everyone can hear what you’re saying.
  3. Have fun with all the bits of it! Make a little joke while you’re introducing yourself, ask the audience how they’re doing, and most of all, read your piece with the gusto that only you can give it. If you can make ‘em laugh/cry/gasp while      also getting them burning hot under the collar, you’re doing a pretty good job.

Coincidentally, I’m reading tonight – as part of the array of fabulous authors present at Meg Philip’s book launch at Sh!

Best get practising. Thank you for having me, Kay!


Bio –

Jillian Boyd lives in That There London, with her boyfriend, a convection heater and a curious cat. She’s been writing ever since she realized that real life is a bit dull and imagination is much better. Most of her stories are dreamed up at night, which is very inconvenient when you’re trying to get some sleep. Her vices include Nutella, Mads Mikkelsen’s cheekbones and the works of Stephen King. She has been published by the likes of Constable and Robinson and House of Erotica, and is currently working on her first novel. Someday, she hopes to actually discover Narnia in the back of her closet.


Many thanks for dropping y with a blog today Jilly! Good luck at Sh tonight. You’ll be brilliant- just watch that Meg Philips- she’ll be after a spanking!

Happy reading,

Kay xx

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